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Margaret Anne Williams Wiki: 5 Facts about Geoffrey Zakarian Wife.

Image of Margaret Anne Williams Wiki: 5 Facts about Geoffrey Zakarian Wife.

Margaret Anne Williams is a successful American businesswoman. However, she came to the limelight after marrying a celebrity husband, Geoffrey Zakarian.

Geoffrey Zakarian is a renowned  American executive chef, restaurateur, television personality and author.

Despite being a wife to a wealthy celebrity, Margaret Anne Williams has her success credentials.

Find herein five amazing facts about Geoffrey Zakarian wife, Margaret Anne Williams in wiki type bio.

Geoffrey Zakarian and Margaret Anne Williams Living a Happy Married Life Despite 20 Years Age Gap.

Geoffrey Zakarian and Margaret Anne Williams are in their 18th year of marriage. This proves wrong the critics who claimed that their relationship was fake due to their age gap.

According to their wiki-bios, Geoffrey and wife Margaret have an age gap of 20 years. However, their love went beyond the huge age gap. The cords of love that brought them together were unbreakable.

Reportedly, the Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarian met Margaret Williams through a mutual friend. Surprisingly, they both had a passion for food and entrepreneurship, which became the bridge of their relationship.

Moreover, they had a lot of other hobbies in common, for instance, hiking and traveling.

Their attraction to each other was vivid since their first meeting. Geoffrey and wife Margaret Anne Williams dated for a while before they together decided to build a family of their own.

They both opened a restaurant called “Town” not only as lovers but business partners.

Image of Margaret Anne Williams with her husband Geoffrey Zakarian

Margaret Anne Williams with her husband, Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey Zakarian and Margaret Anne Williams exchanged their vows on 31st July 2005.  Their wedding ceremony took place at Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic Church in Niagara Falls, New York State.

The details of their wedding have not been chronicled in wiki sources.

Nevertheless, it has been recorded that family members and close friends attended their wedding. Also, they had a white-grey wedding theme.

Since then, the couple has been living together happily, and there are no prospects of divorce.

Seemingly, Margaret Anne Williams and Geoffrey Zakarian are leading a very blissful married life. They are often seen on vacations together with their children. Moreover, they frequently post photos of their happy family in their respective social media pages.

Previously, Geoffrey Zakarian was married to another wife named Heather Karaman. Reportedly, the couple stayed together for ten years before they divorced.

Their Kids

Geoffrey Zakarian and his wife, Margaret Anne Williams, have birthed three kids in their 16-year married life. The couple has two beautiful daughters and an adorable son.

Their firstborn, Madeline, was born in 2007 and is 16. Two years later, in 2009, they welcomed their second born, Anna. She turned 14-years old this year.

Then in 2014, Geoffrey and Margaret were blessed with a baby boy, and they named him, George Harris Zakarian. He is now 9.

Recently, Geoffrey and his two daughters appeared in an episode of “The Kitchen” in Food Network. Seemingly, the girls are already into the culinary experience just like their dad. The couple and their kids enjoy horseback riding, cooking, and traveling during their free time.

Margaret Anne Williams Age, Birthdate.

Margaret Anne Williams is currently 44 years old. Her actual birthdate, according to wiki sources, is 12th June 1979.

Geoffrey Zakarian Wife Margaret Anne Williams Parents.

Geoffrey Zakarian wife, Margaret Anne Williams was born and brought up in Tampa, Florida, a prestigious neighborhood.  She was born to her parents, Marie and Francis M. Williams

. Her father, Francis Williams, is the chairman and chief executive of Kimmins Contracting Corporation.

His company, which is located in Tampa, is involved in demolition and construction. It is an old company that running since 1923.

Her Career Information, Wiki-Bio

Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife Margaret Anne Williams is a graduate of New York University. According to her wiki-bio, she studied a course in Business and Marketing major.

Seemingly, Margaret is a very secretive person. She has kept most of her personal information under wraps. Her early life and siblings are not disclosed yet.

Being a daughter of a businessman, Margaret Anne Williams got exposure on business from an early stage. Presently, wiki-bio has not indicated how her career kick-started.

However, she had great enthusiasm for business all along.

Image of Businesswoman, Margaret Anne Williams

Businesswoman, Margaret Anne Williams

When she was 26 years old, she became the Marketing Executive of 3Sixty Hospitality. In this company, they mainly focus on catering services. 3Sixty Hospitality has partnered with two companies, Lotus and Double Seven. Reportedly, Lotus has three branches in the USA, France, and Germany.

It is famous for providing fine-dining experience for the elite class. On the other hand, Double Seven is located at the heart of New York City. It offers luxurious lounge services for small and large gatherings.

Besides, Margaret Anne and Geoffrey Zakarian started a new restaurant after marriage. They named the restaurant “Country.” Recently, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star. The meaning of this is that the business is recognized as one of the world’s greatest dining businesses. At the moment, Margaret Anne Williams’ net worth is not available. However, some sources claim that her net worth is in millions.

Name Margaret Anne Williams
Age 44 years old
Birthdate 12th June 1979
Birthplace Tampa, Florida
Nationality American
Parents Marie and Francis M. Williams
Siblings Not disclosed
Career Businesswoman
Net worth $8 million
Husband Geoffrey Zakarian
Children 3 (Madeline, Anna, George Harris Zakarian)
Height Not disclosed
Weight Not disclosed

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