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Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell Net Worth, Married, Gay, Arrested, Facts, What Happened?

Ryan Buell became quite famous and gained as well as celebrity stardom after the release of his reality TV series, the Paranormal State. Let’s Find out Ryan Buells Net Worth.

Also, see if this paranormal investigator is married to a wife or a gay.

Ryan Buell’s Net Worth And Career. 

The Ghosthunter Ryan Buell’s Net Worth is $1.5 million as of 2023.

Buell worked as a paranormal investigator and a paranormal expert as was loved and praised by his fans as well as the fans of the show. His success on the show was partly because he got to work on the paranormally based movie American Ghost Hunter.

Ryan Buell was starring in the movie and was also the co-creator of the movies and the executive producer as well. When the show was canceled in 2011 him and his co-star Chat Calek decided to have a 41-city tour for the film.

Ryan Buell Networth

Most of Ryan Buell’s Net Worth comes from being a tv star and a paranormal investigator.

Ryan Buell is Not Married To Wife. He is Bisexual.

Ryan Buell was well known for his role in Paranormal State even after the cancellation of the show. People also know him because he was a director as well as an executive producer.

However, most do not see that he was an author. In September 2010 he wrote a memoir called Paranormal State: My Journey to the Unknown.

The book has some personal information about Ryan where he addresses some of the rumors of him being gay. Form the book he states that he is not gay, but he is bisexual. He has had to battle with his religion Catholicism because of his state. He said he decided to share on his sexuality for the people who are struggling with it alone and feel like they cannot be religious.

There had been many rumors about Sergey Poberezhny and him getting married when the gay rumors were at its peak. But let me tell you this, despite all the rumors Ryan Buell and Sergey Poberezhny were never married. Sergey is married to a beautiful wife Melissa Drake.

Ryan Got Arrested For a Felony

Ryan Buell career saw its first downfall when he was arrested in Florence County on 18th September. He was arrested after a TV personality raised a warrant that had been filed against him in his home county of State College Pennsylvania. His arrest was not a surprise because he had been ripping off fans for a long time.

Ryan is facing two-thirds degree charge demeanors charges of theft of services and failing to refund as well as enumerate his fans for the tickets that they bought for the Conversation with the Dead Show after the tour had been postponed and later canceled back in 2014.

His fried Chip Coffey revealed that Ryan and his team were responsible for the collection of money and the ticket sales had reached $ 80,000. Ryan was charged with two charges of theft and receiving stolen property and a misdemeanor for theft of services. His bail was granted on 18th October 2016, and he has his passport relinquished on 19th October.

His Diagnosis of Cancer

On July 2012 Ryan revealed to his fans that he had been dealing with Pancreatic cancer for a while. He announced his sickness through his Facebook account where he posted a lengthy post about his condition. He then went on to raise awareness on pancreatic cancer as well. In 2013 he told people’s magazine that he was getting better after receiving full treatment.

Ryan Buell and His Long History with Theft

In 2014 his fans found out that his pancreatic cancer post was a false excuse to enable him to cancel other shows his fans had bought ticket s for. This was found out who he was standing trial.

Buell’s Mother Tells the Truth

Ryan’s mother is the person who told the truth about her sons, fake cancer gig. Following his arrest, Ryan’s mother posted on Facebook asking the fans to stop enabling her son’s situation by investing in or buying anything that her son promoted.

She added that it was for love an concern for her son that she wanted them to stop.

Ryan Buell’s Mother said that her son was ill but not from cancers. She was however not specific about the problem that Ryan was facing.

Ryan Gets Arrested Once More

Ryan Buell

After the first arrest, no one thought that the star would be seen on the tabloids again because of the same reason. On 21st Aril 2017, he was arrested again because of an alleged fight between him and his boyfriend.

A call was made to the police abut Ryan suffering an overdose, but when the officers got to the scene, they saw hints of a physical altercation. The then boyfriend told the police that the two had had an argument that later escalated into a fight.

Ryan is said to have scratched his boyfriend’s face and bit one of his fingers.

Ryan Buell said that there was an argument, but the two did not fight. However, the physical evidence on the boyfriend said otherwise. The boyfriend had scratches and marks on his face and fingers. He was charged with simple assault and was charged a bail of 25,000 dollars by the court.

He is a Recovering Addict

This does not come to many as a surprise. Ryan Buell has overtime been addicted to rehabilitation centers after being released from jail.

In a blog he confessed to feeling hopeless and guilty because of his addiction to pain pills, He wrote that he had been addicted to the pills ever since the second half of the final season.

He was quite apologetic on the blog with a modest statement that he did not want to disappoint people again.


Age 41 years old
Height 1.88 m
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net worth Not known
Married no
Girlfriend none
Birthday 8 July 1982

Paranormal premiered as American Reality Television series on 10th December 2007, and on 2nd May the show premiered in the A&E network. The show had a very high rating and a considerable amount of following. During the first season the show past the 2.5 million rating mark.

This made the show to be produced for six seasons having 83 episodes. Ryan was the central star of the show as well as the director and the executive producer of the show.

It received mixed reviews from the views and had some critics who were questioning the authenticity of the show. The show was however canceled in 2011 after the fall of Ryan Buell’s career. He graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and anthropology.

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