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Mark Ramsey From “Moonshiners” Net Worth, Wiki Bio, and Wife

Mark Ramsay's Wiki: Wife,Net Worth, Wiki

Mark Ramsey is a cast of Moonshiners, the Discovery Channel TV docudrama that has, since its launch back in 2011, become a favourite to many.  The series follows the lives of several moonshiners from Appalachia while documenting their liquor production and law-dodging skills.

Why law-dodging? Well, brewing moonshine/white whiskey/homebrew/mash liquor is not yet legal in some states.

But whether or not the cast of Moonshiners is engaging in any illegal activities, the show producers claim, is up to debate. Anyway, Mark Ramsey, not to be confused with co-worker Mark Rodgers, is one of the moonshiners featured in the documentary.

Ramsey has a passion for traditional moonshine and has excellent and innovative brewing skills that result in new moonshine flavours. Learn about Mark Ramsey’s net worth and the salary he has achieved through the show and also information about his wife through his wiki and bio.

Moonshiner’s Cast Mark Ramsey Career

Ramsey was introduced to moonshining at an early age and quickly mastered the art through active participation. Do you remember the late moonshining legend Marvin ‘Popcorn’ Sutton? May his soul rest in peace.

Well, Ramsey was Popcorn’s still builder back in the day and has him to thank for his role in Moonshiners. Ramsey made his first appearance back in 2013 when the show was in its third season and has since then made several appearances to date.

Mark Ramsey's net worth and salary with his wiki

Mark Ramsey from ‘Moonshiners

Back in 2015, Mark Ramsey and his partner Digger Manes partnered with East Tennesse’s legal Sugarlands Distilling Company to make spirits.

The two joined their co-stars Mark Rogers, Steven Tickle, and Jim Tom Hedrick in the Sugarland’s Legend Series. Ramsey and Digger have so far made the Mark Ramsey and Digger Mane’s Rye Apple ‘Shine and the recently launched Mark & Digger’s Hazel Nut Rum.

Looking at his career, you will not be surprised to find out his fantastic net worth below.

Moonshiners Cast Mark Ramsey Net Worth and Salary

Following a partnership with a company whose spirits are award-winning and his TV role, Mark Ramsey’s net worth is about $300,000 plus.

As for his annual salary goes, it’s not known or disclosed how much the successful businessman makes. However, looking at his net worth and being a significant member of the ‘Moonshiners’ his salary must also be equally impressive.

 Mark Ramsay's net worth and salary

Mark Ramsey with fans at Sugarlands Distillery

Mark Ramsey’s Family, Wife, and Kids

Mark Ramsey Moonshiner is preferably a private man. In the years he’s been on Moonshiners, there has been no mention of or appearance by a wife or a child. He probably has a family but chooses to protect and keep it from his world of illegal affairs.

So even if he is married, he likes to keep that part of his life probably to secure the privacy of his wife, but on the other hand, there could be no wife as well. There have been no mentions of a girlfriend or a partner in his wiki as well.

Mark Ramsey’s Wiki Bio

Mark grew up in East Tennessee, where he learned to make moonshine at a young age, according to his wiki. He worked with the late world-renowned American moonshiner and his mentor, ‘Popcorn’ Sutton.

Other than that, there’s not much known concerning the private life of Mark Ramsey. I guess Mark Ramsey from Moonshiners prefers to keep his personal and business life separate, he is smart man!

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