Matt Hayes Wife, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio.

In this article, fans will get a chance to learn more about British angler Matt Hayes. They will get to discover more about his personal life by learning about his wife. Fans will also get to learn Matt Hayes net worth, as well as get a look at his wiki bio. So if you are a fan of Matt Hayes, then you might want to read ahead.

Who is Matt Hayes?

Matt Hayes is a British angler and television personality. Though strangely enough, this was not what he had in mind when he joined Wolverhampton University, as he studied law. However, his interests have shifted significantly since then. His real passion came in the form of angling. Angling is a form of fishing using a fish hook and is the primary method of sports fishing. Matt is good at it, having spent years and years practicing and applying the trade.

His skills were impressive, and they led to a long stint in television after he was approached with producers interested in his work. Matt would then go on to work on several projects. Along with Jan Porter, he hosted the show Total Fishing with Matt Hayes.

Image of Matt Hayes from TV show, Total Fishing with Matt Hayes.

Matt Hayes from the TV show, Total Fishing with Matt Hayes.

The star at one point also teamed up with Mick Brown to host shows like The Great Rod Race, The Greater Rod Race, and Wet Nets. Some of the other shows he has been in include Mainstream and 24 Hour Rod Race. In both shows, he displays his incredible angling skills. In total, the angler has made well over 200 television shows throughout his on-screen career.

The star is also an author, with two published works out in the market: Coarse Fishing which was published in 1995 and later My Red Letter Days which debuted in 2015. Moving away from television and print, he was also the face of his own game in 2002, Matt Hayes Fishing. The game was developed by EA and provided to be a smashing success upon its launch.

Matt Hayes Net Worth.

The quickest way to get rich is to diversify your portfolio. He is a man of many trades and as such, we were not surprised to learn that his net worth was very substantial. Matt Hayes’ net worth is estimated to stand at $ 11 million.

Image of Fisherman, Matt Hayes net worth is $11 million

Fisherman, Matt Hayes net worth is $11 million

Most of his wealth comes from his on-screen career. As we mentioned before, he has featured on about 200 shows throughout his impressive career. This has translated in a fair amount of wealth for the television personality.

Another source of income stems from his successful writing career. Let’s not forget that he has written two critically acclaimed books which earned him a fair amount of money. Matt is also a professional angler who has earned a good amount of money from the sport. This usually comes in the form of winnings. Lastly, the star also starred in a videogame and earns loyalty from its sales.

Matt Hayes Is Married to Wife Anne-Marit Winsnes.

Matt Hayes is a married man. His wife’s name is Anne-Marit Winsnes.

Image of Matt Hayes with his wife Anne-Marit Winsnes.

Matt Hayes with his wife, Anne-Marit Winsnes.

Like her husband, she is in the same line of work. Their passion is what in all likelihood brought the couple together. They dated for a while, sharing in their common interests before eventually deciding to get married.

At the moment, Matt Hayes and wife Anne-Marit Winsnes have two beautiful children together, a boy and a girl. Matt is a proud family man who always puts his family first. He posts so many lovely pictures of his family on social media.

Matt Hayes Wiki-Bio, other facts, and info.

Full name Matthew Hayes
Age 59 years old.
Date of Birth November 24th, 1961
Place of Birth Smethwick, UK
Profession Television personality, reality star, presenter, angler, writer
Net worth $11 million
Wife Anne-Marit Winsnes
Kids 2
Nationality British.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents N/A

Matthew Hayes was born on the 24th of November, 1961 in Smethwick. This makes the British Tv personality 59 years old at the moment. We weren’t able to unearth any information regarding his childhood. Angling has always been the star’s passion, even as he pursued a degree in law while at university. But Matt eventually gravitated back to the open water.

The call of the sea is something he could never shake. It proved the right call as it opened several doors for him. Not only did it eventually get him on several television shows, but he also met his wife who was also an angler. The man has gone from strength to strength since then and built an amazing life for himself and his family. His vibrant personality is always a great joy to behold on screen.

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