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“Storage Wars” Mary Padian Net Worth.

Image of Mary Padian Net Worth, Height, Weight, Age, Wiki-Bio

Mary Padian is one of the main cast of a hit TV show “Storage Wars”. She has gathered a lot of fan base ever since she joined the show. Continue Reading to know Mary Padian Net Worth.

Mary Padian is a 43-year-old celebrity, and according to her young age, she has amassed a considerable amount of wealth. She is an American reality TV personality as well as a storage hunter.

Mary Padian is categorically distinguished for appearing in the Storage Wars series from 2010 through 2017. At such a young age, Mary has earned her wealth from the hefty returns that she gets from the reality show.

Mary Padian Net Worth.

She started her TV career by becoming an assistant Architectural Digest editor – Paige Rense. Afterward, she produced her video series dubbed Mary’s Finds.

Eventually, she was inducted into Storage Wars and began casting in 2011 through 2014. She was featured in 57 episodes in the show’s third season, and afterward, she starred in 41 chapters of the following season.

Image of Mary Padian net worth is $600,000
Mary Padian net worth is $600,000

Mary Padian’s net worth is $600,000 as of 2023 . However, it must be high considering the fact that, her net worth is a bit high compared to her young age.

Storage Wars Mary Padian exciting facts.

Mary Padian facts are quite interesting, and they are as follows:-

  1. She is of Lebanese and Irish descent

The Storage Wars’ cast Mary was born and raised in the USA, but her parents had other descents among them: German, Irish and Lebanese.

  1. She maintains a low profile and high secrecy

She never reveals or leaks any information about her to the public, not to mention the media. Very little is known about her.

  1. She is the owner of Mary’s Finds

Mary is an entrepreneur and businesswoman, apart from being a renowned TV personality. She proudly owns Mary’s Finds

  1. She worked for diverse magazines before transitioning to Reality TV shows

Before Mary debuted her TV career, she used to work for magazines as well as blogs. Finally, she found her way to TV shows.

  1. Storage Wars Mary Padian was brought up in a large family of 42 cousins

She only has one brother called Luke, but she was brought up together with a whopping 42 cousins. They have remained in close contact until today: albeit her parent’s divorce in 2009.

  1. She is a loyalist to her old pals

Despite her current status, she has maintained a close relationship with her old-time friends. That means that in spite of Mary advancing and gaining fame and money, she is not proud.

  1. She is her daddy’s girl.

She not only took her trade cue from her daddy but also loves him very much. Her love for her daddy is too amazing, and that is evident in the photos that she posts on her social media accounts.

  1. Mari Padian from Storage Wars is s a good friend of Brandi Passante

These two actresses are quite good for one another, and they rhyme very well. They are good pals, and there is a lot that she admires from her.

  1. She created the “Razzle Dazzle” expression

She came up with the term Razzle Dazzle in Storage Wars, to describe a certain boring and old item that she gave a new face. She refurbished it, and it became amazing and hence razzle-dazzling.

  1. Mary relocated from Texas to Los Angeles

She spent a long time in Texas where she was based and worked for a long time but eventually relocated to Los Angeles.

Storage Wars’ Mary Padian’s Net Worth is $600,000.

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