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Shane Kilcher Injured in an Accident: Status Update: What Happened? How is he doing 

Shane Kilcher from Alaska The Last Frontier got into an accident.

Shane Kilcher is a TV personality who is popularly known for the role he played in ‘’The Last Frontier”. The show which is set in the Alaska and focuses on the Kilcher’s family of which Shane is one of the familiar faces in the show.

Recently, Shane was involved in an accident while working on his house in Alaska. This article will examine what caused the accident, how he is doing now, his family, wiki bio as well as parents.

What Happened to Shane Kilcher? His Accident and Health Update.

All is not well with the Kilcher’s family this Christmas following the health condition of Shane Kilcher. Shane and the wife have been working on their homestead. ‘’Alaska The Frontier”.

Shane Kilcher in Hospital Bed.

Shane was working on his house when the accident happened. According to a video on Facebook by Discovery Channel at that time some weeks ago, Shane was said to have fallen off a ladder and landed on his back, breaking his ‘’L2 vertebra in a horizontal fracture extending two-thirds the bone.”

Kelli, Shane’s wife, was quoted to say,

‘’We’re in the hospital in Homer, and Shane fell off a ladder and broke his back.’’

The video by the Discovery Channel shows that Shane was lying on the bed I Central Peninsula Hospital in Homer.

How is He Doing Now?

Kelli however, updated his fans about Shane’s condition and which was aimed at putting straight the issues surrounding his condition. Through a Facebook post, Kelli stated that Shane is doing well but has a long recovery process ahead.

‘’ Thank you to all the amazing fans of Alaska the last frontier for all the prayers and kind wishes! Shane is doing well but has a long recovery process ahead of him. The hardest part we hope will be getting him to take it easy and slow!’’

Is he off the show now?

After taking a break to recover, Shane found his footing once more, recovering from his injuries. Currently, he is back to doing what he does best on Alaska the last frontier.

Family: Parents

Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll are the parents of Shane Kilcher. Shane has a brother named Atz Lee Kilcher and a sister Jewel Kilcher. The parents have been separated for long.

Wife and Kids

Shane Kilcher is married to Kelli Kilcher. The duo has been featured together on reality TV in Alaska. Kelli was born in Alaska and raised in Anchorage.

Shane Kilcher with his wife Kelli Kilcher
Shane Kilcher with his wife Kelli Kilcher

Shane and Kelli initially met during their senior school days, and three years after been in a relationship, they got married in a wedding ceremony in June 1992.They are blessed with four children.


Name Shane Kilcher
Date of birth: Age May 5, 1971: 52 years old
Nationality American
Profession TV personality
Net worth $1 million
Parents Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll
Wife Kelli Kilcher
Children 4 children

Shane Kilcher was born on May 1971, in Idaho and was raised in Homer of Alaska where he did his formal education. Kilcher is a reality TV star known for the show ‘’The Last Frontiers’’.

Shane is a reality TV star known for the show ‘’The Last Frontier.’’Shane Kilcher is estimated to worth about $1 million and has four children.

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