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Les Stroud Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Family, Death rumors.

Image of Les Stroud Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Family, Death rumors.

I don’t know what keeps you glued to the TV show Survivorman, but the survival hacks of each cast member must be one of the reasons you can’t keep from the show. Les Stroud is among Survivorman’s stars whose survival tricks are incredibly impressive.

But away from the show, what else do you know about him? Probably not much on his net worth, salary, and other details, including Les Stroud’s wife, family, career, and age.

This piece strives to clear all that and, more importantly, the uncertainty of Les Stroud’s death rumours.

Les Stroud Married to wife?

Until 2008, the Survivorman cast Les Stroud was married to his wife Susan (Sue), Jamison. Their honeymoon deserves recognition as it lasted for one year.

It was also during their honeymoon that the gentleman produced the award-winning film Snowshoe and Solitude documentary.

It revolves around the couple’s wilderness survival experience. Les Stroud and his former wife Susan were together for 14 years as their exact wedding dates to 1994.

Neither of the two has opened up to explain the reason for the break up after such a long marriage.

Image of Les Stroud with his wife Sue Jamison

Les Stroud with his ex-wife Sue Jamison

Although this is purely speculation from fans, many believe that the celebrity paid more attention to the wilderness and not to family matters, which could be the reason for the end of their marriage.

However, Les and his former wife, Sue Jamison, were able to have two children together: Logan Stroud and Raylan Stroud. The TV star and his wife met when they were working for Black Feather Wilderness Adventure Guide.

As of 2023, his marital status remains single, so you cannot speak of Les Stroud’s wife yet unless he confirms marrying for the second time.

Les Stroud Net Worth

If you have been carefully researching the guy, you will realize that acting is not his only source of income. In addition to television, the man also earns a dime from music and his quality customized knife business, where he sells the knives at $100 each.

From the three sources of income, Les Stroud’s net worth, towards the end of last year (2023) stood at around $5.5 million.

Image of Les Stroud net worth is $5.5 million

Les Stroud net worth is $5.5 million

In spite of his vast earnings, he does not own those expensive cars like most celebrities. Maybe cars are not his thing. His salary remains unknown by any trusted sources but will soon be updated here.

Career details and TV show

Les’ career in acting and show creation began during their honeymoon. There, he filmed the documentary explained in his marriage life section.

The success of the film gave him the will to continue venturing into this field, and in 2001, the film producer managed to produce two segments for a show titled Stranded. It aired on Canada’s Discovery Channel and ran for one hour.

It was after this that the star produced 23 episodes of the now-hit show Survivorman, which premiered in 2004. Les did not only produce some parts of Survivorman but also directed and sang the opening music of the show. Between 2005 and 2006, the celebrity decided to focus on music.

In those two years, he worked with Northern Pikes and performed in various music festivals across Toronto and Muskoka. He has, at one point, taken part in Toronto International Jazz Festival as well as Orillia Blues Festival.

In 2006, Stroud decided to look back into show production and produced a 90-minute show called “Off the Grid With Les Stroud.” It involved his family’s act of constructing an off-the-grid home. In his line of career, he also hosted Lost in the show airing on the Discovery channel.

Les Stroud Dead or alive?

Les Stroud’s death rumor has, for the longest time, rented the airwaves. Here it is, guys; the show producer is still alive and kicking. However, he has been a victim of various accidents, but none was as tragic as the one that occurred on 10 July 2015.

The star was in his Toyota Land Cruiser along with other cast members only for their car to roll suddenly in Mongolia leaving him in a critical condition. He was fortunate enough to escape death at age 61.

Wiki-bio, age, family

As of 2023, Les Stroud’s age is 61 since he was born on 20 October 1961 in Libra. Multitalented is the best description for him because, other than being a survival expert, he can also sing and produce shows.

Although information about Les Stroud’s family is hard to come by, the multitalented celebrity is a Canadian. His height and weight are not known.


Name Les Stroud
Birthdate October 20, 1961
Birthplace Libra
Age 61 years old
Nationality Canadian
Career Survival expert filmmaker, musician
Net worth as of 2017  $5.5 million
Marital status Married Sue Jamison 1994

Divorced in 2008

Children 2
Height Not known
Weight Not known
Dead or alive Alive

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  1. Im tremendously impressed as i have a friend i met in high school who at the time reminded me of grizzly adams. But after watching many of your shows you would be a better comparison. Your only 2 months older than i fyi. May God bless you. I would like to meet you someday but it would ve a good show to invite guests to go out on trips with to show people how to survive. I think it would be a good show

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