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Landon Clements Net worth, Wiki-Bio, Husband/Boyfriend

Image of Landon Clements Net worth, Wiki-Bio, Husband/Boyfriend

These days, reality television is spreading its wings widely. Similarly, Southern Charm is also a reality television show in which the famous television actress Landon Clements had starred in it. Soon after the completion of Season 4, Landon left the show.

She shared that she was going to the Westcoast to learn more about real estate as she dreamt of being one. Since then, she posts every few pictures to ensure her fans that she has been living the way she wanted with no regrets.

How about we dive deeper into Landon Clements net worth and know more about her through Wiki-Bio?

Landon Clement’s wiki-bio:

Landon Clement was raised in St.Simons, Georgia, USA. She was born on April 18, 1982, to her parents, mother Cynthia Clement and Michael Clements.

The Southern Charm star grew up well along with her two younger siblings sisters, Powell and Cameron.

We don’t know where she completed high school. However, we can assure you that after she was done with her high school, she went to the College of Charleston for further studies. There she studied Historic Preservation and Art and graduated in it.

During her college studies, the TV star also learned about Italian wine and Architecture as she lived in Italy for the time being. In contrast, her two sisters went to study in Atlanta. 

Right after her graduation, Landon Clements started her career as an Interior Designer. After a few Gigs, she was chosen to appear on the show The Hills.  As a result, her popularity grew with the growth of the viewers of that show.

Image of Landon Clements from the TV show, The Hills

Landon Clements from the TV show, The Hills

The Hills star Landon’s parents had divorced. Her mother was wealthy and was the daughter of a wealthy businessman. In the same manner, here is her career growth.

A look at her career

Landon Clements’ career in Interior design did not last long as after some time, she had been cast for a role in MTV’s Reality TV called The Hills. 

Similarly, as her popularity grew, many producers and directors were looking forward to working with her. Therefore, she was chosen as a member of the show Southern Charm in 2015.

Slowly, this somehow proved that she was also looking forward to having a career as a Reality Television actress. However, after the fourth season of the show, The Hills star decided to leave it all for the sake of finding out more about real estate and other things.

However, her fans were furious when they heard about the information. As a result, in 2017, she started her travel website, which goes by the name Trovare. 

Moreover, she is also a member of the real estate firm that goes by the name CLIMB Real Estates Firm

What is Landon Clements’ net worth?

Since she divulges in lots of things, don’t you want to know the value of the famous TV actress Landon Clement? 

We can already guess that she might have quite an impressive net worth, seeing her involvement in various ventures.  Consequently, we found out that the famous star Landon Clements has a net worth of $3 million, which is huge for a real estate agent.

Image of TV Personality, Landon Clements net worth is $3 million

TV Personality, Landon Clements net worth is $3 million.

Is Landon Clements re-married, or is she dating someone?

The Southern Charm star has not been fond of sharing her information to the media. In 2008, she was married to a British businessman named James Maby.

The two sweethearts met way back when Landon was only 24 years old. However, the marriage went downhill, and after about four years, the couple decided to get a divorce.

Image of Landon Clements ex-husband James with his daughter Lola

Landon Clements ex-husband James with his daughter Lola

Though Landon Clements and her ex-husband James did not have any children together, she loves James’ daughter, her step-daughter, as much as she’d have loved hers. 

Image of Landon Clements with her ex-husband James Maby

Landon Clements with her ex-husband James Maby

Landon has not been keen to talk much about her ex-husband. So she always referred to her ex as “An international man of not much mystery.”

However, all she wants is marriage and to have someone who can walk her dog Charlotte with her. Let’s hope she weds and has children, too. 

Also, Landon Clements’s relationships to date have not been excellent, so she currently has not been in one. But we cannot be so sure of it as she can be dating secretly, too.

Quick Facts about Landon Clements

Name Landon Clements
Age 41
Birthdate 1982 April 23
Birthplace  St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Interior Designer
Spouse No
Net Worth $3 million
Height  5’9
Weight 58 kg
Marital Status Single
Children No
Social Networking Instagram



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