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Mark Hyman Wife Mia Lux Age, Wiki, Biography.

Image of Mark Hyman Wife Mia Lux Age, Wiki, Biography.

Mia Lux is Mark Hyman’s wife. Mark Adam Hyman is a television personality, writer, doctor, and columnist for the Huffington Post. He is known for his affiliation with the Ultra Wellness Centre.

Some of the most notable books he has published include titles such as The Blood Sugar Solution and Eat fat, get thin. This review will, however, focus on Mark Hyman’s wife, Mia Lux Koning.

She is a former lawyer and television personality who was propelled into the spotlight after launching The Conscious-ish Show. Join us as we explore Mia Lux’s biography in detail, exploring her age and wiki in the process.

Who is Mia Lux?

Mia Lux Koning is an American television personality, actress, and founder of the Conscious-ish show. This is a live audience comedy show which Mia hosts.

It focuses on social issues such as healthy living, sex, music, and love. The show is usually filmed in front of live audiences in Los Angeles and New York City. It is scheduled to debut this November.

Mark Hyman Mia Lux has also hosted the Broadway comedy club a few times, and her comedic range was on full display. Mia has also been part of numerous development events. These include The feel-good summit, the mind valley reunion, and A-fest.

Before this, Mia spent several years as a stand-up comedian and television host. She is also a wellness and healthy living advocate who has gone around the world, teaching people about the importance of healthy living and personal development.

Image of American television personality, Mia Lux Koning

American television personality, Mia Lux Koning

Sources also suggest that Mia Lux also practiced law at some point in her life.  It is unclear why she felt that particular field. At the moment, we can only speculate that she wanted to pursue some of her other interests.

The New York native was also featured on the cover of Spirituality and Health back in October this year. She appeared alongside her husband Mark, and both of them were given a chance to relay health tips.

Lastly, we learned that Mark Hyman’s wife Mia Lux Koning also enjoyed a relatively successful acting career. She appeared on films such as Xena Warrior Princess, Power Rangers, and The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson. Her acting career saw her work alongside the likes of Kieren Hutchison, Junior Chile, Renee O’Connor, and Lucy Lawless.

Mia Lux Married life as Mark Hyman’s Wife.

Mia Lux is indeed a married woman. Her husband’s name is Mark Hyman. The pair’s relationship is something that has remained entirely shrouded in mystery over the last few years.

What we are quite certain about is the fact that the pair might have been brought together by their love for wellness and fitness.

Image of Mia Lux with her husband Mark Hyman

Mia Lux with her husband, Mark Hyman

We were not able to determine exactly when the two tied the knot, or how long they have been married for that matter. We are also not quite sure if they have children together or not.

Her husband, on the other hand, has a daughter named Rachel Hyman from a previous marriage. Stay tuned for more updates as more information continues streaming in.

Mark Hyman’s Wife, Mia Lux’s Age.

Mia Lux was born on March 29th, 1987, in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. This would make her 34 years old as of 2023.

Her husband, on the other hand, is turning 64 years old later this month, having come into this world back in 1959, more specifically on November 22nd. This means there is a 28-year age gap between the happily married couple.

Mia Lux Koning wiki-bio.

Full name Mia Lux Koning.
Age 36 years old.
Date of Birth 29th March 1987.
Place of Birth Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
Profession Former lawyer, Television Personality, Comedian, Host, Internet personality.
Net worth Under review.
Husband Mark Hyman.
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Capricorn.
Parents Under review.

Mark Hyman’s wife Mia Lux Koning was born in 1987, on the 29th of March in Cape Town, South Africa. This would make the television host 36 years old presently.

The identity of her parents currently remains a mystery. Mia grew up to become a comedian and television personality, particularly one who specialized in important topics like depression and wellness.

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