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Remy Ma Net worth: How much is Remy Ma worth in 2023?

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Reminisce Smith, also known as Remy Ma, is an American rapper and actor. She has contributed immensely in the Hip-hop industry with songs and collaboration with different artists like Fat Joe and Big Pun.

Remmy Ma was featured in a reality show Love & Hip-hop: New York, from seasons 6-9 as the main cast. She also hosts the show, “State of the culture.

She has won many awards, as we will discuss in her career section. The album sales and the salary from the shows have contributed immensely to Remy Ma’s net worth. Read ahead to know more about her career, family, kids, age, relationships, boyfriend and wiki bio.

Career info

Remy Ma has always narrated how difficult her childhood was growing up in the Bronx. Her parents were victims of drug abuse. Owing to the situation, she was forced to look out for her siblings. She resorted to writing poetic verses, and her reputation spread.

MC Big Pun noticed her talent and agreed to be her mentor.

Remy Ma featured in Big Puns album “Yeah baby.” Her stage name was Remy Martin. Shortly after Big Puns death, Fat Joe signed her to his Record Label SRC.

Remy became a female member of the rap group Terror Squad. She featured in songs like “Lean back,” which earned her the first Grammy nomination.

Remy Ma went on and released her first album under Fat Joe’s label SRC, and the record was “There is something about Remy: Based on a true story.” The album featured songs like “Feels so good,” and “Whateva.” In 2008, she was involved in a shooting incident, where it was established that she shot her friend Makeeda on her torso.

The argument was about stolen money. She was later sentenced to 8 years in prison. Her fiancé at that time, Papoose, decided that marriage plans will continue.

He proposed to her in the courtroom. While in prison, Ma featured in a documentary dubbed “Black lifestyle in Japan.” She was described as a stylish black woman that inspired younger women in Japan.

Image of Rapper, Remy Ma from Love & Hip hop: New York show

Rapper, Remy Ma from Love & Hip hop: New York show

Remy Ma featured in the show “Love & Hip hop: New York.” In collaboration with rapper Fat Joe, they released an album titled “Plata o plomo,” which loosely translates to “Money or bullets.” Recently, she released a new hit named “New thang” with fellow rapper French Montana.

The song was featured in the movie “Uncle Drew.” She has three albums to her name. Ma opened a clothing store in 2017. The same year, she released a dis track directed to rapper Nicki Minaj. The dis tracks were “Shelter,” and “Another one.”

They set the internet on fire. Remy Ma received the BET Awards twice for the category “Best Female Hip hop Artiste of the ear.”

Remy Ma Net worth: $4 Million.

Her wealth comes from her album sales and numerous successful single hits. She is also a businesswoman. In 2017, she launched a women’s clothing store in Raleigh. Remy Ma’s net worth is $4 million in 2023.

Image of Rapper, Remy Ma net worth is $4 million

Rapper, Remy Ma net worth is $4 million

The store’s name is Conceited. Remy Ma also earns modest salaries from her involvement in reality TV shows, where she is the main cast or starring a guest role.

This business venture, together with the album sales, and concert appearances, contributed millions to her net worth. Rapper Remy Ma is one of the highest earning female rappers in the US. Remy`s yearly revenues as of last year increased to $3 million. The figure will rise with more show appearance and album releases.

House, Cars, Lifestyle

Remy Ma and her family live in Castle Hill, New York. The rapper and businesswoman built a 5300 square foot house which features open playgrounds for the kids to play. This house costs $1 million. There are multiple deluxe guest rooms in the mansion. She has also expressed her love for luxurious eco-friendly cars.

Image of Remy Ma house

Remy Ma house

Age and birthdate

Reminisce Smith alias Remy Ma is 43 years old. She was born on May 30th, 1980. Castle Hill, Bronx is her hometown. Her parents are a mystery. As such, we do not know their names. They did, however, suffer from drug-related problems.

Relationship status/history

Remy Ma’s husband is Shamele Mackie Papoose. He is a rapper. Remy’s incarceration stood in the way of a wedding. Papoose did propose to Ma at the courtroom.

Papoose has been very supportive of her when she was serving her time in prison. After her release from prison, the couple wedded in a private ceremony.  They do have a daughter named, Mackenzie, who was born in 2018. Currently, she is just 3-years old. Papoose had three other kids from his previous relationships, while Ma had a son from a similar relationship.


Birth Name: Reminisce Smith

Birthday: May 30th, 1980

Age: 43 years old

Place of Birth: Castle Hill, New York, United States

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 53 kg

Nationality: American

Occupation: Rapper and songwriter

Years active: 2000 – present

Net worth: $4 million

Marriage: Married to Papoose

Children: 2

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