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Rebecca Romney Wikipedia-Bio: Know Everything

Image of Rebecca Romney Wikipedia-Bio: Know Everything

Rebecca Romney is one of the cast members of Pawn Stars. She appears as a rare book specialist. Rebecca is the only female rare book specialist on the show.

This article is going to dig further into Rebecca Romney’s personal life and make sure that it is not just her name that you know. We will bring to your attention details about Rebecca Romney Wiki including Net worth, her career details, and her family.

Besides that, we will also find out information about Rebecca Romney’s husband and her age. Continue reading if you want to find out all this information about her.

Rebecca Romney From Pawn Stars Married To Husband

Yes, the beautiful lady from pawn stars is taken. Rebecca from ‘Pawn Stars‘ got married to the love of her life J.P Romney. Her husband J.P Romney is a full-time professional writer and a historical researcher.  Romney’s novel “The Monster on The Road Is Me” was received well.

Image of Rebecca Romney with her husband J.P Romney
Rebecca Romney with her husband J.P Romney

Rebecca and Romney got married in 2016; we don’t know the exact date though. After marriage, Rebecca relocated to Philadelphia to live with her husband. Rebecca said that Romney once wrote a complete novel from a short story she wrote. He is indeed a good writer.

Through her marriage, Rebecca is now related to the former American presidential candidate Mitt Romney. She has been part of the family for the past 5-years now.

Rebecca Romney’s Net Worth.

After completing her first degree, Rebecca moved to Japan where she taught English for a year. After her year in Japan was over, Rebecca returned to Las Vegas but did not have an idea of what she would do next.

In 2007 she was lucky enough and joined Bauman Rare books store where she started working on the shop’s floor. In 2010 she got promoted and was made the manager of Bauman’s rare books store Las Vegas gallery. Rebecca Romney loves books and literature; she took advantage of being at the store to read many books and grow her knowledge.

Not only does Rebecca work at the shop, but she also contributes to Bauman’s rare books blog. In addition to that, she maintains her blog about rare and classic books on Called “Aldine.” Her blog was named after Aldus Manutius who is famed for creating Italic font and popularizing Octave format.

Rebecca Romney joined History channels reality series Pawn Stars in 2011. She joined the show in season 4 s a rare books expert, the only female rare book expert for that matter.

Image of Author, Rebecca Romney net worth is $2 million
Author, Rebecca Romney net worth is $2 million

Rebecca has a company, Honey and Wax Books, which sources and sells rare books. With the help of her husband, Rebecca from Pawn Stars published a book in 2017 called “Printers Error: Irrelevant stories from literature.”

Rebecca Romney’s net worth is $2 Million.

How Old Is Rebecca Romney, Her Age, And Birth Date

Rebecca Romney is very secretive. Not much detail about her is in the public domain. Although she is a celebrity, we do not know the exact date that she was born, so it is not known when she celebrates her birthday.

At least it is known that she was born in 1985 in Las Vegas. Rebecca Romney is 38 years old.


Quite a secretive person, not much is known about Rebecca’s early life or her family apart from the fact that Rebecca Romney was born in a family of scientists. She has never talked about her parents nor siblings. She only said that she had to rebel against her family who was all about science to pursue her degree in linguistics.

Romney’s Wiki-Bio

Rebecca was born as Rebecca Angeline Engert in 1985 in Las Vegas, United States. She comes from a family of scientists. Rebecca attended local schools in Las Vegas before proceeding to college where she graduated with a degree in linguistics with a double major in classical studies and a minor in philosophy.

Rebecca buys research catalogs, and sales rare books for a living.

Having been born in a family of scientists, they wanted her to pursue something related to science, but Rebecca rebelled against following her passion in linguistic.

After her graduation, Rebecca moved to Japan where she stayed for a year and taught English. Apart from English she also fluently in French, Japanese, Ancient Greek and Latin.

Upon her return from Japan in 2007, Rebecca joined rare books trade. She was employed by Bauman rare books in their new gallery located in Los Vegas. By 2010 her work had impressed her manager, and she was promoted to a managerial position.

Image of Book expert, Rebecca Romeny from Pawn Stars show
Book expert, Rebecca Romney from Pawn Stars show

She was approached by Rick Harrison to appear in his show “pawn stars” as regular books expert in 2011, so far she has appeared in over 60 episodes. In 2016 she moved to Philadelphia to work directly with Natalie Bauman, a co-founder of Bauman rare book store.

Her work entailed overseeing central operations of the firm including cataloging, marketing, pricing, and purchasing.

Rebecca Romney left Bauman in 2016 to pursue other projects. She ran a podcast on books with her husband  J.P Romney called bibliochat. She also joined honey and wax booksellers

Rebecca published a book she co-authored with her husband called “Printers error; Irrelevant stories from book history. She regularly speaks at events related to books. She talks about collecting, preserving history and encouraging literacy.

Some Lesser Known Facts in Rebecca Romney Wikipedia Bio.

  • She openly deletes rude comments on Facebook- Rebecca always deletes any trolls or negative comments on her Facebook page.
  • Rebecca once did a Reddit AMA on request- One Reddit requested her to do an AMA,{ask me anything} in 2013, and she did it seven days later.
  • She is related to Mitt Romney through marriage- Rebecca is related to the American 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney through her husband, J.P Romney.
  • Rebecca is a Sherlockian- Sherlockians is a subculture of people dedicated to studying Sherlock Homes life and work.

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