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Sara Moulton Biography, Net Worth, House, Husband, Children.

Sara Moulton is one of the most celebrity chefs employed by the PBS network. Additionally, she is also the author of a great cookbook which has received high praise from critics.

She burst on to our screens with the show, Sara’s Secret which first aired back in 2001.  Sara is an alumnus of The Culinary Institute of America.

Some of the awards she has received include the James Beard Foundation Award. The chef is also a wife and mother of two children. Today, we will explore Sara Moulton’s biography, looking at her net worth and other aspects of her life.

Sara Moulton’s Career.

The earliest traces of Sara Moulton’s career go back to her time in Boston where she worked at various restaurants.

This helped her gain the firsthand experience she would need to further her career in the culinary arts. A move to New York would follow, and this would see her gain a mentor in Maurice Cazalis.

The experience she gained working with the celebrated would give her the knowledge and confidence she needed to start her enterprise.

This came in the form of the Women’s Culinary Alliance in New York. The chef would later lend her skills to the test kitchen.

Years of hard work would see her charged with handling the executive suite. Her call to television would come in 1979 when she was hired by the PBS network.

Sara Moulton got her start on the show, Julia Child & More Company. An impressive turn on the program would see her called to work on Good Morning America.

Image of Sara Moulton from the TV show, Sara’s Weeknight Meals
Sara Moulton from the TV show, Sara’s Weeknight Meals

Sara Moulton went on to work on a few more shows. These include Sara’s Secrets, Sara’s Weeknight Meals, and Cooking Live. On the shows, Sara gets to put her expertise on full display as well as offer helpful tips.

In regards to publishing, the PBS chef also has several published books under her belt. She is particularly renowned for her cookbooks.

They include Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners, which was released in 2010 and Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals, which was published seven years earlier by Broadway Books.

Sara Moulton is also an active contributor to the Washington Post, on which she has a column titled, Sunday Supper. The chef’s impressive career has earned her numerous awards, the most recent being the Culinary Institute of America Leadership Award.

Sara Moulton Net worth, Sources of income.

We have already mentioned that Sara is in the reality entertainment business. This comes after starring on three different reality shows.

Reality stars are known to rake in close to $20,000 every time they appear on television. Sara has been on three various shows, so this should give you a reflection of how hefty her net worth is. She is also the star of at least four different cookbooks.

This serves as an additional source of income. As such, Sara Moulton’s net worth stands at $5 million at the moment. Should the figure of her net worth change, we will keep you updated.

Image of American chef, Sara Moulton net worth is $2 million
American chef, Sara Moulton net worth is $5 million

Sara Moulton, Husband, and married life.

We can confirm that the television host has a long-term partner. Her husband’s name is Bill Adler. He is an American hip hop artist and journalist.

Sara Moulton’s husband is a Brooklyn native who was born on the 18th of December 1951. Bill met his wife Sara while they were both in college. They would go on to tie the knot in 1981.

The two are proud parents of two beautiful children. The family lives in New York City at the moment.

Image of Sara Moulton with her husband Bill Adler
Sara Moulton with her husband Bill Adler

Sara Moulton, Children.

The chef is a proud mother of two. She has one boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Sam, whereas his sister is called Ruth.

Sara Moulton House.

Boasting the net worth she does, we can assume that whatever house she lives in is expensive. Unfortunately, we do not have any other details besides this. Should anything else come up, we will keep you updated.

Image of Chef, Sara Moulton house
Chef, Sara Moulton house

Sara Moulton Biography.

Full name Sara Moulton.
Age 71 years old.
Date of Birth 19th February 1952.
Place of Birth New York City, USA.
Profession Cookbook Author, Television Host, and personality,
Net worth $5 million
Husband Bill Adler.
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Pisces.
Parents Elizabeth Moulton and Henry Moulton.

Sara Moulton was born to parents Henry and Elizabeth Moulton. She celebrates her birthday on February 19th every year since 1952.

This would put her age at 71 at the moment. For school, she went to The Brearley School. Later on, she would enrol at the University of Michigan to further her education. Sara Moulton has had a long career as a celebrity chef and reality star.

Image of Sara Moulton with her mother Elizabeth Moulton
Sara Moulton with her mother Elizabeth Moulton

It has taken her across a few networks and shows. She has also co-authored several books in the process. Some of them have made it to the very top of the best seller’s list.

One person Sara has to thank for her remarkable career is her mother. After she sent a letter to the food editor of the New York Times, she got a recommendation to send her daughter to the Culinary Institute of America. This would go on to shape Sara’s entire career.

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