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Lou Santiago Parents, Wiki-bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth.

Image of Lou Santigo Parents, Wiki-bio, Wife, Age, Career

Lou Santiago is a hardy man, having previously served in the US Navy Seabee, which is a battalion of the US Naval Construction Battalion. Moreover, he is a TV personality, motor vehicle fabricator, and actor.

Ever since his debut in the acting industry, Lou has scaled up the ladder and garnered a whole multitude of fans.

He is currently one of the most sought-after and influential actors – who has been featured in diverse acting roles. Specifically, he has co-starred in many roles.

Know everything about Car Fix star Lou Santiago’s Parents, Wife, and Net worth in Wiki-Bio.

Car Fix Lou Santiago married to wife Lily Santiago. They Have Three Children.

Lou Santiago is married, and he is a great family man. One of the reasons that led to his retirement from the naval force was to be able to take care of his wife, Lily. That proves him to be a loving and caring husband who is there for his family.

Lou is blessed with three children, and he lives in North Carolina, USA, with his family. Out of the great love and passion that he has for his family, he freely shares about them on social media.

Particularly, he shares their pictures and reveals some other details about his wife and kids. Car Fix Lou is not known to have had any dating history before marrying Lily.

Lou Santiago, net worth.

Lou Santiago is an industrious person and he has done a lot throughout his lifetime. Consequently, he has earned a lot that he can show for his hard work. However, Lou Santiago’s net worth has not been established, but obviously, he has amassed quite a fortune. It is only estimated to be about $1 million, but no one is sure about it, because he has kept those details to himself.

Image of Lou Santigo net worth is $1 million

Lou Santiago net worth is $1 million

Career Detail That Gave Lou Santiago a $1-5Million Net Worth.

He enlisted in the US Navy in 1981 and joined the Seabee Battalion working as a mechanic for the Navy Seal Team eight. He was categorically mandated to maintain sophisticated and heavy machinery that the Navy Seals Team Eight used on a daily basis.

His top-notch fabrication skills did him good, and he remained in his military career for 16 years until 1997, when he decided to retire to take care of his wife. Out of his hard work, commitment, and dedication in the Navy, he retired as a highly decorated soldier.

That must have earned him quite a fortune, and his TV career has also topped it up.

After retiring from the Navy, he realized that he could still do something else, and he enrolled in a degree program at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte. Lou pursued an Associate Degree in Human Behaviour, and after graduating, he immediately secured himself a job as a behaviour management technician.

He worked at a school for children with behaviour problems.

While there, Lou still practised his fabrication skills with the students by building chassis, performance parts, and muscle cars. Afterwards, he debuted his TV career in 2005, and he has been featured in shows on Spike TV like Musclecar.

Lou was fortunate to host it for a whopping 44 episodes. Out of his inspiration, a lot of cars were built. To top it all, Lou’s charisma has influenced many fans, and he won them over. He also appeared on Discovery Channel in 2009 and hosted the Ultimate Car Build-Off.

He is also an entrepreneur, and he has an online garage platform where people can learn about their cars, which gives him some good returns. Lou is a go-getter who never watches an opportunity going down the drain.

What is he doing now after quitting the Muscle Cars show?

After exiting Musclecars, Lou Santiago has spent his time travelling the world and building diverse kinds of muscle cars. They range from normal cars to earthmovers. Lou is currently shooting the Car Fix season 12, which airs on Discovery Channel and Velocity.


Car Fix Lou Santiago wiki-bio, age, Parents

Lou Santiago was born in the Bronx, New York, USA, in 1963 and is presently 60 years old. He was born to Raul Santiago, who was an ironsmith, and his wife Lily, who was a school teacher.

Lou has two other siblings. He was admitted to Uniondale High School and graduated with a two-year trade program in Diesel Mechanic (B.O.C.E.S). That training topped up his extensive car-building knowledge.

Most of the cars that he makes are for celebrities because they are the ones who live high-end lives. Lou’s extensive knowledge in building these customized cars has been acquired over time because he started working on them at the tender age of 13.

He also brags about having a wide range of clientele who come from different social classes. Furthermore, his status lands him many lucrative deals, and he can never go hungry. It is some of these clients who put him back in the public limelight on TV shows.

To top it all, Lou Santiago is a very sociable man who freely interacts with his fans and even signs autographs for them.

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