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Know about Mike Holmes Daughter Sherry Holmes’ Brain Tumor.

Sherry Holmes

Michael James Holmes is a 60-year-old reality television star and entrepreneur. Mike specializes in the restoration of run-down homes.

He is Canadian by birth. Some of the shows he has worked on include Holmes and Holmes, Handyman Superstar Challenge, and Holmes Inspection.

His career has given him an impressive net worth amounting to $30 million. In this review, however, we will shift our attention to one of his three children.

We will take a look at Sherry Holmes and the reports suggesting that she had suffered from a Brain Tumor. Find out more information on the matter right here.

Who is Sherry Holmes?

Sherry Holmes is a Canadian-American contractor and reality star. She started working on her father’s construction crew when she was just a teenager. Consequently, she already has years of experience under her belt.

This experience was put to good use as she ventured to New Orleans on her own in 2008 to help restore some of the houses ravaged by the monstrous Hurricane Katrina.

After a bit of globe-trotting, which, admittedly, is another one of her passions, she returned to work with her father full-time.

Contractor Sherry Holmes

Her skills and expertise were on full display on reality shows such as Holmes Make it Right, Holmes Inspection, and Holmes Next Generation.

Construction is something that runs in her blood, and it would alter her life in more ways than one. Sherry Holmes would meet her now-husband, Blake Steed, while working for her father. Like her, Blake was part of Mike Holmes’s crew.

The two dated for a while before eventually tying the knot on the 13th of December 2018. So far, they have been blessed with a beautiful daughter. Her name is Cali Kay Holmes Steed.

Mike Holmes Daughter, Sherry Holmes Fights cancer.

Cancer is an affliction that occurs when cellular variations result in uncontrolled growth and the division of cells. There are forms of the disease that cause rapid cell growth, whereas other variations of it cause cells to divide at a slower rate.

When she was just a child, Mike Holmes was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor (Brain Cancer). This is the type of cancer where doctors discovered that she had abnormal cell growth in her brain.

According to various scientific reports, the survival rate for someone with brain cancer is approximately five years.

For a while, Sherry Holmes had suffered from Brain Tumor Symptoms: prolonged headaches, trouble with her vision, and nausea combined with vomiting. As a result, doctors performed a CT scan on her, and that is when the tumours were discovered.

Since they were not benign, doctors would have to operate on her brain to remove them to save her life.

Mike Holmes Daughter Sherry Holmes

Mike Holmes Daughter Sherry Holmes

The procedure the surgeon performed was an invasive surgical technique in order to precisely and safely remove the detected tumours. Thanks to the effectiveness and skill of the medical team, Sherry Holmes’ surgery was a success. After recuperating, she went on to have a healthy and normal childhood.

Mike Holmes donated to the hospital that cured Sherry’ Holmes’ cancer.

Sherry Holmes’ father, Mike, was so grateful to the hospital for saving his daughter’s life that he decided to make a sizable donation.

This came in the form of a brand-new CT Scan machine. This piece of equipment is valued at a staggering $3 million.

Suffice it to say it was quite a substantial donation and one that would go on to be of great value to other patients in the hospital as well. Mike Holmes’s altruism did not end there as he continues to be a selfless philanthropist, working with different charities.

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  1. It’s wonderful to hear about someone donating to something so incredible rather than spending it to satisfy fantasies. You are a hero.

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