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Julia Savage Biography. Know Facts about Adam Savage Wife.

Image of Julia Savage Biography. Know Facts about Adam Savage Wife

Adam Savage is a famous media personality having made many appearances on MythBusters TV show. On the other hand, his wife Julia Savage is not so famous and many people may not even be knowing her.

Adam Savage has been married twice as far as is recorded in the wiki sources. However, his known and current wife is Julia Savage.

This is the biography of Adam Savage’s wife and other facts that will enable you to know her better.

Who is Julia Savage? Her Career Details.

Julia Savage is the woman who is often seen with Adam Savage at red carpet events. She is his wife. Seemingly, Julia Savage came to the limelight after she got married to Adam Savage.

Therefore, you can hardly find any information about her in the wiki sources. Her career life is not disclosed in the limelight. All that is known about her is that she is Adam’s great support.

She is always by her husband’s side as he goes about his daily career venture. Probably, she doesn’t have a career of her own and is fully inclined to her husband’s career.

Adam Savage Wife Julia Savage Net Worth. Sources of Income.

Concerning Adam Savage’s wife, Julia Savage, net worth, no source has discovered it yet. Nevertheless, Julia Savage is a lucky woman since she is married to a rich guy.

Adam Savage’s current net worth is approximated to be $8 million. Therefore, he is able to give his family an elegant lifestyle.

Image of Julia Savage husband Adam Savage net worth is $8 million

Julia Savage husband Adam Savage net worth is $8 million

In addition, wiki-bio has not disclosed any sources of income for Julia apart from her husband. Their assets are not also mentioned.

Meet Julia Savage’s Husband Adam Savage. Her Married Life with Husband.

Adam Whitney Savage is a 56-year-old American special effects designer. In addition, he is also an actor, educator, and television personality. He is famous for being the former co-host of MythBusters series together with Jamie Hyneman.

Moreover, he is also known for the television series, Unchained Reaction. Adam Savage and his wife, Julia Ward walked down the aisle on September 11, 2004.

Unfortunately, there are no details about their wedding on the internet.

The couple has since then grown in affection for each other and there are no prospects of divorce. Adam and wife Julia Savage are often spotted together in public and even in red carpet events.

For instance, they attended the Creative Arts Emmys together in 2016. More recently, attended the premiere of the movie Blade Runner 2049. The couple also shares many social media photos together.

Image of Julia Savage with her husband Adam Savage

Julia Savage with her husband Adam Savage

When Adam Savage is not tied up in work projects, he loves spending time with his family. He is a very committed husband to Julia and also a loving father to his two sons.

Reportedly, Julia Savage and Adam Savage met on an online platform and fell in love. It has been over a decade in marriage and they are still going strong in their love.

Their Kids.

Before Adam Savage married Julia Savage, he was married to another lady who is not disclosed. Together, they bore boy twins, Addison and Riley. After separation, they both share joint custody of the kids. Apparently, he doesn’t have any kids with Julia Savage.

Image of Julia Savage husband Adam Savage with thier kids Addison and Riley

Julia Savage husband Adam Savage with their kids Addison and Riley

Adam Savage Wife Julia Savage Wiki-Bio, Age, Parents

Julia Savage was born as Julia Ward. She is a very secretive woman and has decided not to spill her personal life in the media. Currently, there is no information about her age, parents, early life or education in wiki-bio sources.

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