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Is Todd Chrisley Brother Randy Chrisley Dead? Cancer and health update.


The Chrisleys are one of the leading families in regards to real estate in America. Their popularity heightened after the debut of the reality show, Chrisley knows best.

At the forefront of the series is Todd Chrisley. But in this review will focus on Todd Chrisley’s brother, Randy Chrisley. Much like Todd, Randy is also a real estate agent and entrepreneur.

A few years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. This review will focus on Randy Chrisley’s health update. Is Randy Chrisley dead or alive? Find out as we take an in-depth look into the subject.

Who is Randy Chrisley?

Randy Chrisley is the brother of renowned real estate agent Todd Chrisley. His parents are Faye and Gene Raymond Chrisley. Randy also dabbled with real estate but was nowhere nearly as successful as his brother Todd.

He was born on the 28th of August 1970 in South Carolina. It means that he is 53 years old as we speak. Randy is often referred to as the black sheep of the Chrisley clan.

This is because his life has been a series of ups and significant downs. He started a business that, unfortunately, did not prove successful. However, the height of his troubles came from his personal life.

Image of Real estate agent, Todd Chrisley brother Randy Chrisley

Real estate agent, Todd Chrisley brother Randy Chrisley

Back in 2012, Randy married a lovely woman named Pamela. The two lived in marital bliss for a while before trouble arose. This came in the form of adultery on Randy’s part.

His wife Pamela went on a social media tirade, accusing Randy of cheating as she launched all manner of abusive words at her soon-to-be ex.

Randy’s brother Todd came to his aid, claiming that Pamela was a gold digger who tried to blackmail the family into paying her a substantial amount of money. As a result of the backlash, Randy stayed as far away from social media as he could.

Todd Chrisley’s brother Randy Chrisley’s Cancer Diagnosis and Update.

In 2014, Randy Chrisley received the crushing news that he had cancer. By the time the disease was diagnosed, it had reached stage 4.

This would usually imply that it was terminal. Randy, however, received an abundance of support from his family, especially his wife, Pamela. She was his rock at the time and made sure that her husband was as motivated as he could be to beat the disease.

Todd Chrisley’s brother Randy underwent aggressive chemotherapy, which helped him beat back cancer entirely. Presently, he is in remission as he strives to get his life back on track again.

Is Randy Chrisley Dead or Alive?

After the stage 4 cancer diagnosis, a lot of rumours spread that Randy Chrisley was tethering on the edge of life. This is because when cancer usually gets to the fourth stage, it is almost a certain death sentence.

However, as we previously alluded to, Randy beat the diagnosis with the help of chemotherapy. So, it is safe to say that he is alive.

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