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Richard Trethewey Net Worth, Wife, Injury, Wiki-Bio

Image of Richard Trethewey Net Worth, Wife, Injury, Wiki-Bio

Richard Trethewey is a renowned American HVAC contractor and plumber. He first gained public attention for his appearances on This Old House and its spin-off series.

Let’s have a closer look at Richard Trethewey’s net worth, wiki-bio, and injury. Meet his wife.

Who is Richard Trethewey? His Career and TV Shows

Richard Trethewey is an American plumber and a renowned HVAC contractor. He has appeared regularly on This Old House and two of its spin-offs. These are Ask This Old House and Inside This Old House.

Initially, it was Richard Trethewey’s father, Ron Trethewey, who worked in This Old House series. Russell Morash, the series’ producer, contracted Ron and his brother, John Trethewey, to join the show in 1978.

The appearances of Richard Trethewey during season 1 of “This Old House” were very minimal. In the second season, Ron Trethewey appeared only in the initial part of episode 1. He left the work of installing the new equipment in the house to his son, Richard Trethewey.

Since then, Richard has been on camera. He is the second-longest recurring cast member on This Old House.

In every project of This Old House, Richard Trethewey oversees all plumbing, heating, and air conditioning renovations. On the other hand, in Ask This Old House, he is often seen sharing his expertise with viewers.

He does this through questions and answers to matters about plumbing and HVAC. Moreover, he occasionally visits viewers’ homes’.

Image of Richard Trethewey from TV show, This Old House
Richard Trethewey from the TV show This Old House

Richard Trethewey is a certified master plumber who is registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 1990, he established his own company, RST Inc., located in Westwood, Massachusetts.

It represents several lines of plumbing and HVAC equipment manufacturers. The company deals with pipes and complete systems, serving much of New England.

Is Richard Trethewey Married to a Wife?

Richard Trethewey is a married man, according to some wiki-bio sources. However, details about his wife are not disclosed in any public media. Richard Trethewey and his wife have two sons,

Image of Richard Trethewey with his son Evan Trethewey and Ross Trethewey.
Richard Trethewey with his son Evan Trethewey and Ross Trethewey.

In the recent past, the two boys have appeared in the show alongside their father. Wiki-bio reports that Richard Trethewey and his family lived in a Boston suburb in 1865.

Net worth and income

Richard Trethewey’s net worth is presently estimated to be $1.6 million. He has garnered this much net worth from diverse sources.

However, the source is his career as a professional plumber. His second primary source of net worth is his longtime profession as a television personality.

Image of TV Personality, Richard Trethewey net worth is $1.6 million
TV Personality, Richard Trethewey net worth is $1.6 million

Richard Trethewey Eye Injury.

Wiki-bio sources have not yet recorded any details of Trethewey’s eye injury.

Wiki-Bio, Facts

Richard is currently 68 years old, having been born in 1955. He was born in Dedham, Massachusetts, according to his wiki-bio.

His father, Ron Trethewey and his uncle, John Trethewey, preceded him in This Old House series.

Besides being a plumber, Richard Trethewey is an avid boater. He possesses his boat. Despite this being a dangerous job, Richard has not encountered any serious injury so far.

Name Richard S. Trethewey
Age 68 years old
Birthdate 1955
Birthplace Dedham, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Parents Ron Trethewey (father)
Siblings Not disclosed
Career Plumber, Contractor
Net worth $1.6 million
Wife Not disclosed
Children 2 (Evan Trethewey and Ross Trethewey)
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 72 kg

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