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Mike revealed Frank From American Pickers is never coming Back.

American Pickers cast Mike Wolfe and frank fritz

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are treasure hunters turned reality stars who both once featured on American Pickers. Audiences got to follow along as the two gallivanted across the country unique and undervalued artifacts. These were mostly littered in abandoned storage boxes or even barns in some cases. Mike and Frank worked side by side for over 300 episodes on the A & E network. However, it was recently reported that Frank Fritz’s time on American Pickers has come to an end. Here is what Mike Wolfe, his long-time partner, and a friend had to say.

Frank was let go from American Pickers.

Sources close to the producers claimed that they did not have Frank Fritz in their long-term plans going forward. This came after Frank had been sidelined from the production of the current season for nearly a year following major back surgery. Additionally, a combination of his struggle with Crohn’s disease and the advent of the COVID 19 Pandemic meant that he was high risk. As such, he couldn’t risk coming on set to film. Producers of the American Pickers finally decided to fire him from the series in 2021.

American Pickers cast Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

Mike revealed that Frank is never coming back.

Mike confirmed that Frank would not be returning to American Pickers for the following season. In a heartfelt post, Mike stated that he and Frank had been in each other’s lives for several years. Wolfe even went as far as to say that he considered Frank a brother. He added that Frank was an integral part of the series and that his presence would be missed by not only him and the crew but the fans as well. Lastly, he wished Frank good luck in all of his future endeavors.

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