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Lauren Simon Wiki, Net worth, Husband, Daughters

Today, we will be talking about the Real Housewives of Cheshire star, Lauren Simon. She is not only a super cool actor but also proclaims herself to be a domestic goddess.

This shows initially hit the audience of UK but currently found its way to broadcast on Bravo in the US. Check out our highlight of Lauren Simon’s net worth, husband, daughters, and Wiki.

Lauren Simon Wiki-Bio.

Lauren was born on the 22nd of March 1975 in Cheshire, UK. A few months into 2021, she turned 48 years old. She comes from a rich family background.

So, apart from residing and making a career in Cheshire, she has been a party animal in London and Marbella. The reality star is very much obsessed with her skin and overall beauty.

As a result, she makes sure to look perfect and elegant everywhere.

Moreover, Lauren Simon likes everything precious, be it coffee, chocolate, or men. Her co-actors find her most adorable on the set. Likewise, the reality star’s favorite pet is a rabbit and she owns a cute one too.

Lauren Simon Career.

She is famous for her appearances in the ITV show  ‘The Real Housewives Of Cheshire.’ This is so because she plays the lead role of a former original housewife. Initially, the reality star worked in Public relations and marketing for VIP events and night clubs.

In 2013, however, Lauren Simon was cast for the show, Real Housewives of Chesire while taking acting classes. Simon joined the series with Tanya Bardsley, an English Model. Similarly, Lauren Simon also appeared on the show, The Gumball Rally.

Image of Lauren Simon from TV series, The Real Housewives of Cheshire
Lauren Simon from TV series, The Real Housewives of Cheshire

According to new sources, Lauren left the show Real Housewives Of Cheshire. She has been part of the program since 2015. In one of the Instagram posts by Hanna Miraftab for the new series, fans speculated that the reality star was not going to make an appearance.

Surprisingly, Dan Edgar from TOWIE was seen taking over in her place. Dan finally broke the news to her fans regarding Lauren’s sudden dismissal from the series.

Dan said that he talks with Lauren Simon daily, and when he asked about why she left, Simon said that she had some personal commitments to figure out.

Lauren Simon Net Worth: £6.9 Million

According to Spears magazine, Lauren Simon has a total net worth of £6.9 million. She also owns a property in Cheshire and Marbella.

Her income has mostly been generated from the movies and tv shows she appeared.

Image of Actress, Lauren Simon net worth is $6.9 million
Actress, Lauren Simon net worth is £6.9 million

She is a well-renowned television personality. Although the reality star is from an upper-class family, she has contributed most of her fortune to her family.

Similarly, the TV star also released her luxury fragrance, Lauren Stone Number One, in October 2016. This perfume costs 120GBP in retail stores

Lauren Simon Married Life And Husband.

Lauren is married to a property developer named Paul Simon. They both play the lead role in the show. While sharing the same platform of success, they also built stronger chemistry between them.

As a result, Lauren Simon and Husband Paul Simon’s marriage helped gained lots of fans’ attention to the show. Their followers love this couple’s performance together on the show. Sadly, she recently divorced the millionaire, Paul Simon.

Image of Lauren Simon with her ex-husband Paul Simon.
Lauren Simon, with her ex-husband Paul Simon.

They were happily married for 10years. After which thing went down south really fast. And yeah! Not to be mistaken, he is not Paul the singer but the millionaire businessman. She also opened up about her heartbreak and emotional journey after her divorce.

Now, as she has revamped her career, Lauren Simon plans to re-enter the dating zone with a new look. Simon went through an anti-aging facelift. Here, the 48-year-old took the help of an anti-aging specialist Dr. Martin Kinsella to knock down her tired face.

She admits to going out with different people and having fun. Similarly, Lauren also decided against not marrying again. In one fateful date, a guy complimented her age to be 29, which she felt joyous about.

Lauren Simon Daughters, Wiki.

She has two daughters, for whom she proclaims to be a ‘domestic goddess.’ The reality star is also an active stay-at-home mom.

Lauren states that it is challenging for her to maintain her pace on both sides. As a single parent to her daughters, she has to work, too.

The mother of two always guides and gives lessons to her daughter that they don’t need a man in their life to survive. She has also launched her perfume business, for which she confesses her hard battle with her working commitments.

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