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Meet Molly Yeh Parents: Father John Bruce Yeh and Mother Jody Yeh.

Molly Yeh is a renowned food critic, chef, television personality, and blogger. Her rise to fame coincided with the growing popularity of the food-based show she hosts, Girl Meets Farm.

It has propelled her to fame. However, today, we will focus on the people who raised the famous chef. These are John Bruce and Jody Yeh.

Molly Yeh’s parents are both musicians who came together despite varying cultures and backgrounds. Know more about their relationship right here as we take an extensive look at John and Jody Yeh.

Molly Yeh’s Mother, Jody Yeh.

The famous chef and food blogger’s mother is a woman named Jody Yeh. She is of Jewish descent, more specifically, of the Ashkenazi clan. These are Jewish people who follow Ashkenazi practices. The community has its roots back to the Middle Ages.

Jody is also a very proficient musician who specialized in playing the clarinet back in the day. It is a passion she shared with her former husband, and most likely, what bonded the pair when they started dating. Not much else information is available on Molly Yeh’s mother, Jody. In all likelihood, she is a private woman who chooses to stay away from the limelight.

We can, however, confirm that Molly Yeh’s mother Jody Yeh is an American citizen, and estimate her to be in her early 60s at the moment. Jody is also an alumnus of the Julliard School of Performance Arts. This is where honed her skills, mastering the art of playing the clarinet in the process.

Jody Yeh Wiki-bio.

Full name Jody Yeh
Age Early 60s
Date of Birth The 1960s
Place of Birth Under review.
Profession Clarinet player, Musician
Net worth Undisclosed
Husband John Bruce Yeh (ex)
Kids 3
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Jewish
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Unknown

Molly Yeh’s father, John Bruce Yeh.

John Bruce Yeh is the father of the talented chef, Molly Yeh. He is 64 years old at the moment, having been born back in 1957 in Washington DC.

However, his family would move to Los Angeles while he was still young, and this is where he grew up. John initially discovered his talent for music when he was about six years old. This was when he started playing the clarinet.

Molly Yeh’s grandparents, despite being scientists, also dabbled with music back in the day. As such, they encouraged John to pursue these interests. So it came as no surprise that they encouraged his decision to shift from pre-med to the Julliard School of the Performance Arts to pursue his interest in music.

Image of Musician, John Bruce Yeh

Musician, John Bruce Yeh

The move would prove quite fruitful after he was brought on to play with the Symphony Orchestra based in Chicago. Initially, he was the solo bass clarinetist and gradually rose to the rank of an E-flat clarinetist.

John would then go on to form the New York New Music Ensemble a few years later. The group was renowned for its interest in contemporary music.

John’s long, storied career has seen him work with the likes of Howard Sandroff and Georg Solti. His work with the Chamber Ensemble was also recognized with the Grammy for the Best New Classical Artist way back in 1985.

Some of his most renowned works include Dialogues With My Shadow, L’Histoire du Soldat, and Hindemith.

John Bruce Yeh Wiki-bio.

Full name John Bruce Yeh
Age 64 years old.
Date of Birth 1957
Place of Birth Washington DC, USA.
Profession Musician, Founder of the New York New Music Ensemble
Net worth Under review.
Wife Teresa Reilly
Kids 3
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac Sign Under review
Parents N/A

Molly’s parents’ Married life.

John and Jody were drawn to each other by their passion for music. Both of them were also students at the prestigious Julliard School for the Performance Arts.

This is where Molly Yeh’s parents most likely met. While it is unclear when they tied the knot precisely, we estimate it to be sometime during the 80s as they were students at the institution back in 1977.

Image of Molly Yeh and her father John Bruce Yeh

Molly Yeh and her father, John Bruce Yeh

They would go on to have three children together.  These are Molly, Jenna, and Mia. All three went into music, taking after their parents. We are also not sure when they split up or the reason for their divorce. However, we did learn that Molly’s father, John Bruce Yeh, remarried a short while later.

His second wife (Molly Yeh’s stepmother) is a woman named Teresa Reilly. She is also a musician and clarinetist. Teresa, Molly, and John would even work on a music album together, ‘Synergy.’


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