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Noah Brown Leaving “Alaskan bush people”? His Wife, Net Worth, Wiki bio.

alaskan bush man star noah brown's wiki bio,wife, networth

Noah Brown made his debut in the Reality TV world by starring on Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People back in 2014. He may be the youngest of the extended Brown family’s band of five brothers but the most creative of them all.

In the recent past, the internet has exploded with speculations regarding Noah’s life and whether he is leaving Alaskan Bush People. Here is the scoop about his net worth, wiki-bio, and details regarding his exit from the show.

Noah Brown and his wife Rhain Alisha Merrill. Know about their Relationship.

In October 2018, Noah took to Facebook to share the news about his engagement to his beautiful long-time girlfriend, Rhain Alisha Merrill. He posted a heartfelt, touching post accompanied by pictures of her alerting his fans how she has been his blessing throughout the good and bad times.

reality tv star Noah Brown with his girlfriend Rhain Alisha Merrill

Caption:- Noah Brown with his girlfriend, Rhain Alisha Merrill

‘Rhain Alisha has been so patient and supporting through everything that has been happening, my mother’s cancer, having to leave Alaska, my car keeps breaking down, and all in all I have been thinking of how thankful I am that she moved in with we instead of going back to Oregon and now we are engaged and planning our life together.’

After tying the knot in 2019, Rhain would give birth to their first child, Elijah, in February 2019. A few weeks ago, the two revealed that they were expecting a second child.

Why is Noah Brown Leaving Alaskan bush people?

In 2020, a devasting fire spread across the Washington Mountains, ravaging multiple homes in the process.  It reportedly burned over 6,000 acres of land, destroying over 85 houses in the process.

This included Noah’s traditional home, which was valued at $1.6 million. It forced Noah and his family to move.

If that weren’t tragic enough, Noah’s father, Billy, would also pass away after falling victim to a seizure.  According to multiple reports, a helicopter could not arrive in time to take Billy to the hospital.

Noah broke down in tears during a memorial episode of Alaskan Bush People to honour his father.

Alaskan Bush Man star Noah Brown leaving the show

Net worth

Noah Brown’s current net worth is estimated to be over $500,000. He mostly generated income from his appearances as a regular on the show. Sources confirm that he earns an annual salary of over $65,000.

Noah Brown's net worth


Noah Brown, born Noah Darkcloud Brown, was born on July 18th, 1992 to a family of nine. He comes in as the fifth child of Billy and Ami Brown with four brothers, Matt, Bam, Bear, and Gabe with two younger sisters: Snowbird and Rain.

As portrayed in Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People, Noah has some unique qualities that make him loveable.

He got the title, the Inventor with his obsession with machines in that he mostly tears down, takes apart, and puts back together with some minor modifications. Among his famous inventions is the arm radio.

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