Is Mountain Monster Cast John Tice Still Alive?

John Tice usually goes by the name Trapper. He is a reality star whose claim to fame was the documentary show, Mountain Monsters. On the program, John’s hunting and tracking skills are on full display. The West Virginia native is also a celebrated war veteran.

John proudly served in the US Army during the Vietnam War, earning the respect of many. He rose to the top of the group commonly referred to as the Appalachian Investigators.

In this review, we will explore the rumours about John Tice death, answering the question of whether John Tice is still alive.

Who is John Tice from Mountain Monster?

Before revealing whether John Tice from “mountain Monster” is alive or dead, first, let us tell you who Tice is.

John Tice is a reality television star, hunter, tracker and former Vietnam War hero. The reality star became a household name after appearing on the hit documentary show, Mountain Monster. The first episode dropped in 2013, and John has been an integral part of the show ever since.

Even before he made his debut on screen, the tracker had formed the hunting group, AIMS. This stands for the Appalachians Investigators of Mysterious Sightings.

Together with the crew, they ventured out to investigate mysterious monster sightings and prove the existence of Bigfoot and Werewolves.

Image of John Tice from the TV reality show, Mountain Monsters

John Tice from the TV reality show, Mountain Monsters

To this end, he has collaborated with other monster hunters like William Neff and Headlee. John’s expertise on the show has given him a large fan base. His popularity has seen him feature in six seasons of the show so far.

Is John Tice Alive or dead?

In 2016, several rumours came out stating that the Mountain Monster star, John Tice had passed away. This prompted fans to send several condolence messages to the stars family.  Fortunately, this was just a hoax that was quickly dispelled.

Image of TV Personality, John Tice is still alive and healthy

TV Personality, John Tice is still alive and healthy

It was undoubtedly internet trolls just looking to spread fake news and generate buzz for their websites. John Tice went on to feature on several more episodes of Mountain Monsters, proving that he is still alive. He still features on the show, even in the latest episodes. We can, therefore state with absolute confidence that Mountain Monster John Tice is still alive.

John “Trapper” Tice wife, married life, Kids.

The trapper likes to lead a relatively private life. This is evident by the fact that he has not released any details regarding a wife or even a girlfriend.

At some point, however, he must have had a significant other as John Tice has one son. His son’s name is John David, and the two are close. They regularly go hunting and fishing together. We can clarify this through posts from John Tice’s fan page.

Maybe he is still with the mother of his son. We can’t be sure as there are no reports to support or disregard this claim.

What we do know is that Trapper is a man married to his career. John has dedicated his existence to debunking the unexplainable creatures allegedly cited in the Appalachian Region. We will keep you updated if we uncover any information regarding his spouse.

John Tice Net worth.

Now that you know John Tice from “mountain men” is alive, it’s time we tell you about Joh Tice’s net worth and sources of income.

Being a reality TV star comes with a fair amount of perks. The most notable being the hefty salary they earn.

It is reported that John earns a wage of $20,000 for every episode of Mountain Monsters he appears in.  This puts John Tice’s net worth at $700,000 at the moment. It is a figure that is steadily expected to rise as the show progresses.

Image of Mountain monsters cast John Tice net worth is $700,000

Mountain Monsters cast John Tice net worth is $700,000

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