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All Girls Garage Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner Wiki-Bio: Husband, Age, Net Worth

All Girls Garage Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner

Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner is an American celebrated television personality, poet, and an artist. She is also a well-respected mechanic and has been recognized as a supporter of arts through educating people on the importance of arts, providing an interesting platform for the artists and creating a platform for interaction between the artist of various fields.

She has appeared alongside another notable cast in the show of All Girls Garage and has built a strong bond between her and her fans.

Is Sarah” Bogi” Lateiner From All Girls Garage Married to a Husband?

Sarah Lateiner is not married neither does she have any boyfriend. It may appear strange to many of her fans, but it is a fact that Sarah is not yet married nor dating anyone.

The reason attributed to this is her busy work schedule, and she is traveling most of her time. The career-oriented woman has no time for relationships which require commitments.

According to Sarah Lateiner, she hopes one day to meet her Mr. Right someday and make her own family. However, this will only happen when the right time comes. Sooner or later Sarah will definitely be engaged to someone. About having any children, Sarah is not yet a mother.

All Girls Garage Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner is unmarried and have no any boyfriend

Caption:- All Girls Garage Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner is unmarried and have no any boyfriend

Source:- Engine Builder Magazine

Although she loves and adores children a lot, Sarah hopes to have her own children in the near future. For any development concerning Sarah Lateiner’s boyfriend and her future husband, we shall always be here to keep you posted.

Net Worth and Salary

This All Girls Garage star has had a fruitful success in her career. Her appearances in the reality television show All Girls Garage has boosted her net worth enormously.  She stars alongside other cast members like Cristy Lee and Rachel De Barros. The business-oriented woman has invested in many other ventures that have seen her make some good money.

Sarah Lateiner has made a net worth of $5 million.  All this has been made through the actor’s active role in All Girls Garage alongside other ventures.

Her poetry has also earned her some good money. She is also a farmer, and she has specialized in poultry farming. This is her extra source of money.

The television personality also operates her own mechanical shop in Central Phoenix called 180 Degrees Automotives which also earns her some money.

All Girls Garage Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner's Net Worth is $3 Million

Caption:- All Girls Garage Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner’s Net Worth is $5 Million

We have not however been able to establish her net salary, but she must be making some good money. The fact that Sarah Bogi is still young is just a prove that her net worth is subject to increase handsomely in the near future. Well, her success in television and her other ventures  just recommendable

Wiki Info and Biography

Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner was born on December 15th 1977 in Flushing, Queen. Right now, she is 45, though she’ll turn 46 before Christmas. Looking at her  bio, she spent most of her childhood life in North Jersey, in a small town called Montclair with her sister.

Little is known about the actresses’ parents, but she grew up in a middle-class family, and her parents struggled to ensure that Sarah and her sister called Jenny never lacked anything.

Sarah Bogi enrolled to study mechanical studies at Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix. However, this was against her parents wish who wanted her to study law.

She decided to follow her passion through and enrolled for what she like most. Although the profession was male-dominated, it is worth noting that Sarah did exceptionally well.

After her graduation from Universal Technical Institute, Sarah enrolled to Oberlin College in Ohio majoring in Law and Society and Women’s Studies with a minor in Political Science and managed all these in all three years.

All Girls Garage cast looking lovely in black dress

Caption:- Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner works on All Girls Garage

After her graduation, the talented woman has personally admitted that getting a job was a hell of a task. After many attempts of job seeking, she landed one at BMW dealership but quit after some time out of frustration from the workplace.

She then ventured into a personal business where she did exceptionally well. Her entrance into the reality television show was just a breakthrough in her career.

In her free time, Sarah Bogi likes writing, enjoying the arts, building and supporting the community. Exploring Arizona with her bike, spending quality time with her friends, traveling and enjoying great food and some wine are also some of her hobbies.

Her life has inspired so many people in the society.

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