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Ricko DeWilde Wife, Family, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography.

Hello! Folks, let us discuss one of the ‘Life Below Zero’ cast, who made his entry in the show late. But his talents speak louder than his appearance. Yes! He is none other than Ricko DeWilde.

Let us have a sneak peek into his way of living. Continue reading to know about Ricko DeWilde’s wife, Net worth and biography.

Ricko DeWilde in Life Below Zero.

As we are familiar with the show, Life Below Zero which is produced by BBC worldwide. This show is a total documental series that showcase the lives of its cast members.

They are supposed to live in this wilderness of Alaska, face its harsh winter, and survive every day.

Ricko DeWilde is an addition to this show. He made his appearance in the show in its eleventh season. And no doubt he has been selected for this show because of his hunting talents and skills. He earns $4500 per episode.

The casts of the show are supposed to support themselves with the archaic technique.

Image of Ricko DeWilde from the TV reality show, Life Below Zero
Ricko DeWilde from the TV reality show, Life Below Zero

Ricko DeWilde Net Worth.

Life Below Zero cast Ricko DeWilde’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. Of course! Getting to be part of the show Life Below Zero has brought me a lot of fame, success, and money to Ricko.

But before that, his earnings were all dependent on his nomadic lifestyle.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Ricko DeWilde net worth is $150,000
Life Below Zero cast Ricko DeWilde net worth is $1 million

Is Ricko DeWilde Married to a wife?

Talking about his married life. Ricko is married and the father of five children. Apart from this, there is no such information regarding the same. Ricko has kept info about his wife a hush-hush.

Ricko DeWilde wiki, Biography, Family, Age

He was born and raised in the village of Alaska. He grew up in accordance with traditional norms and beliefs. Ricko is an Indian-American who is in demand for marvellous hunting skills.

His family has no idea about modernization, the civil world, etc. Since childhood, Ricko had developed an interest in hunting and all; he used to go to Alaska’s wilderness with his father and siblings.

Ricko DeWilde’s father’s name is Lloyd, and his mother’s name is Amelia. Ricko is the 11th kid out of their 14 children. He and his siblings were home-tutored by his father as they never went to school.

Ricko grew up with a passion for learning, hunting, gathering, trapping, woodcutting, fishing, etc. He has been living a life where there is no running water, electricity, etc.

His father taught him many skills regarding survival in the toughest hailstorm. His father taught him how to and when to target animals. Sadly, his parents have expired now, and all the siblings moved ahead in their lives.

Name Ricko DeWilde
Birth Place 4th of July 1976 
Age 47-years old
Children Five children
Profession Reality Tv Star, Hunter, Fisher, Trapper, etc.
Net Worth $1 million

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