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Sarah Richardson’s Net Worth. Meet Her Husband Alexander Younger.

Sarah Richardson is a renowned celebrity popularly known for her TV career, not to mention her outstanding designing skills. She kicked off as a prop stylist sometimes back in 1994, and she has been proceeding until now.

In her career, Sarah has hosted series like Sarah’s Cottage, Room Service, Real Potential, Design Inc, and Sarah Off The Grid. Moreover, Sarah is a Gemini Award winner not to mention Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Award.

Read this to know Sarah Richardson Net Worth. Also, meet her husband, Alexander Young.

Early Life and Family.

Sarah Richardson was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 22, 1971; this means that she’ll turn 52 this year. She was born to Susan Cuddy who worked as a director of design and development.

Susan was stationed in the old city of Toronto. Her father is Douglas Richardson, who is a retired professor of history, art, and architecture.

Douglas used to work at the University of Toronto. Sarah has one brother called Theo Richardson, who is also a designer, and he works in New York, USA. Unfortunately, her parents divorced when Sarah was five years old.

Sarah schooled in Toronto where she attended Havergal College. Afterward, she proceeded to the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts.

She is married to Alexander Younger, and the duo has two daughters. They live in Toronto, but she also has her own summer house in Georgian Bay, Ontario. That house was also featured in the series Sarah’s Cottage.

Sarah Richardson Net Worth: $8 Million.

She is hard working, and she has also been very consistent in her career.

Image of Canadian designer, Sarah Richardson net worth is $8 million

Canadian designer, Sarah Richardson net worth is $8 million

Sarah is not the kind of people who keep on shifting from one career or one employer to the other. No. Moreover, she has been consistent all along hence being able to accumulate the lumpsum amount that she has today.

Both her interior design and TV job continue to channel money to her. Sarah has her designing firm dubbed Sarah Richardson Design Inc. As of 2023, Sarah Richardson’s net worth is $8 million which she has garnered from her beauty and TV careers.

Her Career Info and TV Shows.

Sarah is renowned for her spectacular design and TV career. Particularly, she is praised because of her character and personality. Apart from that, she has a large social media following, and she is also a well to do lady: financially.

With the profound wealth of skills she possesses, Sarah has scaled the height of success, and she is continuing to do well. Some of her outstanding features include her stunning beauty and height, which catalyze and propel her TV career.

Image of TV Personality, Sarah Richardson

TV Personality, Sarah Richardson

Her pulchritude compliments her camera appearance very well. She is still outstanding even at the age of 51 – not to mention her 5 feet 11 inches height and tender looking legs. Her initial career as a beautician bore her TV career.

Her fame and influence as a prop beautician helped her a lot to secure her TV career. The TV series that she has hosted are aforementioned above. They are profs of how Sarah has been doing all along in her career.

Sarah Richardson’s Married Life With Husband Alexander Younger.

No woman is honored if she does not have a husband. To prove to the world that she is an honorable woman who has high moral standards, Sarah married her longtime boyfriend, Alexander Younger.

Image of Sarah Richardson with her husband Alexander Younger.

Sarah Richardson, with her husband, Alexander Younger.

She met the love of her life, and after falling for each other, they dated for quite several years before eventually deciding to settle down. They later got married and made a family.

Today they are parents of two beautiful daughters: Robin (March 2006) and Fiona (August 2008). He is now 53 years old, but his net worth is still at large.

Sarah Richardson Husband Alexander Younger Wiki-bio, Age, Net Worth

Alexander Younger is a well-established Canadian businessman. He was born in 1970 to Robin Younger and Patricia Younger. He attended Upper Canada College (1980-1989) and later proceeded to King’s College.

Currently, Sarah Richardson husband Alexander Younger is 53 years old, and he got married to Sarah in 2005. However, Alexender Younger net worth is $5 Million.

In a nutshell, this is just a short sneak preview about Sarah Richardson; her career, family, husband, and much more. Her magnificent beauty and design skills made her transition to another career, owing to her fame and influence.

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