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Phil Keoghan Net Worth, Salary, Wife Louise Rodrigues, Gay, Height.

Image of Phil Keoghan Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Gay, Height.

If you loved CBS’s reality game show, The Amazing Race then you probably need to know a few things about its presenter, Phil Keoghan. Here is a behind the curtains look on Phil Keoghan net worth, salary, height and personal life in regards to the gay rumors surrounding his life with his wife Louise Rodrigues.

So before we dive into how many awards he has own, achievements and what not, let’s digress and look into the origin story of the host’s career.

Phil Keoghan’s net worth, Salary, Career info, TV series.

Several articles and analysts have stated that Phil Keoghan has a net worth of $16 million in 2021. His job at The Amazing Race earns him a salary of $100 thousand for each episode that airs. His partnership with CBS is one of his greatest ventures so far.

Image of Television Personality, Phil Keoghan net worth is $16 million

Television Personality, Phil Keoghan net worth is $16 million

Phil Keoghan’s career dates as early as his teenage years when he auditioned and got a job on Spot On, a children’s program in New Zealand. The TV star also worked as a reporter for yet another show called That’s Fairly Interesting. It’s his third job and program, Keoghan’s Heroes that relocated him into the States.

The pay was above average when an opportunity presented itself to host the famous Survivor series; he auditioned as its host. Sadly, he never got the role with the position offered to Jeff Probst. Nevertheless, all was not lost since the network presented him with a hosting job for The Amazing Race.

He is also a producer and has helped create TV shows like VELUX 5 Oceans Race, National Geographic explorer and his very own, No Opportunity Wasted. The series is based on his own experiences and infused with the TV host’s goals and aspirations.

Phil Keoghan is married to wife Louise Rodrigues. Gay Rumors.

We often see him traveling the world while filming the reality game show. But did you know that sometimes, he brings his wife along especially when they visit more serene and exotic places? Yes, that’s right, Phil Keoghan is married and has a wife, Louise Rodrigues. This enough to prove that Phil Keoghan is not gay.

Image of Phil Keoghan with his wife Louise Rodrigues

Phil Keoghan with his wife Louise Rodrigues

Furthermore, he married quite early even before he relocated to the United States with her. Interviews and talks with him sometimes probe him to talk about her, but he keeps mum about the subject. Up to date, no one knows his actual wedding date or anniversary.

Louise’s last name may seem Spanish, but she is, in fact, Australian born. Like her husband, she works as a television producer and director. Professionally, the couple helped create one of Phil’s TV series, No Opportunity Wasted.

However, when it comes to intimacy, they are the proud parents of one daughter named Elle Keoghan. Phil Keoghan and wife Louse Rodrigues live a quiet happy life in Santa Monica, California with no issues of separation engulfing their marriage.


Phil Keoghan Age, Height, Wiki-Bio.

Full name Philip John Keoghan
Age 54-years old
Date of Birth May 31st, 1967
Place of Birth Lincoln, New Zealand
Profession Television Presenter
Net worth $16 million
Wife Louise Rodrigues
Kids 1
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Phil drew his first breath in Lincoln, New Zealand on May 31st, 1967 through the efforts of his dad, Dr. John Keoghan, and mother, Elizabeth. However, he was not the product of his parent’s union as he had siblings whom he grew up with. His brother, Andrew was a hotshot news reporter for New Zealand’s One News but opted for a career shift into Jazz music.

On the other hand, his sister Ruth Cooper is a life coach who got her Masters Macquarie University located in Sydney. His father, John is a scientist whose specialty in agriculture meant that the family had to move between Canada and Antigua. However, the TV star got to learn in New Zealand which later translated to college at St. Andrews.

Image of TV Personality, Phil Keoghan with his dad John Keoghan

TV Personality, Phil Keoghan with his dad John Keoghan

Phil Keoghan may be 54 years of age but spawns talent from all areas including cycling, deep sea diving, mountaineering, and bungee jumping. All these got documented in his book that covers part of his bio called No Opportunity Wasted in 2014.


It’s hard to imagine Phil Keoghan in any other capacity other than hosting. It’s where we saw him grow, build his net worth and learned about his wife at the same time putting an end to the gay rumors.

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