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Mendeecees Harris Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia, Bio.

Mendeecees Harris is a man surrounded by trouble and controversy. He has worked across two career paths, but his wrong side of the law cannot let him move on well.

Jailed of severe crimes, Mendeecee has drastically depleted his high net worth built over the years. Know Mendeecees Harris Net Worth, Age, and Wikipedia Bio.

Who is Mendeecees Harris? His career details.

Mendeecees Harris is a favorite American realtor turned music producer. He is famous for his appearances in the VH1 reality TV series ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York.’ Other than that, he is a well-established music manager who appeared on the 3rd, 5th, and 6th seasons of the show.

Image of Mendeecees Harris from TV series, Love & Hip Hop: New York.
Mendeecees Harris from TV series, Love & Hip Hop: New York.

In his younger years, he worked in St. Nicholas housing projects where he made a name. He then ventured out into the real estate business. After several years as a realtor, he shifted careers into the music industry where she started working as a manager and a rapper.

He owns a music recording studio called Beat Factory in the Bronx. Harris has worked with highly known music artists in New York City.

Mendeecees Harris Net Worth 2023: $500,000.

How wealthy is Mendeecee? Mendeecee Harris built his net worth by working as a real estate developer and music production. Authoritative sources have estimated Mendeecee’s wealth to be $500,000.

Image of TV Personality, Mendeecees Harris net worth is $400,000
TV Personality, Mendeecees Harris net worth is $500,000

However, there was a negative impact on Mendeecees’ net worth after his drug charge fines amounting to $2.5 million. He is fortunate to keep enjoying his wife’s net worth of $15 million.

There is no info about his property like houses and cars. However, one of Mendeecees Harris’ luxurious sports car worth around $100,000  was taken in by the court as part of paying the fines.

Age, How old is Mendeecees Harris?

Mendeecees was born on October 26, 1978, making him 44 years old

His Feud with the law.

Mendeecee Harris was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in New Jersey, in 2013.  In 2016, Mendeecee was jailed for eight years after pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges. Harris, his brother Tyrus and another man called Ronald Walker, were found guilty of selling cocaine and Heroin.

He agreed to forfeit his TV show salaries and a sports car that he owned. His plea agreement made him land a term of slightly over ten years. As such, he got an eight-year term. His petition to have the jail term reduced got rejected in 2018. He recently cut a deal with the judge when he promised to spread an anti-drug campaign to his fans.

His term was then reduced to 5 years. When he is out, his work will be to tour schools in drug infested areas in the USA to speak about drugs. He ought to also talk about it on the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ show.

Mendeecees Harris Kid and Baby Mama.

Harris is a man with a controversial personal life. Mendeecee is married to a famous Hollywood star Yandy Smith. They have been together since 2015.

Mendeece Harris and his baby Mama Yandy Smith have been blessed with two children; daughter, Skylar Smith-Harris, who was born on 26 January 2015 and is 8; and son, Omere Harris, born on July 16, 2012.  This makes him 11-years old.

Both Harris and Yandy were co-starring in the show, ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ where they met.  It is reported that they officially tied the knot in 2015. In total, they have been husband and wife for 8 years.

Harris has two other children who came from past relationships. While Harris and Yandy were in a relationship, he had an affair with Samantha Wallace who also co-starred on the show. They got a child together, which complicated their relationships.

There are often fights between Yandy and Samantha because of the association they have with Harris through their children.  Samantha has long moved on with her dating life and is currently dating a hip hop star, DJ Self, popularly known as ‘The Prince of NY.’

Besides his three other children, Harris had another child called, Aasim, born from an affair with Erika DeShazo.

Wikipedia, Bio, (other facts like family, parents, etc)

Mendeecee Harris was born on October 26th, 1978, in Harlem, New York. He was born to Roberto (father) and Judy (mother). His parents had a Panamanian descent. Harris was raised singly by his mother. He has a brother called Tyrus Harris.

Name Mendeecee Harris
When born and age October 26th, 1978 – 44 years old
Career Realtor, reality TV personality and music producer
Net worth $500,000
Citizenship American
Ethnicity Black
Parents Roberto and Judy
Siblings Tyrus Harris
Wife Yandy Smith
Baby mamas Samantha Wallace and  Erika DeShazo
Children 4 (Skylar Smith, Omere Harris, Lil Mendeecees, and  Aasim)

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