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Paula Deen Husband Michael Groover Net Worth, Wiki, Bio.

Paula Deen is a reputable culinary artist and television host on the Food Network. She is also the loving mother of two boys and an independent restauranteur in the United States.

While her reputation precedes her, many people have very little to no idea about who Paula Deen’s husband, Michael Groover, is.

We’re here to shed a little light on Michael Groover’s net worth, wiki-bio, and their married life; if you’ll stick around to the end.

Who is Paula Deen’s Husband, Michael Groover?

Paula Deen’s husband, Michael Groover is as much of a celebrity as she is. He is an author, businessman, and tugboat captain. The world became acquainted with him after his marriage to the celebrity chef back in 2004.

The Food Network televised the wedding and its entirety, turning Michael Groover into a small celebrity. Since then, Paula Deen’s husband has appeared on her cooking shows.

Similarly, he also made a guest appearance on Paula’s son, Bobby’s show.

Image of Author, Michael Groover

Author, Michael Groover

Paula Deen’s Husband Michael Groover Net worth.

Paula Deen’s husband has accomplished so much throughout his career. His net worth accrues from his career as a tug boat captain as well as an entrepreneur.

Michael Groover is the sole owner of his self-titled coffee line of business in Savannah, Georgia.

Additionally, he also authored a book depicting his life before and after he met his wife. The literature masterpiece also doubles down as a recipe book for some of his favorite delicacies.

Image of Businessman, Michael Groover net worth is $5 million.

Businessman, Michael Groover net worth is $5 million.

Based on how much attention he’s gotten over the years regarding the controversies he gets into, the book’s reach is undeniably massive. As a result, sources have Paula Deen’s husband, Michael Groover’s net worth at approximately $5 million.

The figure also includes the title deed to their home worth $1.3 million, which Paula gifted him.

Paula Deen married life with her husband, Michael Groover. Any Kids?

As already mentioned, Paula Deen married her husband back in 2004 at Bethesda Academy. The story of how they met is a classic. Paula was the hot older neighbour whose two dogs always ventured beyond her backyard whenever she released them.

Image of Michael Groover with his wife Paula Deen.

Michael Groover with his wife, Paula Deen.

As a result, Paula Deen and her husband Michael Groover exchanged a few words, and Michael offered to take her up for a boat ride on their first date. The timing was impeccable because he had just gotten out of a marriage.

Similarly, the celebrity chef was also a divorcee from her first marriage to Jimmy Deen in 1965. The reason for her divorce in 1989 was his excessive drinking and abusive nature.

She had two kids with him, Bobby and Jamie Deen who are currently adults.

Image of Michael Groover with his wife Paula Deen and with their kids Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen.

Michael Groover with his wife Paula Deen and with their kids Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen.

Paula Deen’s husband Weight loss.

Some time back, the celebrity chef got struck with the news of her Type Two diabetes diagnosis. As a result, she took up more responsibility in taking care of herself and her health. Additionally, her self-discovery also inspired Michael to live healthier.

Paula got the whole family to work out. As a result, Michael Groover lost over 60 pounds ever since he started eating healthier, and she couldn’t be more proud.

Age, Family, Wiki-bio,  and other facts.

Michael Anthony Groover was born back in 1956. Aged 67, he is nine years younger than his wife, Paula Deen. Details on his early life and first marriage are almost none existent. Regardless, he never had kids of his own.

As a result, Paula’s sons, Bobby and Jamie love him for making their mom happy. On an entirely different note, Groover won the 38th Annual Look-alike Contest to which he is seemingly proud of.

Quick Facts.

Name Michael Groover
Net worth $5 million
Profession A Tug boat captain, Author, businessman
Spouse Paula Deen
Age 67 years old
Birthdate 1956

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