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Ron Methvin from ‘Swamp People’ Biography.

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Image of All  Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Star Ron Methvin Of The Swamp People

Ron Methvin is a reality TV star, an alligator hunter, and lastly a military veteran. He is Famous for being a cast in swamp people. He acts as a partner to Bruce Mitchell who is a Ponchatoula native.

Additionally, he is a humble guy and has featured in other tv programs. Across his career, he has met tons of people. Besides, He appreciates small little things that happen in his life.

For instance, he adores all the children who recognize him, ask for his autograph or want a photograph with him.

Ron Methvin net worth.

Ron Methvin is one of the well-paid casts of Swamp People. Maybe not stardom, but he cashes good money into his pocket. According to credible sources, Swamp People Ron Methvin’s net worth is slightly above $ 300,000 as of 2023.

The numbers are estimated based on the number of his cars, houses and the salary he earns.

Image of Swamp People cast Ron Methvin net worth is $500,000

Swamp People cast Ron Methvin net worth is $500,000

Besides, it’s alleged that he has made over &60,000 for his role as- in the swamp people. Amazingly, he earns $5000 for each episode he is featured in. His salary has accumulated since he became part of the swam people.

His military life.

Methvin joined the joined military life when he was 17years. Between the years 1999-200, he worked in Louisiana National Guard as a correctional officer and completed as an E-5. In 2003, he toured and served in Afghanistan.

Here, he acquired skills such as self-discipline, strategy, and skills. Plus, he served as a narcotics officer for 10 years.

Image of Louisiana National Guard, Ron Methvin

Louisiana National Guard, Ron Methvin

In 2004, he became the deputy of sheriff Lafourche’s. Later, he served as a sergeant. In 2006, Methvin joined the SWAT team. He was trained as a sharpshooter and combat engineer. Currently, He is a patrol supervisor.

Married Life, Wife, and Kids.

Unfortunately, Ron Methvin is secretive about his personal life. His married life is inclusive. He has kept a low profile. Hence, it’s difficult to determine if he is a married guy to a pretty lady or single.

Despite this, he has disclosed hunting and fishing with the family during his free times or when not on set.

He mostly shares his hunting expeditions on Facebook.

Unlike the marriage part, he has mentioned having two kids. A handsome son, and a pretty daughter.

Image of Ron Methvin with his kids

Ron Methvin with his kids

Age, Wiki-Bio.

Ron was born on the 15th of June 1982 in Pineville, Louisiana; he is currently 41 years old.  Methvin is an American. He was raised Louisiana.

When growing up, he used to spend most of his time outdoors. In the woods or in the waters. When the swamp people were looking for a partner to Bruce Mitchell, there was no better match than him.

Image of Ron Methvin with his partner Bruce Mitchell

Ron Methvin with his partner Bruce Mitchell

He had both the skills and outdoor experience. He can snipe and hit alligators even when they are far. Also, he adores Bruce and describes him as being patriotic.

Ron Methvin had dreams of owning his own hunting show. As much as this wasn’t his dream, it was the closest he could get. “As an outdoor man, having my own show has always been a dream.

For a real working man, this is probably as close as am I going to get it. So I figured I better jump on it” remarks, Methvin.

Swam people is a reality series. In the show, he hunts and kills alligators. Swam people was first premiered in 2010 in history TV. But, Methvin started featuring in 2012 in season 3.

The episode was referred to as gator gold rush. Actually, Methvin entered as a partner and a secret weapon to Bruce. This episode was epic. It got mixed reactions, spectacular reviews, and comments from the crowd.

The alligators are often hunted in September. The amount of money given is calculated by the size and the weight of it, as each one comes with their own price. Fifty alligators can amount to $16800.

There are several teams with two members; each group is given a quota of hunted alligators to fill. Once the tags are filled, the season ends. Therefore, the cast members go home and continue with their daily activities or jobs. Most of them return to their hunting or fishing expeditions.

Image of Ron Methvin from Swamp people show

Ron Methvin from Swamp people show

His most memorable moment is when he killed an 11-foot alligator and carried it to the boat by himself. Other cast members of swamp people include Liz Cavalier, Mitchell Guist, R.J Molinere amongst others. Up to date, Methvin has been featured in 74 episodes.

Apart from, swamp people(2012-2018),, he also appears in other TV shows like; blood and guts(2018), end of the line (2016) Cajun cartel(2018), home stretch(2016), Gambin man ( 2016), and rumble in the swamp(2014)

He is part of Lafourche parish interagency crisis management unit. What fascinates him serving here, is the fact that law enforcement is always different.

He is a great fan of the swam people. And admits to watching it weekly. Often, he doesn’t know when the episodes he is in are featured. Hence, he has to be on the lookout to view himself. plus, keep up with the program.

Methvin has learned a lot of things serving in his two careers. Both the acting career and the law enforcement career. He adapts to any environment or situation, even when it’s difficult.

He says, in case of any problematic situation, you have to stand up for yourself and be strong. You have to figure out your ways through the tough moments. Lastly, at times nobody can come to your aid but you.

To wrap up

Ron Methvin is a kind of role model any parent would want for their child. He is composed man, a father and also has the talent. Furthermore, he has a soft spot in his heart. Do you know he loves helping people?

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