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Nilsa Prowant Net worth, Age, Married Life, Divorce, Boyfriend and Wiki-Bio

Image of Nilsa Prowant Net worth, Age, Married Life, Divorce, Boyfriend and Wiki-Bio

The set of MTV’s reality series, Floribama Shore, has distinct characters that each bring individual ingenuity to the show. We’ve got Jeremiah and his abs, Aimee and her dark past with men, Gus the model, among others.

Nilsa Prowant, also part of the cast, is mostly known for sprouting a love triangle into the series. Read this to know Nilsa Prowant’s Net Worth in 2023.

Know more about Floribama Shore Cast Nilsa Prowant’s Husband’s married life and divorce.

Who is Nilsa Prowant?

The gorgeous reality star mostly goes by the name ‘nillythesquid’ on all her social media handles. Her career skyrocketed back in 2017 when she got the part to play herself on MTV’s Floribama Shore.

It’s a series featuring eight young adults placed in a beach house with alcohol and cameras to document every aspect of their lives – basically the premise of Jersey Shore.

Image of Nilsa Prowant from TV show, Floribama Shore.

Nilsa Prowant from the TV show, Floribama Shore.

However, Nilsa’s fame goes way back in time as a kid. Though not professionally, she got to model with her baby pictures, making it to the cover of a baby magazine.

Later on, after she got her college education, the reality star began her career professionally as a make-up artist. Over the years, Nilsa Prowant perfected her craft and became a stylist, with proms being her primary specialty.

Nilsa Prowant Net worth in 2023 is $5 million.

The primary source of income for the reality star comes from her time on television. Sources indicate that Nilsa Prowant’s current net worth stands at $5 million.

Sadly, the same sources failed to point out her salary cap due to her sworn secrecy with her employers at MTV.

Image of TV actor, Nilsa Prowant net worth is $300,000

TV actor Nilsa Prowant net worth is $5 million

We had already mentioned her career both as a stylist and a make-up artist. However, the best part about it comes when she has to show off her work.

The young reality star is also a photographer. It started as a hobby but has caught up as a profession.

You can also marvel at her work the second she uploads it on her Instagram handle @nillythesquid. Unlike other celebrities with a huge fan following, Prowant hasn’t monetized her social media pages yet.

However, she owns her YouTube channel, where she tips her subscribers with make-up tutorials and other beauty tips.

Nilsa Prowant Married life and divorce. Any Kids?

The young actress’ love life has been an endless roller coaster. She found love at a tender age and got married on December 1, 2014, when she was 20. The joyous ceremony was to commemorate her union with her then-husband, James Anderson, a US marine.

Image of Nilsa Prowant with her ex-husband James Anderson

Nilsa Prowant with her ex-husband James Anderson

Their wedding was not the happiest, to say the least, following her miscarriage. To make matters worse, Nilsa Prowant caught her husband with another woman who led her to file for a divorce finalized two years later in 2017.

Close sources have since revealed that she got a severance pay of $25,850 from her divorce and alimony amounting to $ 1,000 during their separation. If that didn’t boost her net worth, then her salary certainly did.

Who is Nilsa Dating Now?

After the TV star’s failed attempt at marriage, Prowant vowed to stay off the dating wheel for some time. However, it wasn’t long before she was spotted with a few of her co-stars getting up close and personal with them.

Gus is her first rumoured boyfriend on the reality series. The pair have made out a couple of times and hang out, with Nilsa admitting on both television and interviews that he had a thing for him. On a lighter note, their romance didn’t sprout much when a new player got into the series.

Jeremiah’s younger brother Josh swooped her off her feet and made out with her a few times on the set. Sadly, their fling was short-lived and didn’t get to the definitive relationship stage.

As of now, the young actress is single.

Nilsa Prowant Age, Family, siblings, Wiki-Bio, Facts.

Full name Nilsa Prowant
Age 29 years old
Date of Birth January 2nd, 1994
Place of Birth Panama City, Florida
Profession The reality TV star, Make-up artist, stylist, photographer
Net worth $5 million
Relationship status Married
Kids 1
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Even though she doesn’t talk about them as often as you’d expect, Nilsa owes her parents, Todd and Yadira, her life. Nilsa was born in Panama City, Florida, on January 2, 1994, and turned 29 this year. There is no mention of Nilsa Prowant’s sibling’s existence so far.

As a child, the reality star did a bit of cheerleading in school and modelling when she got older. She attended Chipola College and even became Miss Florida Palm State Queen in 2014.

Among her other many talents include being multilingual with up to 6 languages as well as owning a green belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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