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Rebecca Broxterman car accident and injury update. who is she?

Rebecca Broxterman is a renowned American fitness guru and instructor known for training several celebrities in Hollywood. She was in the news for surviving a fatal car accident in early September 2019 alongside American comedian Kevin Hart and his driver Jared Black.

Scroll down the article to learn more about the car accident involving Rebecca Broxterman and her recent injury update. Likewise, get to know more about the celebrity fitness trainer Rebecca Broxterman through the following short bio dedicated to her.

Who is Rebecca Broxterman?

Broxterman was born on September 18, 1987, and is 36 years old. She is a celebrity fitness instructor and trainer.

Rebecca is the holder of six different certificates and the founder of the Rebecca Brox Fit. Furthermore, she also has her own brand, Briti brand.

Likewise, Rebbeca also gains a significant amount of income from the shirt, which reads as Be Inspired to Inspire and has her very own Biti brand. Furthermore, she is known to train several Hollywood celebrities.

Her most notable client is Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish.

Image of American fitness guru, Rebecca Broxterman
American fitness guru, Rebecca Broxterman

Rebecca Broxterman car accident, what happened to her?

Talking about the fatal car accident. Both Rebecca Broxterman and Kevin Hart were in Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when car driver Jared Black lost control of the car on Mulholland Highway. As per police investigation, the car driver was not drunk at the time of the car accident.

Image of Rebecca Broxterman and Kevin Hart had a fatal car accident
Rebecca Broxterman and Kevin Hart had a fatal car accident

The unfortunate car crash landed about 10 m off the road after it went through a nearby wooden fence that lay alongside the way. However, except for Rebecca Broxterman, both Kevin Hart and driver Jared Black suffered major black injuries from the car accident.

Rebecca Broxterman’s injury update, how is she doing now?

Fortunately for Rebecca, Broxterman did not suffer significant injuries. According to the police official, Rebecca only complained of pain and took medical assistance herself.

Rebecca Broxterman and Kevin Hart recent updates

Moving on, Rebecca Broxterman’s co-riders in the car, Kevin Hart and his driver, Jared Black, suffered a significant injury in 2019. Both Kevin and Jared suffered significant back injuries. Both were rushed to the nearby medical hospital to seek immediate medical assistance.

However, the famous comedian Kevin Hart’s close security guard took him to his nearby residence to attend to his urgent medical need. After which, Hart was taken to Northridge Hospital.

Image of Rebecca Broxterman and her co-rider Kevin Hart had a car accident
Rebecca Broxterman and her co-rider Kevin Hart had a car accident

Kevin Hart’s driver, Jared Black, was taken to the UCLA Medical Center. According to some reports, Kevin Hart presented himself with the car on his 40th  birthday. The 1970 Plymouth car, which suffered the horrible accident on Sunday, was also seen in Hart’s Instagram post.

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