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Marty Meierotto Plane Crash, Net worth, Wiki-bio, Leaving Mountain Men.

Marty Meierotto was always passionate about looking up for animals and then trapping. This was in his genre because of his dad, who shared similar interests.

His old man was fond of taking Marty to the site. This is where Marty would hone his trapping technique. At that time, he was just seven years old. Read this to learn more about his Plane Crash.

Also, know what happened to Marty on Mountain Men.

Marty Meierotto Net Worth, T.V. Shows.

Marty decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. So, soon after college -he started working in the trapping zone. There, he saw that Wisconsin has a lot of competition rising in the trap field, and the scope is less.

So, he moved to Alaska to venture animals deep into its forest. He also worked as a janitor a logger in Fairbanks for tent setups and also worked at a construction site for buying food, traps, etc.

After this, he was approached by the History Channel to cast him in the show “Mountain Men” due to his records of trapping in Alaska. He is also a smokejumper and provides the firefight service all across Alaska during Summer, i.e. from April to October.

In this business, he is paid a handsome amount, while from March, he sells lynx for fur in the city and supports his family. He is the best trapper and survivalist by profession. Marty Meierotto’s net worth is $250,000.

He was part of the shows “Mountain Men” and “Mountain Men; Fully Loaded.

Image of Mountain Men cast Marty Meierotto net worth is $250,000

Mountain Men cast Marty Meierotto net worth is $250,000

Marty Meierotto Plane Crash.

Marty has his cabin situated close to the Draanjik river, on the Northern slope of Alaska. As such, he frequently relied on his Piper PA-18A-150 super club aircraft for the journey.

On the Mountain Men episode titled “Closest Call”, Marty Meierotto’s aeroplane took a downward nosedive. It was about to crash, but then he managed to regulate and stabilise it, making a slow landing.

He was also left stranded there at night with none of his survival gear. There, he had to seek food to rely on the whole winter.

Image of Marty Meierotto had a Closest call

Marty Meierotto had a Closest call

Marty Meierotto Plane Crash didn’t happen as he was brave to not let that happen.

Marty Meierotto is Married to wife Dominique.

He found the love of his life, his wife Dominique, and married her, and they have a little daughter named Noah Jane. Though he is quite old enough specifically 57 years old, to have a baby, he is happy about having her in his life.

During winters, he works less, and also, he is not available at the trapline frequently as he gives his priority to his family, stays with them and cares about their needs.

His happy family resides in the city named Two Rivers.

Image of Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique and daughter Noah jane

Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique and daughter Noah jane

Why is Marty Meierotto Leaving “Mountain Men”?

On one of the recent episodes of Mountain Men on the History Channel, Marty Meierotto confirmed his quitting the show, which left his fans and followers awestruck.

In the last eight seasons, he had managed to get a large audience who used to watch his magnificent skills while the survivalist ventures out into the wider forest of Alaska to spend his winters in a one-room cabin.

When asked about the show quitting -he stated that he is tired of camera clicks and flashes.

Now, all he wants to do is spend quality time with his 15-year-old kid, Noah. They both will be having the company of each other for trapline in the coming winter. He also stated that he had a tough decision to make. So, after giving his thoughts a deeper root -he chose to quit the show.

He narrated about his past 8 years, which went on camera and shoots. And he also exclaimed that when one is dying and is on death bed, all they think about is -what they did in their whole life.

He said,

So, I don’t want the rest of me to be on camera because, at the end of the day, I am just a trapper.

He believes his decision is totally worth taking as by this, he would be with his family all the time and they could live happily ever after.

Now you know what happened to Marty on Mountain Men.

Some Facts About Him,

  • Marty was photographed with his bandana around his mane and also with his green parka, dark snow trousers and boots.
  • He was featured on the cover of “Field and Stream”.
  • He is capable of holding a .358 calibre rifle and lots of lynx fur on him.
  • He has a weird habit of spitting tobacco juice in the snow.
  • He is very resourceful because he customizes his aircraft in such a way that it is lighter and faster too with less patrol.

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