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“Ax Men” Shelby Stanga Net Worth, Age, Wife Donna Stanga, Wiki.

Image of Shelby Stanga Net Worth, Age, Wife, Wikipedia, bio

Today, we will be discussing a man who became a millionaire through his smart work. He has achieved such a status where he owns more than 20 companies under his name him. This man started experiencing upward career flux during his school days! Now for the big reveal, lets us introduce you to Shelby Stanga’s net worth and everything about him including his age in Wiki bio. Also, meet his wife Donna Stanga.

Who is Ax Men star, Shelby Stanga? His Career Info

Shelby Stanga works for the History Channel and is a famous American TV presenter. He also plays the lead role in the show, The Legend of Shelby, the Swamp Man. It premiered on the 6th of Aug, 2013 and is also a spin-off to the series, Ax Men.

Currently, he appears in his third series running, Swamp Man Shelby. The series depicts the life of Shelby Stanga and how he deals with the situations coming in his way. Also, it’s his main ticket to wealth and huge net worth.

Image of Shelby Stanga from the TV series, Ax men

Shelby Stanga from the TV series, Ax Men

He believes that the job he does is quite hard. Similarly, he had always received encouragement from his family to join the TV industry since he was a kid. Stanga’s favorite pass time was hunting, fishing, and logging.

Moreover, he has a healthy body with more than 41 years of experience in logging in New Orleans. The TV star was approached by the History Channel agents to feature him in the third season of Ax Men because of his dedication towards logging.

Ax Men Shelby Stanga is Married to Wife Donna Stanga.

The reality star Ax Men Shelby Stanga is married to wife Donna Stanga whom he revealed in the episode of Jehovah’s Witness aired in 2012. Till date, the couple is doing pretty well with no rumors of an impending split or affairs.

Nonetheless, Shelby Stanga has not introduced his children to the world on television, yet they make appearances on social media. Shelby Stanga with his wife Donna and their kids live in a house near Lake Pontchartrain. It sits at about 3.5 acres of land situated at the edge of the river, leading to the lake.

Image of Shelby Stanga with his wife Donna Stanga and a dog

Shelby Stanga with his wife Donna Stanga and a dog

Shelby Stanga Net Worth, $2 Million.

From more than 20 companies, we can say that the reality star is luxurious. Similarly, reality television is a lucrative line of work, and he has made appearances in more than one. That said, Ax Men Shelby Stanga’s net worth is around $2 million. He also gets a hefty salary of $70,000 per episode

Image of Actor, Shelby Stanga net worth is $2 million

Actor, Shelby Stanga net worth is $2 million

Facts About Ax Men Shelby Stanga.

  • His Facebook page has around 159K likes and over 2,000 followers on Twitter.
  • He is not only friendly and social but is also familiar with snakes and all the other swamp creatures
  • He does not have a computer, neither he is on Instagram.
  • His quotes and pictures from the shows are famous on the web and have access to fans also.
  • There are no past pieces of information regarding his girlfriends, dating life or children on the internet except for his net worth

Shelby Stanga Age, Wikipedia, Bio.

Shelby was born on 1st Jan 1960 and is 61-years old. Moreover, he is an American citizen. As far as his measurements go, his height is 1.79m (5 feet 9 inches). He is a famous log expert from Louisiana. During his school days, the reality star hosted programs, events and gave some of his best performances. His peers praised him for his talented skills ushering in his career-minded nature.

He is very hardworking and focused on the work he does. Similarly, Shelby Stanga is very fond of dogs and uploads pictures on his Facebook account. Sometimes, the reality star gets more focused on his career rather than family matters. However, at the back of his mind, he does it all for them.

Donna Stanga, his wife, calls him the Ax Man. Moreso because he got arrested in 2011 for cutting down cypress trees. Though he got released the same day, he faced a felony charge.

Name Shelby Stanga
Birth Date 1st Jan 1960 (61 )
Citizenship American
Height 1.79m (5 ft 9 inches)
Occupation Tv Actor
Wife Donna Stanga
Salary Per Episode $70,000
Net Worth $2 million

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