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Kirstie Alley Net Worth, Age, Weight Loss.

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Image of Kristie Alley Net Worth, Salary, Age, Husband, Wiki-Bio

Kirstie Alley is an actress and spokesmodel. She has featured in several movies and won awards for her role. We will be discussing Kirstie Alley’s Net Worth.

Her Career info.

Most people don’t know that Kirstie Alley was an interior designer before starting her acting career. Her first breakthrough was in 1982 when she was given a role to play a Lieutenant officer “Saavik” in the science fiction film “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

She refused to play two more sequels of the movie citing poor pay.

Kirstie Alley also starred in the comedy film “Summer School,” and the film became a hit in 1987, grossing over $35 million in sales at the box office. One of the best films she starred was alongside John Travolta in the movie “Look who’s talking.”

The movie sold $295 million in revenues across the world. The exact figure she was paid then is not clear since most sources offer conflicting values.

Kirstie Alley received many awards, most notably is the Emmy Awards and the motion picture star. Because of her role and influence in the acting scene, she also received Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

She also served as an executive producer on the show “Veronica`s Closet.”

The show was aired on NBC. In 2011, she featured in the 12th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars” with her dance partner Maksim. They finished the competition in second place overall, and in the next season of the competition, they were eliminated.

Image of Kirstie Alley from Veronica`s Closet show

Kirstie Alley from Veronica’s Closet show

Her Weight Loss.

Kirstie Alley decided to take the media head-on in 2005 with their obsession with celebrity weight. She starred in the film “Fat Actress” which was intended to counter the obsession about celebrity weight.

You can also read most of her experiences about weight loss in her book “How to lose your ass and regain your life.” Because of this weight loss issue, she became affiliated to the weight loss centers known as Jenny Craig.

Alley served as their spokesperson until 2007. On one occasion, she showed her body in a bikini to an audience at the Oprah Winfrey Show.

In short, Kirstie`s weight loss program was strict, since at one point she gained the weight that she lost. Alley had to hire a personal trainer to help her stick to the schedule.

All her experiences can be found in the television series “Kirstie Alley`s Big Life” which aired in March 2010. The exact salaries per episode are conflicting, and she reportedly earned more than $50000 per episode from A&E.

Kirstie Alley Net Worth: $40 Million.

Image of American actress, Kirstie Alley net worth is $30 million

American actress, Kirstie Alley net worth is $40 million

Most of her net worth comes from television series salary, and film producing. Her income got a significant boost after selling her mansion at Los Feliz, California.

The estate was sold for $11.97 million, and it had seven bedrooms and bathrooms amongst other luxurious features. The mansion went up for sale in December 2018, and she lived in the house for two decades. She drives a Range Rover.

As of 2023, Kirstie Alley’s net worth is $40 million.

Kirstie Alley married to Husband? Or Dating Boyfriend?

There are no reports of Kirstie Alley dating in the public domain. She is a single lady once again. Alley now lives in Islesboro, Maine with her family.

Image of Kirstie Alley is currently single

Kirstie Alley is currently single

Previous Relationships

Actress Kirstie Alley was divorced from her husband Parker Stevenson in 1997. They had two kids together, Lille and William. They married in 1983 and spent years together until the divorce. Before meeting Parker, she was divorced from Bob Alley in 1977. Their marriage lasted seven years.


Kirstie Alley Age, Birthdate

Kirstie Alley is now 71 years old. She was born on January 12th, 1951.

Kirstie Alley Wiki-Bio, Family

Kirstie Alley was raised in Wichita, Kansas, and her parents were Robert and Lillian Alley. Her father had a lumber company, and her mother was a homemaker.

She went to Wichita Southeast High School, then later proceeded to the Kansas State University. Kirstie moved to Los Angeles to work as an interior designer after her studies.

Kirstie has two known siblings, Craig and Colette. She began acting shortly after moving to Los Angeles, and her big break into the film industry came in 1982 when she was given a role in the film “Star Trek.”

Kirstie was also a spokesmodel for the center Jenny Craig because of her weight loss journey.

Birth Name: Kirstie Louise Alley

Birth Date: January 12th, 1951

Age: 71 years old

Place of Birth: Wichita, Kansas

Education: Kansas State University

Nationality: American

Height: 171 cm

Occupation: Spokesmodel. Actress. Author and Executive Producer

Net Worth: $40 million.

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