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Mike Wolfe Ex-Wife Cancer Battle. How is Jodi Faeth doing Now?

Mike Wolfe, a reality star on History Channel’s American Pickers is also a proud father and husband. He often posts his little family of four on social media, including his wife, Jodi Faeth, son and daughter.

However, his little bubble of happiness popped when his wife received a cancer diagnosis. Even though it’s been a struggle, she is still alive. Here is everything we have on Mike Wolfe wife cancer battle.

Mike Wolfe Ex-Wife Jodi Faeth Cancer Update.

Jodi Faeth, Mike Wolfe’s wife first received the sad news of her cancer in 2013. The doctors told her she had a stage two Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Its a type of cancer that stems in the white blood cells and affects the whole system.

At first, none of them believed the story. Mostly because she avoided most carcinogenic substances. Moreover, she is a complete vegan with a strict exercise regime. Regardless, it was here, and there was no going back.

Consequently, the mother of two jumped straight into medication and therapy to eradicate cancer. She had a family to take care of and a new daughter she wanted to watch grow. With time, Mike Wolfe’s wife beat the disease and is currently living cancer-free. Sadly, this was not the only disappointing news they got.

Mike Wolfe’s stepson and daughter’s congenital disability.

Jodi Faeth is the mother of two; a son, Kyle from a previous relationship, currently aged 29 and a daughter. The latter is Charlie Faeth Wolfe born on January 30th, 2012, through a C-section surgical procedure. While the news was joyous in itself, the doctors found a cleft in her lower left lip.

In hindsight, their daughter brought them closer together. Moreover, after dating for years, it was only after seven months passed Charlie’s birth that they tied the knot. Mike Wolfe had always wanted a daughter, and he got her.

Image of Mike Wolfe with his wife Jodi Faeth and with his daughter Charlie
Mike Wolfe with his wife Jodi Faeth and with his daughter Charlie

As a result, they quickly took her to the table one year later and had two corrective reconstructive surgeries. As we speak, Mike Wolfe’s daughter is currently doing great and living a healthy life. The couple has been through hell and can only count their blessings now. She is currently age 11 and lights up their social media with her adorable traits.

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