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Lindsey Bennett Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Husband.

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Lindsey Bennett is a 44-year-old American reality star. She came to fame after appearing on HGTV’s Desert Flippers. The show centres on Lindsey and her husband’s life as they sell houses in Palm Springs.

The reality star also made a special appearance on the show Brother vs. Brother.

Some of her known television associates include Jonathan Scott and Drew. In this article, we will explore other details relating to her life.

We will strive to learn about Lindsey Bennett’s Wikipedia bio, including net worth, age, and bio, and also examine her relationship with her husband.

Who is Lindsey Bennett?

Lindsey Bennett is an American businesswoman, designer, and television personality.  She gained prominence after her work on the reality television series Desert Flippers.

Real estate is something that runs in her blood. Most of her family members are excellent house constructors with several projects under their belt.

Moreover, they are blessed with skills that enable them to be capable builders, real estate agents, and moguls.

It is fair to say that Lindsey is now following in her family’s footsteps. Working with her brothers from a very young age gave her the foundation to succeed in the future.

Her big break finally came in 2016 when the Discovery Incorporated Cable Channel, better known as HGTV, gave her a chance to star in a reality show.

Desert Flippers first premiered on August 25th, 2016, and has since gone on to produce three seasons and 32 episodes.


The show focuses on Lindsey Bennett and her husband as they renovate houses in Palm Springs and resell them for a profit. They turn long-forgotten old houses into livable homes for people. The show’s success has seen it gain comparisons to other famous works such as Flip or Flop, and Gaines Fixer-up.

Lindsey Bennett’s Net worth $1.6 Million.

Reality stars and realtors alike, tend to earn a decent income. This boosts their net worth and wealth. Lindsey Bennett’s net worth is $ 1.6 million.


This is backed up by sources that say reality stars can earn an upwards of $ 20K for every episode of their show. Her real estate career also brings her an average of $ 25,000, which is a return on investment for every sale she makes.

Lindsey’s wealth has enabled her to buy various properties across the Whitefish Bay and Dane County.

Lindsey Bennett Married to husband?

The reality star is, in fact, a married woman. Lindsey Bennett’s husband is Eric Bennett. The pair met while Lindsey was on her way for a job interview at a place known as the Draft House.

Coincidentally, her soon-to-be husband, Eric, was having lunch with her friends. They shared an instant connection; this might have been because they were both interested in real estate.


Three months later, they would go into business together after starting a real estate firm. A business relationship would soon blossom into a romantic one.

Lindsey Bennett and Eric would make it official, tying the knot in 2011. They have been married for 12 years so far. The two have three wonderful sons together: Roman, Dean, and Graham Bennett.

Presently, Lindsey Bennett and her husband work together as co-hosts on the popular reality show, Desert Flippers. Their working relationship has only strengthened their marriage.


Eric Bennett and Lindsey Bennett’s relationship.

Many people have asked about the nature of Eric and Lindsey Bennett’s relationship. Most people think that the two share a business relationship, and everything else in between is scripted.

This is a valid concern, as the line between what is real and what is exaggerated is usually blurred on reality television. But today we can confirm that Eric and Lindsey’s relationship goes way beyond just work.

Eric Bennett and Lindsey Bennett have been married for 12 years now and even have three children together. So while they are business partners, they are also partners for life.

How old is Lindsey Bennett? Her age, birthdate.

At the moment, the Dessert Flippers star Lindsey Bennett is 44 years old. She was born back in 1979 and celebrated her birthday on the 25th of May.

Lindsey Bennett Wikipedia info.

Full name Lindsey Rene Schneider
Age 44 years old
Date of Birth 25th May 1979
Place of Birth Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Profession Real estate mogul, Business owner, Reality television host
Net worth $ 1.6 million
Husband Eric Bennett
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents Constance and Leroy Schneider

Her birth name is Lindsey Rene Schneider.  The reality star is 44 years old at the moment. Her parents are Leroy and Constance Schneider.

The reality star grew up with the help of her grandparents alongside her brother Michael. The two grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. Real estate is something that runs deeply in the family.

Both Lindsey’s brother and father are renowned house builders. She gained a lot of hands-on experience, even before enrolling in school. Speaking about Lindsey Bennett’s educational background, she is a former student of the Madison Area Technical College.

She followed this up by joining Wisconsin Madison University and later enrolling in business school. What followed was a long career in television and real estate.

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