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Mariahlynn Ethnicity, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Age.

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Image of Mariahlynn Ethnicity, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Age.

If you are interested in learning about Mariahlynn, then this article is for you. We will examine Mariahlynn ethnicity, nationality, parents, relationships, net worth, and age.

To cap it all off, we will list a detailed wiki bio with all the relevant facts on the woman.

Who is Mariahlynn?

Mariahlynn is a 33-year-old American musician a songwriter who rose to prominence after appearing on reality television. This was on a show called Love and hip hop.

Before her big break came in 2015, she was a relative unknown, moonlighting across the world of dingy night clubs where she was paid to dance.

One of her very first jobs was as a go-go dancer. This was the type of dancing where she got up on tables in a club to entertain customers. At the time, dancing was the only avenue she had to provide to her family, and so she put every effort she could into it.

All throughout her dancing career, the reality star never let go of her ambition to become a rapper. It would see her eventually be discovered by Mr. Coop, who would then introduce her to DJ Self.

The DJ would help her make her first single, “Once upon a time -I was a hoe.” The single would go on to rake in well over 2 million views on YouTube just two months into its release. The star would follow up the successful single with Money Gun.

While not as popular, it was still able to rake in around 400,000 views within two weeks of its release. Even with the success of her singles, she turned down the chance to permanently sign on for DJ Self. She also parted ways with her then manager, Rah Ali.

Image of Mariahlynn from tv reality show, Love and Hip hop
Mariahlynn from the tv reality show, Love and Hip hop

The musician’s new found fame saw her brought on to the hit reality show, Love and Hip hop. This was on the show’s sixth season.

Marilynn’s charisma and charm would see her brought back for its 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th season. By then, she was already a household name. For the ninth season, the star returned as a supporting character.

Mariahlynn Net Worth.

Reality television can be a high paying job. Love and Hip Hop is a highly successful show, and so it stands to reason that its stars are highly paid. Mariahlynn has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Image of Musical artist, Mariahlynn net worth is $150,000
Musical artist, Mariahlynn net worth is $1 milliom

This mostly comes from her time on television. Though we do not exactly know how much she is paid in terms of salary on the show, we approximate it to be somewhere in the region of $10,000 to $20,000 for every episode.

She also earns a healthy stream of revenue from her released singles. The musician is also a songwriter, and this helps her increase her wealth.

Mariahlynn Ethnicity, Nationality

The reality star Mariahlynn is of mixed ethnicity.

Her father is Hispanic (from Puerto Rico), while her mother is Caucasian (Italian- American). Mariahlynn was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. This makes the star American by birth rite.

Meet her parents and family

The reality star’s parents are Tasha Jacoby and Raphael Araujo. Her mother is an Italian-American woman whereas her father is originally from Puerto Rico.

As a result of her parents’ diverse backgrounds, the star is bilingual. Mariahlynn has two younger sisters: Icelynn and Victoria. Growing up, the musician basically became a second mother to her younger siblings. When the family was hit with financial hardships, she took it upon herself to help provide for the girls.

Mariahlynn Boyfriend and Dating life.

Mariahlynn has had a string of reported relationships. She was rumored to have dated fellow reality television star, Rich Dollaz. They were on and off for at least three years.

Dollaz, on his part, openly denied that the pair ever dated, but this is not surprising as some stars like to keep their private lives to themselves.

The musician also reportedly dated Safree Samuel. He also had a regular experience on the show. It seems that the musician has a type.

Image of Mariahlynn ex-boyfriend James. R
Mariahlynn ex-boyfriend James. R

2017 also saw the stardate, James. R. This relationship, however, ended sourly as the latter cheated on her, prompting the relationship to end badly. Presently, the musician is not rumored to be dating anyone at the moment.

Image of Mariahlynn is currently single
Mariahlynn is currently single

Mariahlynn Age, Birthdate, Wiki-Bio

Full name Mariahlynn Jacoby- Araujo.
Age 31 years old.
Date of Birth 17th July 1990.
Place of Birth Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.
Profession Television personality, reality star, rapper, singer-songwriter, a former dancer
Net worth $ 1 million
Husband N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Parents Tasha Jacoby and Raphael Araujo

Mariahlynn Jacoby Araujo was born on July 17th, 1990 to Tasha and Raphael Araujo, in Jersey City. This makes the rapper 33 years old at the moment.

She is of mixed ethnicity, with a white mother and a Hispanic father. She learned how to speak both Spanish and English growing up, and is very proficient in both. Mariahlynn grew up alongside two younger sisters.

The star is very family oriented, evident as she took it upon herself to help care for her younger siblings once financial constraints hit the family. To do so, she had to take up go-go dancing at various underground night clubs.

All throughout her hardships, she did not lose her drive for success, and it eventually got her on to the hit reality show, love and hip hop.

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