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Jordyn Woods Wiki, Net worth, Parents, Weight Loss

Jordyn Woods is an American social media personality who comes into the forefront of page three news of Hollywood from his long-time friendship with Kylie Jenner.

Besides, she is a famed plus size female model, Jordyn has also worked with renowned modeling brand like Wilhelmina International. This article is about Jordyn Woods’ Wiki info including net worth and Parents.

As of now, her relationship with childhood best friend went sour after her affair with Tristan Thompson, an ex-boyfriend of Khole Kardashian, who is the half-sister of Kylie Jenner.

From the below article, read the full biography of the controversial Jordyn Woods, which includes her affairs, parents, siblings, weight loss story, surgery, and several more.

Jordyn Woods Wiki Info.

The talented Jordyn Woods was born on 23 September 1997 in Los Angeles, California, and will turn 24 soon. She is of American nationality by her birth. Woods belongs to Afro American descent. As per her birth month, Jordyn Wood zodiac sign is Virgo.

She was raised along with her siblings, John Woods III, Joshua Woods, and Jodie Woods in California. Tragedy struck for Jordyn Woods and her family when her father lost his life due to cancer on 18 January 2017. There are no reports about her educational details and academic qualifications as she has kept the details concerning it a secret.

Talking about her early career, she was introduced to the entertainment industry when Woods was just a small child. At the tender age of six, she began her career as a child model and went on to model for the Ford Modelling Agency. Later Jordyn transferred to Calabasas in early teens. It is in this place where she met her future best friend, Kyle Jenner.

Jordyn Woods Net Worth 2021.

Being a widely recognized American celebrity, she has earned and amount massive sum of wealth from her successful modeling career. So, it comes as no shocker that Kylie Jenner’s ex-best pal’s Jordyn Woods’s net worth is at $6 million.

She is the brand ambassador for modeling agency known as Lovesick, the brand which is focused on at plus size women of all over the world. Surely being the face of such a company must have yielded her a significant amount of income.

Woods has also opened her very own clothing line, Secndnture that also must have fetched her an impressive sum of fortune, which also helps to increase Jordyn Woods’ net worth.

Image of Jordyn Woods has a net worth of $6 million, which she earned from her modelling career.

Jordyn Woods has a net worth of $6 million, which she earned from her modeling career.

Similarly, Jordyn Woods has modeled for brands such as Mane Addicts and Vogue. From taking up modeling assignments for such a brand, an average model is estimated to earn in the range of $250 to $15,000 per day, so we assumed that Woods could be making her money on such a scale or even more.

Moreover, she has signed the contract with Wilhelmina International, which is a modeling and talent-based model agency based in New York City, New York, USA. As per records,  she is assumed to earn in the range of $136 to $364 per hour from Wilhelmina International.

Besides, making a hefty paycheck from her modeling career, she has further got extra money from several of his endorsement deals. Likewise, Jordyn Woods also receives tons of money from her Instagram post. She is an Instagram sensation and has over 10 million followers.

Similarly, she has also appeared in several episodes in the popular TV series, Life of Kylie. Furthermore, Woods has also appeared in the series BuzzFeedClub and short movie, To our Daughter, released in 2018, which has undoubtedly yielded her a significant sum of money.

Likewise, in 2019, it was announced that she would make her professional acting debut with the Freeform series Grown-ish.

Jordyn Woods family.

As mentioned above, Jordyn Woods was born to Elizabeth Woods and John Woods. She was introduced to the glamour of the entertainment industry at a very tender age.

Besides, she has three other siblings in her family, brothers, John Woods III, and Joshua Woods. Furthermore, Woods has a sibling sister, Jodie Woods. After the sad passing of Jordyn Woods’s father, John Woods, in January 2017, the family of Jordyn has come closer and shared an idealistic harmonious life with no signs of inner turmoil.

Jordyn Woods Parents: Father John Woods & Mother Elizabeth Woods

Talking about her parents. Jordyn Woods’s father, John Woods, was a television sound engineer. Her father separated from her mother, Elizabeth Woods, and did not maintain any relationship until John was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, John passed way in 2017 as the result of the disease.

Initially, he admitted to the hospital on 17 December 2016 with flu. After further treatment, it was found that he had cancer, which was in its advanced stage. Knowing of the severe condition, Jordyn, alongside her mother and siblings, reconciled with her father. They stayed with his side until his death, which occurred on January 18, 2017.

All John’s children posted touching comments and photos in honor of her deceased father. In this hour of need, Jordyn Woods ex close friend and former family friend, Kylie Jenner, donated a tidy sum of $10,000 for John Woods’s final funeral rites.

Jordyn Woods’s mother, Elizabeth Woods, is an owner of the PR agency, PR Woods Management Group. She has also looked after the career of her children and worked with several emerging upcoming artists through her agency. Before her current job, she has previously worked as an illustrator and photographer.

Jordyn Woods Siblings.

Below we are discussing going to discuss her sibling brothers and sister from below:

  • Jordyn’s Youngest Brother is John Woods III.

He is the younger brother amongst Jordyn Woods siblings.  There is no information concerning his date of birth. Woods III is a model, and his mother’s agency has helped him to shape his career. He is extremely close to his mother, Elizabeth, and loves his sister, Jordyn, very much. John considered his two sisters and mother, the three important women of his life.

  • Eldest among Jordyn Woods’ Siblings Joshua Woods.

He is the eldest child of Elizabeth Wood and John Wood. He was born on 30 July. His birth year is missing. Joshua is a tattoo artist and master. He, like his brother and sisters, has also been managed by his mother’s talent agency. He loves to maintain a low profile and is focused on his work.

  • Jodie Woods.

Jodie is the youngest child amongst Jordyn Woods’ siblings. She was born on  7 January 2007. Jordyn is exceptionally proud and loves her sister very much, whom she referred to as my darling sister. Similarly, Jodie is already an Instagram celebrity at only 14, as she has more than 1.1 million followers on her official Instagram account.

Jordyn Woods Weight loss.

The plus-size model from LA, Jordyn Woods, initially started to change her weight loss back in 2018 drastically. It was his friends that encouraged her to go to the gym to be more healthy. Woods later revealed to E! that she became addicted to a gym.

The former Life of Kylie star, further stated that being consistent and doing something daily such as walking, jogging, squats, weights at home or gym became very helpful. Working out has helped her out as she slims down a bit from her heavy self back in 2016/17.

Image of Jordyn Woods were showing off her figure.

Jordyn Woods was showing off her figure.

Her hard work in the gym showed as she lost 30 pounds off her weight and had been showing off her curves every chance she gets. Her slimming down is seen more visible when on her Instagram page, she was noticeably seen being slimmer than her previous years, Jordyn, to show how much her body size has changed posted a picture of her where it was observed that she is wearing a black dress that had bra top and cuts on the side.

Jordyn Woods Before and After

According to Jordyn Woods’ wiki, In the year April 2019, after her controversial affair with the Khole Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, two months earlier in February, she was seen showing off her curves in her luxurious outfits.

Image of Jordy Woods has lost 30lbs after her cheating scandal.

Jordy Woods has lost 30lbs after her cheating scandal.

Tristan Thompson, Jordyn Woods. She lost 30 pounds(50 lbs) after regularly going to the gym and maintaining a proper diet.

As per the report, interesting, it was Khole who motivated her to slim down. Furthermore, she told Woods that working out after her divorce from Lamar Odom not clear her mind but also helped her slim down significantly.

As per several sources apart from her weight loss, she has done several plastic surgeries on her face. Her ex-best friend, Jordyn Woods, has helped to get a new plastic look. Similarly, several plastic surgeons have claimed that Woods has undergone several surgeries on her faces, such as eyebrow lift, face, lip fillers, botox, skin resurfacing, nose jobs, and more.

Body Measurement.

Jordyn Woods is a popular plus-sized model. Her body shape is curvaceous with Voluptuous build shape, which compliments her overall personality pretty well. She stands at a perfect model height of 5 feet 9 inches(175 cm) and 68 kg( 149lbs).

Similarly, her body measurement reads as 40-34-37inches. Her bra size is 36D, whereas Woods’s shoe size measures 9.5(US). Likewise, she needs a dress size of 14 US. Furthermore, Jordyn Woods has a pair of beautiful dark brown eyes and dark brown long flowing long hair.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner

Celebrity relationships and friendships are one rarest thing that could have happened in the entertainment world. However, it is always sad when we hear the news of BFFS are separating and going their separate ways. Losing your best friend is usually a difficult thing to overcome.

Unfortunately for Kylie Jenner, she is also going through the same situation. She lost her longtime best pal Jordyn Woods after it was revealed that Woods had an affair behind Khole Kardashian ‘s ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

Moving towards their relationship history, it is most exciting and fascinating than any of their fans and admirers can imagine.

According to Jordyn Woods’ wiki, Their friendship started in 2012 when they were introduced to each other through a familiar friend, Jaden Smith. Jaden is closely related to both the families of Jordyn and Kylie. When formed duo asked when they first met?  They explained that they met when they were in the 9 grade.

Their friendship blossomed after that. Jordyn Woods was also on the honored guest list of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West star-studded wedding ceremony, which was held on May 24, 2014, at the  Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.

In 2015, Jordyn supported Kylie and was at the launch party of her now extremely popular, Kylie Lip Kits, in 2015. Two years later, in 2017, both of the best friends appeared on Jenner’s Keeping Up with Kardashian spin-off reality TV show Life of Kylie.

As per Jordyn Woods wiki, In the show, Kylie also tried to play as the matchmaker for Jordyn Woods. Jenner in the show visibly showed that she knew Woods pretty well as she wanted to set her up with some person with whom Kylie thinks is a good match for her best pal.

For almost all part of 2017, Jordyn was very much and supported Kylie when she was pregnant with her daughter, Stormi. Then in September 2018, Jenner officially revealed that she and Woods would be teaming up and collaborating on a specific Kylie  Cosmetic collection, KYLIExJordyn.

As the year progress, they became inseparable. Hence, it is hard to fathom to make out the end of their relationship, all more challenging to digest. Before the heartbreaking separation of them, the duo was seen hanging out together on vacation alongside Kylie’s daughter, Stormi.

However, as per many reports coming in, the Jordyn Woods was cut off out of Kylie and Kardashian family after it was reported that Jordyn has allegedly cheated on Kylie’s half-sister, Khole Kardashian’s ex-lover, Tristan Thompson in February 2019.

Woods has denied the allegations that she had an affair with Thompson and even broke down in tears in the Jada Pinkett Smith’s show, Red Table Talk. It looks like these two BFFs have called it quits after scandal. Jordyn has now moved out of Kylie’s guesthouse.

As Jordyn was  Kylie’s best friend, this whole affair saga must be so disappointing and came as a shock for Kylie. According to reports such as E! News, Kylie was denied such allegation for days when she first heard between her best friend and her sister ‘s boyfriend.

Image of Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner ended their seven-year friendship after Woods's affair.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner ended their seven-year friendship after Woods’s affair.

Kylie has not made any official comment on the scandal yet. She is undoubtedly very disappointed and unsurprising don know what to do? As of recent happening, there was news that Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have reconciled together and are trying to get on the same page. Similarly, there were also claims that Kylie has forgiven her long-time best friends, Jordyn Woods.

But, it seems the news is only speculated as they are no sufficient and convincing evidence to support their reconciliation story. But, we will let you know if the ex-best friends patch up their differences and rebuild their friendship relationships.

Jordyn Woods and James Harden.

Taking Jordyn Woods’ wiki in account, In July 2019, Jordyn Woods got into unwanted attention from the media as she was photographed with another boyfriend of Khole Kardashian, James Harden, a professional NBA basketball player.  TMZ published the picture of Jordyn dancing in front of James in a Texas Bar.

Image of Jordy Woods was also rumoured to be in a relationship with James Harden, which turns out to be fake.

Jordy Woods was also rumored to be in a relationship with James Harden, which turns out to be fake.

There is no romantic relationship developing between them. They have familiar friends with them. At the time of her stay in Texas, Woods was undergoing a film project in New Orleans. Her friends took her to the nearest bar in Texas, and they went to the VIP booth in Belle Station, where coincidentally, Harden was.

Likewise, the tabloids also claimed that  Jordyn did not spend much time with Harden as she left the bar pretty quickly.

Jordyn Woods and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith is famous for being the wife of Will Smith. She, through her show, Red Table Talk interviewed Jordyn Woods follows cheating affair with Khole Kardashian ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, True Thompson, which became a must-watch program after the scandalous went viral and public in the early part of 2019.

However, as per Jada Pinkett Smith, she did not want to conduct the interview. However, she wants to give Jordyn Woods to have a platform so that they can tell her story. In the interview conducted by Jada, Woods explained the night of the alleged affair with Tristan Thompson. She disclosed that they kissed each other and did not fell in love with him.

Through her Twitter, Khole Kardashian called out Woods for lying in the interview conducted by the Jada Pinkett Smith. In the interview, woods claimed that she was not the reason that Khole and Tompson got separated. Instead in one of Khole has disclosed that Jordyn was not to be blamed; instead, it was the fault of her ex-partner, Tristan Thompson’s fault.

Following Khole calling Woods as a liar,  fans assumed that she looks to be blamed solely on her. From the video from part 2 of Season 16 finale of the reality TV series, Keeping with the Kardashian, Khole told her sister Kim that she doesn’t know to feel the same way.

However, the publication denied that two of them having any romantically flings. Also, as per several reports, their meeting was coincidental.

Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson.

Jordyn Woods also rumored to have a romantic fling with her alleged boyfriend, NBA star, Tristan Thompson. As per  Hollywood Unlocked reported that one of their writers was at the party where he/she saw Woods sitting in Thompson’s lap and Kissing him. The writer further claimed that she did not leave Thompson’s house until 7 am the next day.

Image of Jordyn Woods was alleged to have an affair with Khole's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, in February 2019.

Jordyn Woods was alleged to have an affair with Khole’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, on February 2019.

The incident happened on February 2019. Following this, who was the best friend with Kylie Jenner with Jordyn  Woods, was reported to be excommunicated from the family. Woods later moved of Kylie House and was unfollowed by several Kardashians family on social media. As the result of Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson, Tristan’s girlfriend, broke up after the affairs come out.

Kylie and Jordyn Woods have been not seen hanging out with each other from February onwards. It was also rumored that Kylie is over the cheating scandal and nothing to do with Jordyn as her Kardashian family as well.

Jordyn Woods and Will smith relationship

Jordyn Woods goes a long back with Smith’s family even longer than the Kardashian family. She calls Will Smith as her uncle. Her deceased father, John Woods, worked as a sound engineer on the  Will’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through work. In the year 2014, Jordyn posted an old Instagram page with Smith to celebrate his birthday.

Image of Jordy Woods with her uncle Will Smith during her childhood times.

Jordy Woods with her uncle Will Smith during her childhood times.

Previous year in 2018 on the occasion of Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith’s 20th birthday, he posted his son photo dressed as spiderman and spending time with Jordyn Woods. It was Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith that introduced both Jordyn and Kylie Jenner back in 2012. The friendship of Jaden and Woods started from their early childhood days.

It was Jaden who gave comfort and gave company to Jordyn when they attended the 21st birthday party of  Anastasia Karanikolauo in Los Angeles. Interestingly, Woods’ ex-best friend, Kylie Jenner, also participated as she was also a friend of Anastasia.

Furthermore, two years earlier, in 2016, while setting up her clothing line with the collaboration of the UK Company Boohoo, Jordyn mentioned that Jaden and his father Will Woods as her family.

Who is she dating?

Woods is presently involved with a man called Karl-Anthony Towns. He is a 25-year old NBA player who is contracted to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Before he went pro, Towns played college ball for the Kentucky Wildcats.  The two started dating in 2020, and just recently marked their one year anniversary with a tropical vacation. Karl is often quick to defend the woman he loves. This was evident as he rushed to Jordyn’s aid as she was getting criticized for her plastic surgery procedures.

Jordyn Woods Social Media

The ex-best friend of Kylie Jenner. Jordyn Woods is active all over his social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The model and reality TV actress, Jordyn, has over 12 million followers on her official Instagram account, more than 740K followers on her Twitter account, and 418 K followers on her Facebook page. Besides, she has above 420K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Jordyn Woods’ wiki page is not yet made.


Full Name Jordyn Woods
Age 23
Birthdate September 22, 1997
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Profession Actress and model
Spouse Karl-Anthony Towns
Net worth $6 million
Height 5 feet 9 inches( 175 cm)
Weight 68 kg( 149lbs)
Martial status Single
Children N/A
Zodiac Virgo
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

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