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Joe Zolper Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age.

Image of Joe Zolper Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age

Joe Zolper is a popular actor and a reputed tv personality. He is widely admired for his intense creativity and devotion to car repairs.

Here we will cover up his journey till now where we will be indulging his wiki, bio, age. The article will also list Joe Zolper’s net worth. So stick with us!

Who is Joe Zolper? his career info

Joe Zolper is a well-known actor who is the star man on the famous show, Garage Squad. He originates from a family of car enthusiasts who profoundly influenced his interest in mechanical works.

Embarking on a prosperous career with award-winning achievements, Joe is the proprietor of Prison City Choppers. The company has been delivering ultimate satisfaction to its customers for over 16 years.

Joe Zolper brings sublime innovative ideas and creativity to the table. He was very keen to learn about car repairing as he used to assist his father from an early age.

He began functioning as a car mechanic and could mend any mechanical items, surpassing each time and again. Later, when he was 23-year-old, he initiated the biggest custom shop in the Midwest called, “Prison City Chopper and Costume.”

Image of Joe Zopler from the TV show, Garage Squad
Joe Zolper from the TV show Garage Squad

Joe Zolper from Garage Squad’s voyage to car repair and maintenance has been thriving and fruitful as he has also been praised with several accolades such as “People’s Interest” and “Best in Show.”

It was the year 2014 when his work and contribution were appreciated and highlighted after he decided to assemble in a Velocity Network’s reality television series named “Garage Squad.” It was first broadcast on the date of August 1, 2014, and is still in function.

Since that moment, he has been focusing his time on his passion and craze for his lifelong affair with cars and engines.

Is Joe Zolper married?

Giving an insight into Joe Zolper’s love life, the famous TV reality star is a married man.

He exchanged his wedding vows with his beautiful wife, Jennifer Zolper. She is a racecar driver and an entrepreneur. After her marital relationship, Jennifer commenced her career as a drag racer.

Following the five-year relationship of the duo, they decided to walk down the aisle in the year 2000. The couple shares an immense affection for cars, and it could be the main factor of their closeness and bond.

Image of Joe Zolper with his wife Jennifer Zolper and with his daughter Ruby Zolper
Joe Zolper with his wife Jennifer Zolper and with his daughter Ruby Zolper

Joe often mentions his love on his social platforms, referring to his wife as the girl of his dreams. Additionally, he had once tweeted on April 6, 2008, a photo of Jennifer driving an alcohol-blown-door car, stating her as a cool wife.

Together, from their beautiful marital ties, the couple has welcomed a daughter named Ruby Zolper. She was born on the date of June 19, 2017, and is presently six years old.

With Ruby, Joe Zolper and wife, Jennifer Zolper, also have a son who was unveiled from a Facebook post in early June. It is assumed that the child is from Joe’s previous relationship.

The couple is happily married with two children, which indicates that Joe’s wife is not only a proud wife of a famous TV star but also a loving mother.

Joe Zolper’s net worth is $1 million.

From his aspiring career in automobile mechanics and tv personality, Joe Zolper has accumulated reportedly more than $1 million.

He has yet to disclose his actual net worth and his salary earnings per annum.

Image of American actor, Joe Zolper net worth is $1 million
American actor, Joe Zolper net worth is $1 million

Apart from being a TV show star, Joe earns a massive amount of fortune from his automobile workshop called Prison City Choppers, which is undisputedly the largest in the Midwest.

Furthermore, Joe Zolper also earns huge payrolls from his profession as a head mechanic of the TV show Garage Squad. He began his venture in the year 2014 and since then has appeared in over 46 episodes of the series.

Aside from this, his wife is also a businesswoman and a drag racer who makes a decent income. She additionally enjoys helping her husband by accompanying him on the show.

Wiki-Bio, Facts

Joe Zolper was born on the 4th of July 1977, which means that he turned 46 years old this year. Moreover, he is an American by nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity. He has a perfect height matching his weight.

However, we have concluded a wiki table for our viewers to grasp quick knowledge on our fan-favorite reality star.

Joe Zolper: Wiki Table

Full Name: Joe Zolper
Age: 46 years old
Birth Date: July 4 1977
Horoscope: Cancer
Birth Place: not known
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Mechanic, television personality
Height / How tall : 6’2
Net Worth:  $1 million
Wife: Jennifer Zolper
Children: Two
Social Media Presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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