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Nicole Curtis Wikipedia, Net Worth, Kids, Baby Daddy Shane Maguire, Ex-Husband Steve Lane

Nicole Curtis got her ticket to fame after she got a chance to host her reality show, Rehab Addict. Her profound knowledge of architecture and interior design has earned her enormous popularity and fan following.

Though her career life is at its best, her personal life has been contrary to that. She understands what it means to be a single mum at a very early age. However, she has been active all along the journey.

Below is Nicole Curtis detailed Wikipedia, bio — also, details of her baby, baby daddy, Shane Maguire and ex-husband, Steve Lane.

Who is Nicole Curtis? Know Her Net Worth.

Nicole Curtis is the beautiful, blonde-haired woman who hosts Rehab Addict reality television show. The show airs on HGTV, and it is all about home renovation.

At the initial stage of her career, she worked as a realtor for the Minneapolis Broker. At the same time, she also appeared on the show named Sweat Equity. Her major break in her career came six months later after.

She seemed fit for the role, and so she secured the chance to be the main host of Rehab Addict. Nicole Curtis came up with a unique way of doing things. Unlike most constructors, she usually advocates for the restoration of existing architecture rather than demolition.

The first episode of the show aired on October 13, 2010.

Image of Nicole Curtis from the TV show, Rehab Addict
Nicole Curtis from the TV show, Rehab Addict

Since then, the show has become one of the most famous home renovation shows on HGTV. She is often filmed renovating old homes while following her famous philosophy, Rehab, Reuse and Recycle.

After the success of her first show, Nicole Curtis from “Rehab Addict” started her second show named Beach Flip. However, this did not gain as much popularity as the first one. From her TV career, Nicole has accumulated a total net worth of $8 million.

Image of TV host, Nicole Curtis net worth is $5 million
TV host, Nicole Curtis net worth is $8 million

Meet Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Baby.

Curtis became a mother at the age of 21 years. She birthed her first baby and named him Ethan. Based on Nicole’s Instagram post, her son was born on December 25, 2002.

Currently, Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis is 47 years old, according to his wiki-bio. Therefore, we can estimate Ethan’s current age to be 25 years.

Image of Nicole Curtis with her son Ethan
Nicole Curtis with her son Ethan

Due to some marital problems, Nicole raised her baby as a single mother. After a couple of years, she found herself pregnant again.

Due to her reasons, she decided to hide her pregnancy from the media. Even during filming, she made sure that the camera crew filmed away from her protruding belly. Also she also used props to hide her baby bump. Finally, she gave birth to her second baby boy, whom she named Harper.

Recently, there have been rumours that Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis is pregnant with a third child. However, this rumour is still in the shadows.

Nicole Curtis and Her Baby Daddy Shane Maguire’s Relationship and Issues.

After many years of singlehood, Nicole Curtis found another love of her life. She fell in love with Shane Maguire, who is the daddy to baby Harper. However, troubles came knocking at her door after giving birth.

Image of Nicole Curtis with her husband Shane Maguire and baby Harper
Nicole Curtis with her ex-husband Shane Maguire and baby Harper

Reportedly, when baby Harper was being born, the couple was no longer together. After that, Shane filed a case against Nicole, claiming that she was keeping his child away from him.

In response, Nicole’s lawyer stated that Nicole Curtis from “Rehab Addict” kept the baby since she was still breastfeeding him. There have been many controversies in the media concerning this allegation by Nicole.

Nicole Curtis Married Life and Divorce from Ex-Husband Steve Lane.

Initially, Curtis was married to Steve Lane, who is her first baby daddy. Unfortunately, Ethan’s father, Steve Lane, was a criminal. When Nicole was just two months into her pregnancy, Steve Lane was charged with manslaughter.

As a result, he spent numerous years in prison. Consequently, this puts a great strain on their marital life. Their marital life ended in 2009.

Image of Nicole Curtis and Ex-Husband Steve Lane
Nicole Curtis and Ex-Husband Steve Lane

Later, Steve Lane was released from prison. Nonetheless, Nicole has been on her toes determined to obtain all the child support payments she never received from him.

In early 2018, the court ordered Steve Lane to pay $14,685.54 in backdated child support. However, he declined the order and is thus faced with an even longer jail term.

Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Other Facts.

Curtis was born on the 20th of August 1976. Her mother is Joanie Curtis, while her father is Rod Curtis.

The television personality, Nicole, spent her childhood days with her parents in Lake Orion, Michigan, US. Nicole’s parents were involved in a garbage disposal business. The celebrity also has a brother by the name Ryan Curtis, who is an actor and director.

Concerning her schooling, Nicole went to Lake Orion High School. She later graduated from the school in 1994. While in High School, she took dancing lessons as well.

After completing High school, she started working in Hooters and worked as a waiter. This was in an effort to enable her to join college. She later moved to Florida to further her studies.

Although she attended different colleges in Michigan and Florida, she did not complete. She dropped out and opened a business.

Wiki Facts about Nicole Curtis.

Name Nicole Curtis
Age 47 years
Birthdate 20th August 1976
Birthplace Lake Orion, Michigan
Nationality American
Parents Joanie Curtis, Rod Curtis
Siblings Ryan Curtis (Brother)
Career TV Star, Host
Net worth $8 million
Husband Steve Lane (Divorced)

Shane Maguire (Separated)

Children 2
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 56 kg

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