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Shelly Wright Wiki-Bio, Facts about Jeff Probst ex-wife.

You probably know the host of Survivor series Jeff Probst famous for his iconic role in putting out the tribesmen fires once voted out. However, did you know he once extinguished the fire on his marriage to his first wife, Shelly Wright years ago?

Here is her wiki-bio and some facts you need to know about Jeff’s ex-wife as well as the reasons for their separation and divorce.

Shelly Wright and Jeff Probst’s Married life and divorce. Kids?

Jeff, or otherwise known as Mr. ‘The Tribe Has Spoken’ once found love with the woman of his dreams Shelly Wright. Jeff Probst and Shelly Wright met and fell in love way before he became a big shot with the Survivor Series.

Shelly recited her wedding vows at a private ceremony in 1996 and celebrated four anniversaries before calling it quit in 2001.

We cannot tell for sure why their marriage ended because they have never come out to talk about it. Even before the pair broke up, their love affair was a private matter.

No rumors were surrounding their marriage so you can scratch off any external forces coming in between them. Jeff Probst and Shelly  Wright had no children of their own but shared custody of a dog that they both loved.

Image of Shelly Wright with her husband Jeff Probst's

Shelly Wright with her husband Jeff Probst’s

Jeff Probst is married to wife Lisa Ann Russell. What is Shelly Wright Doing After the divorcing from Jeff Probst?

After spending a couple of years in separation, Jeff tried his luck once more on the love wheel. He spun it and landed on Julie Berry, a former contestant on the Survivor series whom he contacted via email.

The pair dated for three years before ending it officially in 2008 for unknown reasons.

They say the third time’s the charm with Probst marrying his second wife, Lisa Ann Russell, a former model on December 5th, 2011. Jeff Probst and Shelly Wright both have a divorce in common with Lisa’s from her former husband, Mark-Paul with whom she shares two kids, Ava and Michael.

Image of Jeff Probst with his second wife Lisa Ann Russell

Jeff Probst with his second wife Lisa Ann Russell

All along, Shelly kept her cool and stayed off the celebrity radar. Her love life has been next to non-existent following her split from the Survivor man. She seems to focus more on her career which we will now look at.

Jeff Probst’s First wife Shelly Wright is a Psychotherapist. Her Wiki-Bio, Age.

Full name Shelly Wright
Age 50 years old
Date of Birth 1973
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Psychotherapist
Alma Mater Graduated from the University of Tennessee
Ex-husband Jeff Probst
Kids None
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Unknown

Shelly always had a calming effect on people. Something which rubbed off on Jeff as seen in one episode of Survivor where he managed to calm down one of the cast members who was having a meltdown. His ex-wife was and still works as a Psychotherapist.

She is currently based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee which she also calls home. Wright has been involved in clinical social work for over a decade now since her graduation in 1995 from the University of Tennessee in 1995.

She specializes in Mental health with an emphasis on PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression.

You may want to use your wallet though since Insurance doesn’t cover her services. Whether you’re a young or old, Jeff Probst’s ex-wife Shelly Wright treats all her patients as per their needs with much professionalism.

You’ll find details on her work on the link below but not of her age and bio since that isn’t public information.


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