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Pete Nelson from “Tree House Master” Net Worth, Age, wife Judy Nelson.

Image of Pete Nelson from "Tree House Master" Net Worth, Age, Meet his wife Judy Nelson.

Pete Nelson is a tv star and an American master treehouse builder. He is the owner of  Nelson Treehouse, which is a family business that design and construct houses, resorts, retreat centers, and many more categories on trees.

The idea of tree houses was birthed in him at age five when his dad built him, what he calls an adventurous tree fort right behind their home garage in New Jersey. Read this to know Tree House Master Pete Nelson’s Net Worth.

This idea continued to captivate him over the years, and after college, he embarked on a career path that was tree-centric building up to where he is now. He additionally in cooperated his wife and children into the business.

Pete Nelson, Treehouse Master Career.      

Before revealing Pete Nelson’s Net Worth, Know about his career.

Right from a young age, he worked with grandfather building small model boats. While attending High School in Massachusetts, he designed his first treehouse event though it was never built.

In 1987 Nelson says one night he had a night brainer, he couldn’t sleep, and that same year his dream was rekindled by a book he read titled How to Build Treehouses, Huts, and Forts written by David Stiles sent to him by a high school friend, and in the same year, Pete Nelson built his first adult treehouse in Colorado Springs at his backyard.

TreeHouse Workshop

In the same year, 1987, Nelson moved to Washington State and started building homes and writing books regarding treehouses. Beginning 1994 he continued writing more books on the subject of tree houses.

In 1997 he co-founded TreeHouse Workshop.

In 2006 he opened Treehouse Point near Fall City. Later, in 2011 he founded Nelson Treehouse and supply which is a high end designed treehouse based in Fall City, Washington.

Image of Pete Nelson from TV show, Treehouse Master

Pete Nelson from the TV show, Treehouse Master

In 2013 Animal Planet reality show was launched, this is a documentary series showing Nelson and his staff building treehouses around the world.

When this opportunity came, he almost turned it down; he considered most of these shows are fake, and he was not in such kind of stuff. A lot of assurance and convincing was done, and he finally agreed.

It turned out a success, statics revealing that this show has an average of 1.3 million viewers per episode as of 2015, two years after it was launched. By now you have guessed Tree House Master Pete Nelson’s Net Worth is huge.

In 2016 Nelson did a noble project which he collaborated with Zac Brown, a music star to build a massive treehouse 1,300 square foot at Brown’s Camp Southern Ground. It is a non-profit project designed for children with neurodevelopment disorder and military families with children struggling with PTSD.

Pete Nelson Net Worth, Cost of Treehouses.

Treehouse Master Pete Nelson’s wealth is attributed to his skilled work of building tree houses, like his famous sanctuary Nelson Treehouse and Supply where people from different parts of the world visit and pay for accommodation to spend time in this marvelous construction.

Pete Nelson net worth is $4 million as of 2023.

Image of American actor, Pete Nelson net worth is $3.5 million

American actor, Pete Nelson net worth is $4 million

Nelson has also authored more than five books in his name, one of his famous books is the Art and Craft of Living out on a Limb. The sale of these books also contributes to Pete Nelson’s $4 Million Net Worth.

As a host of a popular tv show “Tree House Master” in Discovery channel, the network pays him $100,000 annually as a salary.

Treehouse cost varies depending on the range, design services required, and location. Factors that may affect cost include:

  • Treehouse height from the ground
  • Project area access
  • Time of the year
  • Choice of trees to use
  • Materials involved – type of finishing
  • Freight cost
  • Logistical cost
  • Amenities required (e.g., electricity, water, bathroom, kitchen)

However, services can be customized to fit a customer’s budget.

Pete Nelson is Married to Wife Judy Nelson.

Pete Nelson has not only had a successful career life, but he also been able to build and maintain a beautiful home. While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in Colorado College, Colorado Springs, he met his lovely wife Judy who was also a student in the same college.

They got married on 30th August 1985 and have been together ever since with no incidents of separation or divorce.

Their Children.

Pete Nelson and wife Judy are blessed with three children, their daughter Emily and twin sons Henry and Charlie. In 2016 their daughter got married Patrick in a colorful wedding held Ohio at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Image of Pete Nelson with his wife Judy Nelson and with their kids

Pete Nelson with his wife Judy Nelson and with their kids

Their daughter Emily is based at Nelson Treehouse Head Quarters overseeing projects operations. She also was very instrumental in founding the online business store ‘Be in a Tree’ that allows clients to purchase treehouse plans, heavy-duty hardware, and lifestyle goods from anywhere in the world.

Their son in law has also joined the business as a lead carpenter in the construction team.

The family union, love, and commitment is something the Nelson’s have been able to transfer in their projects hence experiencing great results.

Pete Nelson Biography.

Nelson grew up in Ridgewood New Jersey after his birth on 4th June 1962. This year marks 61 years for him. Nelson’s journey began as a passion which he diligently worked hard to achieve.

He began with ground houses, and when thought of doing something outstanding, tree houses was a brilliant idea.

Nelson and Judy began Nelson Treehouse and had amazingly in cooperated all their children in the business, making it a family business. Their son Henry is an experienced, skilled carpenter and often travels with other Nelson treehouse staff on builds, on the other hand, his twin brother Charlie specializes in building boats and guitars hence tending on the business Woodinville property to crystalize it into a Resort and Spa.

Quick facts

Some facts to note worth noting about Pete Nelson are;

  • Douglas Fir wood is his favorite wood to build with.
  • In San Francisco Zoo there is a house called the Red Panda, this one was exclusively designed by Pete Nelson.
  • Grace VanderWaal the 14th September 2016 season finale winner of America’s Got Talent said that part of her winnings she would request Pete Nelson to build her a treehouse. Pete Nelson responded via his Animal Planet tweet video by first congratulating her on her win and also expressed his willingness to make her dream come true by building her a treehouse with zip lines, bridges, and so much more.
  • Pete Nelson’s designs are inspired by the architectural Green & Green firm.

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