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Rick Lagina Net Worth, Death, Married, Wife, Age, Wikipedia-Bio.

Image of Rick Lagina Net Worth, Death, Married, Wife, Age, Wikipedia-Bio.

Rick Lagina is a popular reality TV personality who was born on 25th January 1952, in the USA. Rick was born to his father, George Jacob Lagina and Ann Lagina-Cavalieri. He is an American nationality of White ethnicity.

He has two siblings, his younger brother Marty and sister Matina. Marty is an engineer and wine business owner. Rick is very close to Marty who they work closely in his TV show, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’.

Rick Lagina is a retired post office deliveryman who has managed to grow such a huge net worth from TV production. The paragraphs that follow give details about this man, Rick Lagina including his net worth, and death rumors.

The Curse of Oak Island Rick Lagina’s Net Worth.

Rick Lagina has a net worth of $2 million. He has gained much of this wealth from his show airing on History Channel called, The Curse of Oak Island. Being a very private person, Rick has not revealed how much he makes from the show.

Image of The Curse of Oak Island cast Rick Lagina net worth is $2 million
Rick Lagina net worth is $2 million

His net worth can be said to be coming from the following sources:

Production of the show

He is the producer of The Curse of Oak Island, show, and by principle, he should be getting a slice of the earnings.

Rick Lagina owns part of Oak Island

Together with his brother Marty Lagina, Craig Tester, Dan Blankenship, and Alan J. Kostrzewa, they own 78% of the island which generates tourism earnings. Of course, he must be getting a share from this.

Image of Rick Lagina with his brother Marty Lagina
Rick Lagina with his brother Marty Lagina

Rick owns Oak Island tours

Together with the other partners, Rick Lagina owns, Oak Island Tours Inc. This company earns them a good amount of income from visiting tourists on the island.

Career Info.

Rick Lagina started his career as a post office deliveryman. He worked in this job for several years before he retired.

Rick became famous after he featured on the TV series “The Curse of Oak Island” that airs on History Channel. This is a show that showcases Rick and team hunting for treasures in Oak Island.

Image of Rick Lagina from The Curse of Oak Island show
Rick Lagina from the show ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’

His love for hunting treasures started on January 1965, when Rick Lagina was reading a Reader’s Digest and saw the issue on the Oak Island Mystery. From then on he began to nurture a dream to unravel the mystery in the 140-acre land island in Novia Scotia, Canada.

Rick is a determined man who believes in achieving what he sets his eyes on. This spirit is what has seen him put in resources and effort with his brother, and a team of explorers to hunt the treasures from 2006.

His entrepreneurial mind brought in the idea of showcasing this venture to the world through a reality TV show on History Channel from 2014. The show records an account of their progress in the treasure hunt.

The show has gained a massive following across the world due to its mystery of hunting unknown treasures.

Rick has in the recent past been employing modern equipment and using experts to hunt for the treasures that they believe are hidden on this island. The two brothers are the producers of the show and have done an exemplary job to run it to its 5th season currently showing.

Is Rick Lagina Married To A wife? Details on his relationship and Gay Rumors.

Rick Lagina has managed to keep his personal life off the public eye. There is very little if anything that is known about his personal life. It cannot be confirmed what his marital status is at the moment.

Image of Producer, Rick Lagina is not a gay
Producer, Rick Lagina is not a gay

There were rumors that Rick could be gay. There has never been evidence validating this claim, and so this is not true.

His Age, Wikipedia Type Bio.

Rick Lagina  wiki-bio Description
Full name Rick Lagina
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) 25 January 1952 (71 years)
Birthplace USA
Net worth $2 million
Mother Ann Lagina-Cavalieri
Father George Jacob Lagina 
Ethnicity/Race White
Career  Actor, TV Personality
Nationality American
Marital status Not known
Children Not known
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 79 Kg


  1. Is Rick Lagina Married? Was he ever married?

Rick Lagina’s marriage life is not known.

  1. How Old Is Rick Lagina?

Rick Lagina is 69 years of age having been born on 25 January 1952 (71 years)

  1. What does Rick Lagina Do for a living?

He is a reality TV personality who appears on TV as a treasure hunter on Oak Island.

  1. Is He a Gay?

Rick Lagina is not gay. All rumors about his gay life are wrong.

  1. Is He Dead?

Rick Lagina is not dead. He is very much alive. There had been rumors that poisonous gas had erupted on the island causing death to the crew members, but they were quickly evacuated.

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