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Josh Harris from “Deadliest Catch” Net Worth, Wife, Brother, Wiki-Bio

Image of Josh Harris from "Deadliest Catch" Net Worth, Wife, Brother, Wiki-Bio

Josh Harris is a renowned professional fisherman. He gained public attention for his appearances in the Discovery reality series, Deadliest Catch.

Here is everything you need to know about his wiki-bio, net worth, wife, and brother.

Josh Harris from “Deadliest Catch“: Career on the Show and Life as a Fisherman and Captain.

Josh Harris’ Deadliest Catch career as a fisherman has its roots in his childhood. Notwithstanding that, his late father, Captain Phil Harris, is a legendary captain and fisherman.

Reportedly, he began fishing crab in the Bering Sea at a very early age.

However, his star rose to fame when he appeared on the reality series Deadliest Catch. He was portrayed as a deckhand in this show that aired on Discovery Channel.

Moreover, he was also featured in another show named After the Catch. Similarly, he was portrayed as a deckhand for the first six seasons of the show.

Captain Josh Harris served as a crew member of Deadliest Catch until 2013. It was during this year that he obtained ownership of  F/V Cornelia Marie boat. The captain invested heavily in the boat’s renovation. According to wiki-bio sources, he put in $1 million for this project.

The boat was among the most active in the Bering Sea crab fleet all along. However, it did not feature on the screen in season 13. This was due to some family issues that faced Harris’ family, as disclosed by Josh Harris.

Image of Josh Harris from TV show, Deadliest Catch
Josh Harris from the TV show, Deadliest Catch

Nevertheless, everything normalized, and Josh Harris returned for season 14 of the Deadliest Catch. This season premiered on April 10, 2018. It featured two captains for the F/V Cornelia Marie wheelhouse.

Captain Casey McManus took the helm during the king crab season. On the other hand, Captain Josh Harris took the helm during the Opilio crab season.

Reportedly, Josh Harris and his partner recorded tremendous success during this season. Mainly, Josh Harris was famous for skirting several close calls. More also, he filled the boat super-fast! Due to this, all eyes are on him in season 15, which debuted on April 9, 2019. Fans are very hopeful of his achievements this time and that of other captains.

Being a crab fisherman and sea captain is considered one of the deadliest careers. Season 15 began with honouring three of the Deadliest Catch fishermen who passed away in January. This resulted after their crab boat, Mary B II, capsized off the coast of Oregon.

Wiki-bio sources reveal that the weather is colder than ever before. It is reported that some of the parts of the Bering Sea are beginning to freeze along with the boats in it.

Seemingly, the going will be tough for the captains. They will have to look for ways to maneuver.

Josh Harris from “Deadliest Catch” Married to Wife?

Captain Josh Harris’ Wiki-bio reveals that he is married to his beloved wife, Jenna Bullis. He has one lovely child named Kinsley Ella Harris with his wife. However, there are no more details about the wife in wiki-bio sources.

Image of Josh Harris with his baby Kinsley Ella Harris
Josh Harris with his baby Kinsley Ella Harris

Previously, he was in love with Heather Johansen but never married her as his wife.

Josh Harris Net Worth

Josh Harris from Deadliest Catch has an approximate net worth of $800,000. The main sources of his income are a career as a Fi

sherman and a TV star. Josh Harris’ net worth is expected to shoot up as the show progresses. And more so, in season 15, if he retains the success of season 14.

Image of Deadliest catch cast Josh Harris net worth is $800,000
Deadliest catch cast Josh Harris net worth is $800,000

Besides being a captain and a fisherman, Josh Harris is also an author. Together with his brother Jake Harris, they have written a book in honour of their father.

The book is entitled Captain Phil Harris: The Legendary Crab Fisherman, Our Hero, Our Dad.  His career has earned him not only fame but also a good net worth.

Josh Harris from “Deadliest Catch” Wiki-Bio, Age, Other Facts

Josh Harris from Deadliest Catch is currently 40 years old. His real name is Joshua Grant Harris, and he was born on 18th March 1983.

He is the eldest son of his parents, Phil Harris and Mary Harris.

Image of Josh Harris with his father Phill Harris and with his brother Jake Harris
Josh Harris with his father Phill Harris and with his brother Jake Harris

The sea captain was born alongside his brother, Jake Harris. Seemingly, he hails from a family of fishermen. This is so because even his brother, Jake, is a famous fisherman. The star attended Monroe High School.

His father, Phil Harris, was a Deadliest Catch super-star from 2004 until 2010. He succumbed to a massive stroke on February 9, 2010.

He owned the wheelhouse of F/V Cornelia Marie, which was inherited by his elder son, Josh. It is hard to tell whether Josh Harris’ brother has any ownership of this luxurious boat.

According to WikiBio, Phil Harris was a drug, alcohol, and gambling addict. It is also reported that he could not withstand beautiful women.

This caused a divorce between him and his wife, Mary. Surprisingly, he was also granted custody of his two boys. Due to this, Josh Harris and his brother had a very tough childhood time.

Wiki-bio reports that Josh’s brother, Jake, is also falling victim to his father’s habit. He has been a victim of substance abuse for a while.

Also, he has been dealing with other personal struggles. However, he is determined to sober up. Josh has expressed his willingness to work with his brother once he is entirely well.


Josh Harris from Deadliest Catch is a renowned sea captain and crab fisherman. He has taken after his late father, Phil Harris. He is married to his wife, Cornelia Marie.

Together they have a child named, Kinsley Ella Harris. Wiki-bio reveals that Josh Harris has an estimated net worth of $800,000.

Name Joshua Grant Harris
Age 38 years old
Birthdate 18th March 1983
Birthplace Not disclosed
Nationality Not disclosed
Parents Phil Harris and Mary Harris
Siblings 1 (Jake Harris)
Career Fisherman, Captain, Reality Star
Net worth $800,000
Wife Jenna Bulis
Children 2
Height Not disclosed
Weight Not disclosed

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