Laura Dotson Net Worth, Age, Body Measurements, Weight Loss, and Plastic Surgery of Dan Dotson’s Wife.

Image of Laura Dotson Husband, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Body Measurements, Weight Loss, and Plastic Surgery

You know Laura Dotson from the show Storage wars but how much do you know about her? Laura Dotson, Wife of Dan Dotson was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California. She is the daughter of an Italian mechanic which makes her half Italian. The car thing seems to be running in the family because she has a brother who is obsessed with everything to do with cars. Laura’s weight loss has been recently making headlines.

This is not the only news that is causing fans to turn their heads but Dotson’s plastic surgery as well. Familiarize yourself with this aspect of her life along with Laura’s husband and children.

Storage Wars Laura Dotson is married to husband, Dan Dotson. Meet Their Kids.

For those who were eyeing her, the queen is taken. Laura Dotson’s husband happens to be Dan Dotson. The two met while the auctioneer was busy buying items at an auction store in Los Angeles. Dan without wasting time made his move, and it seems luck was on his side because the move was the beginning of their relationship. The two dated for four years before exchanging vows on 26th August 2000.

Image of Laura Dotson with her husband Dan Dotson

Laura Dotson with her husband, Dan Dotson

It was just a year after their marriage, and they welcomed their baby number one Garret Dotson. Garret who is now 20 years old is luckily the only child of the couple. No other information is known about the son. However, more information about Garret is bound to emanate because he is still young and being a celebrity’s child, he may want to be known by the public.

Storage wars Laura and Dan Dotson make the best couple because since they began dating, there have been no relationship scandals that have rented the social media sites and media houses. Perhaps it is because they are business people and work together to ensure their business runs smoothly as well as their family matters. Young couples should undoubtedly learn how to maintain their relationship with them.

Laura Dotson Net Worth, Age, tv career

Laura Dotson’s age as of 2021 is 53 as she was born on 13th May 1968. The primary source of income of the queen is the TV series Storage Wars. Before joining the show, Laura had her own auctioneering business, and upon meeting his husband, they joined forces and ensured that the already set up auctioneering firm was flourishing. This firm is, therefore, another source of income for the auctioneer. It was this firm that made her recognized by the A&E network hence their appearance on Storage Wars.

Other than this Storage War show gave her other platforms of venture including but not limited to Fox & Friends, Home, and family and Anderson Live show which her sources of income are also. Although her salary is not known as well as her exact net worth, credible source argues that Laura Dotson’s net worth may be more than $5 million. This is because of the lavish life she is living including owning a house that was worth $629,000 in 2004.

Whatever the case, Laura Dotson’s net worth is bound to increase with time because she gets features in more shows as years pass by which means increased income and net worth. Keep it here to know her exact net worth because this detail will soon be updated on this page.

Image of Laura Dotson net worth is $5 million

Laura Dotson net worth is $5 million

Laura Dotson weight loss, plastic surgery

Let’s face it! She is way too pretty for her age. This does not mean that people of her age should be ugly, but they should not look as young as 20. Perhaps her sudden youthful appearance is why you all cannot stop questioning Dotson’s weight loss if not speculating Laura’s plastic surgery.

Well, the lady is yet to open up about anything, but specialists in the field say that there are higher chances that the entrepreneur underwent plastic surgery, but until she admits it herself the rumors remain just rumors. About her weight loss, maybe she has been watching her diet if not hitting the gym in an attempt of staying as young as she can because being a celebrity is not an easy task.

You got to be on your toes with how you look because, with this kind of profession, appearance is vital. Therefore you all need to come easy with her looks as it suits her career.

Image of Laura Dotson height


Name Laura Dotson
Birthdate 13th May 1968
Birthplace Thousand Oaks, California
Age 53 years old
Career Auctioneer, Entrepreneur, TV Personality
Net worth $5 million
Marital status Married to Dan Dotson
Children Garret Dotson (son)
Height 5 feet and 6 inches

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