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Lori Greiner Height, Measurements, Plastic Surgery, Wiki-Bio.

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Image of Lori Greiner Height, Measurements, Plastic Surgery, Wiki-Bio.

Lori Greiner gained great recognition from ABC’s Shark Tank as the warm-blooded shark. This characteristic comes from her sensitive pitch towards investors ideas in cases where the rest of the judges wrote them off.

She is also regarded as the Queen of QVC, and overall, her personality is just as great as she looks.

Unlike most people her age, the queen’s physique is to die for. So let’s break it down piece by piece and address Lori Greiner’s rumoured plastic surgery in our Wiki-Bio highlight of her.

How Tall is Lori Greiner? Her height.

In as much as the television star has surpassed the prime of her age, you will never see her body frail or slant. She’s always well-poised, dresses elegantly and stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches.

That’s approximately 1.63 meters in metric units, which is considered as average height by American standards.

Image of Lori Greiner height is 5 feet 4 inches
Lori Greiner height is 5 feet 4 inches

Lori Greiner Measurements.

As expected of a Queen, Greiner commands an outward appeal sporting an hour-glass body type. She has body measurements of 37-26-37 for her Breasts, Waist, and Hips respectively in inches.

Moreover, Lori weighs about 130 lbs which crosses to about 59kgs. According to US standards, she wears the shoe of size 7.5, a dress size 2, wears a bra of sizes 34 C.

Lori Greiner Plastic Surgery.

Current problems require modern solutions, and like most Americans these days, plastic surgery is the norm. Many people have assumed that since Lori rocks a curvaceous and toned body, she must have had it messed up.

Moreover, there are a lot of sources that compare her old photos with her recent ones and conclude that she went under the knife.

Image of Lori Greiner Plastic surgery before and after
Lori Greiner Plastic surgery before and after

The truth of the matter is that it’s all hearsay. There is no actual proof of the plastic surgery from Lori’s doctors nor the TV star.

However, she disclosed that she is a night owl and has a tremendous work-out regimen. It involves hitting the treadmill at night while she catches up with the latest episode of Empire or one of her other favourite shows.

Wiki-Bio, Age.

Greiner was born on December 9th, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois to her psychologist of a mother and a real estate agent for a father. After they parted ways in a divorce, she grew up with dreams of becoming a journalist.

As a result, she enrolled at Loyola University in Chicago to study Communications. The television star later specialised in journalism, mass media and film.

For a time, she had worked as a writer for the Chicago Tribune and later as a designer for a jewellery store. However, her breakthrough came in 1996 when she invented an earring organiser that sold for millions.

She’s also a goldmine of ideas that she’s filed and patented as part of her investments. Currently, at the age of 53, Lori is worth $100 million.

Lastly, a glance into her personal life reveals that she is indeed married to her husband, Dan Greiner. Sadly, they have no kids of their own.

Nonetheless, she has gone on record to reveal that she adores children and is open to the possibility of her own.

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