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Keith Colburn Illness and Health Update. His Wikipedia Type Bio Including Wife and Divorce.

Image of Keith Colburn Illness and Health Update. His Wikipedia Type Bio Including Wife and Divorce

Keith Colburn’s rise to fame came when the Discovery Channel offered him a chance to join the Deadliest Catch cast. Initially, he was a successful crab fisherman but coming to the show was the greatest career turning point.

Keith Colburn is amongst the best fishermen on the show, and he also has one of the best ships. Besides his success on television, Keith is a rising social media star.

Presently, he already has 56,000 followers on his official Instagram account, captainkeithcolburn.

Here is everything you need to know about his illness and health update, divorce with wife and Wikipedia bio.

Keith Colburn’s Wife, Married Life, and Divorce.

Keith Colburn married his beautiful wife, Florence Colburn in 1987. He always hesitates to open up more about his wife in public.

Therefore, the details of their wedding are missing in the Wikipedia bio. For over two decades, the couple had a very blissful married life.

They were not ashamed to showcase each other in public. Often, they toured different places and attended various events together.

Image of Keith Colburn with his ex-wife Florence Colburn

Keith Colburn with his ex-wife Florence Colburn

Everything seemed to work out well until 2014 when things fell apart. Unfortunately, their married life ended in divorce after 27 years of marriage.

In the recent past, Keith Colburn disclosed that his drinking habits were the core reason for the divorce. In addition, he had some health issues that strained his married life in a way.

However, Keith Colburn is now remorseful about his decision to divorce. Being single again after over 25 years of marriage seems to weigh him down.

He recently confessed that being a crab fisherman, making good money and being on TV is not a guarantee for happiness. He further said that being single at his age is not all that easy. He actually misses the times he was a married man.

Family and Kids

Image of Keith Colburn with his son Caelan Colburn

Keith Colburn with his son Caelan Colburn

Keith Colburn had an intact family for 27 years before fate came calling. Being single at 60, it is definite that Keith is missing his family. Together with his ex-wife, Florence, he birthed two kids. The first one is named Caelan Colburn and Sienna Colburn, son and daughter respectively.

Image of Keith Colburn with his daughter Sienna Colburn,

Keith Colburn with his daughter Sienna Colburn,

Keith still maintains a healthy relationship with his wife even after the divorce. He is also a committed father to his two kids, who are already grown up. Caelan even featured in one of the episodes of the Deadliest Catch alongside his dad.

However, this does not seem to be his thing since he even experienced seasickness.

Captain Keith Colburn Net Worth, Sources of Income

Currently, Keith Colburn’s net worth is approximated to be $4 million. He has multiple sources of income thus, the high net worth he is presently enjoying.

At the start of his career, Keith was a commercial crab fisherman. He also worked in a French Restaurant for a while before following the fishing career.

He is also an executive chef and owner of Captain Keith’s Catch, a product line of sauces, and dry rubs.

Image of TV Personality, Keith Colburn net worth is $1.5 million

TV Personality, Keith Colburn net worth is $4 million

Keith Colburn’s primary source of income is the Deadliest Catch reality TV series. Since he joined in 2005, he has hosted numerous episodes. He also got an opportunity to star on the Discovery’s series, After the Catch.

The salary he earns per episode is not known, but his net worth speaks it all. Keith Colburn is the Captain and the real owner of a luxurious Bering Sea crab vessel, FV Wizard.

Keith Colburn Illness and His Current Health Update.

Keith Colburn has been battling severe health issues in the recent past. He opened up about his illness during an interview on 7th June 2018.

He stated that he had a severe bacterial infection in his spine. The condition is medically known as osteomyelitis. Mostly, this illness causes inflammation of the bone, thus affecting the bones in the legs, arms or spine.

As a result, he missed a season of crab fishing to focus on his health. He appointed his brother, Monte, as the new captain of FV Wizard. He also assigned his responsibilities in the Deadliest Catch.

To ease the pain and combat the infection, Keith injects antibiotics intravenously every day. Currently, he is doing well. A quick look at his Instagram handle shows that he is still fairly active.

In fact, in 2021, he went on the road for the DeadandCoTour2021. This shows that despite health problems in the past, he is still not quite ready to retire.

Quick Facts about Keith Colburn

Name Keith Harold Colburn
Age 60 years
Birthdate 10th March 1963
Birthplace Redmond
Nationality American
Parents Not disclosed
Siblings Monte Colburn (brother)
Career TV Personality, Sea Captain
Net worth $4 million
Wife Florence Colburn (1987-2014)
Children 2  (Caelan Colburn and Sienna Colburn)
Height 5’8 feet
Weight 88 kg

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