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Is Sig Hansen Dead? What happened to him?

Image of Is Sig Hansen Dead?.What happened to him.

Daily people die in thousands of numbers, but no one remembers them, but when the gossip is about a star, the rumors fly high in the wind. So, here we are going to talk about one such star, i.e., the hero of the documentary (deadliest catch) -Sig Hansen.

We got to hear many rumors about Sig Hansen Death, now but what is the actual story? Let’s move ahead and find out the fact!

Who is Sig Hansen?

Sigurd Jonny(sig) Hansen is an American captain of the fishing vessel Northwestern. His bio states that he has a spouse named, June Hansen and children Mandy and Nina Hansen.

Born on 28 April 1966 in Seattle, Washington(US) -he has enacted and featured in many documentary series such as “Deadliest Catch” in 2006, earning $500 thousand for every season and also was the part of movies and t.v. Shows like “After the catch” and “Cars 2”.

Since then he is also serving as technical advisor for the production house. He is also the author of the books -North by Northwestern: A Seafaring Family on Deadly Alaskan Waters.

Image of Sig Hansen from TV show, Deadliest Catch

Sig Hansen from the TV show, Deadliest Catch

Sig Hansen’s Death Rumors.

It was total baseless news that popped up around that Sig Hansen is dead. It was a heart attack, which he had survived for the 2nd time.

The rumors went on because of him, being hospitalized for an unknown cause at that time when he was on the way to Norway with his wife, June.

Crab fishing is indeed a dangerous profession. Stary Calm Folks Sign Hansen is not dead.

Heart Attack, Health Problems, and Current Health Status.

Talking about the heart attack, which he survived twice -the first one happened because of the antibiotics he took.

He had a sinus infection during his return journey from Norway, for which he insisted the doctor give him antibiotics when his ears started giving severe pain.

These antibiotics reverted him to allergies for which he was hospitalized, and doctors found out about his heart attack.

He was addicted to smoking, which he could not even resist in the hospital and was busted out by the nurse and doctor. Slowly and gradually, he left his addiction, and after that hospital scene -he never touched cigarettes.

Image of Sig Hansen hospitalized due to heart attack

Sig Hansen hospitalized due to heart attack

The second heart attack took place while he was working on season 15 of Deadliest Catch, he had a slight heart attack, which according to him, was not that serious, but who knows what could have been as it was happening for the second time.

Health update

The 58’ 58-year-old fisherman says that working on fisheries was high as when he used to be on the boat, he used to be tunned to his work and was busy with it. But talking about the incident before, he says -it’s still a dreadful site I can never forget.

He won’t be able to forget those winter days when he had grabbed his chest in pain. He also said -he is unsure about returning to the boat, and he believes his daughter Mandy and son-in-law can handle his duty. And they have taken over Northwestern.

Though he never touched cigarettes after that day talking about it, he states -its difficult to leave my hand idle and not search for cigarettes.

He is right; indeed, it is easy to be addicted, but it needs time, patience, and tolerance to leave that addiction. 

He even said -while he was on work, he used to be busy, and he loves his work, but when he is at home, he is idle all day and tries to tolerate his frustration, which used to annoy him much.

What is he up to today?

The most recent update shows that Sig has been working in the 19th season of Deadliest Catch. This premiered back in April 2023, much to every fan’s delight.

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