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Jeremiah Brent Wiki-Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts About Nate Berkus Husband

Image of Jeremiah Brent Wiki-Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts About  Nate Berkus Husband

Jeremiah Brent is a renowned interior designer. He was born on November 24, 1984, in the USA. After school, he joined TV production, and currently, he is a TV personality.

He is a self-taught designer, unlike those who pursue it as a course at the university.

Moreover, he owns Jeremiah Brent Design, which is a design firm that he founded in 2011. The firm has outlets in both New York and Los Angeles. Jeremiah has also diversified in his designing career, and he covers hospitality, residential, and commercial designs.

Who is Jeremiah Brent?

Jeremiah Brent is a well-established TV personality who has appeared in many TV programs. Mainly he is an actor and a producer.

He took a short break in 2011, whereby he got an opportunity to start his designing firm. At that time, he became a styling associate in The Rachel Zoe Project which was the show’s fourth season.

Furthermore, Jeremiah has also been featured in many publications covers such as the Domino and People Magazines, Harpers’ Bazaar, and Architectural Digest, among others.

Moreover, Jeremiah Brent also hosted Home Made Simple show which later won the Emmy Award. The latter was aired on Oprah Winfrey’s network.

Then in 2017, he and his husband Nate Berkus launched Nate and Jeremiah by Design TV show which airs on TLC network. Both of them are interior designers: no wonder they fell for each other and even got married.

Still, in 2017, he also became part of Living Spaces presents Behind the Design.

Image of Jeremiah Brent from TV show, Nate and Jeremiah by Design

Jeremiah Brent from the TV show, Nate and Jeremiah by Design

Jeremiah Brent net worth is $6 Million.

He has kept a lot to himself about his net worth, but when you look at his flourish careers and other endeavors that bring him income, he must be worth some couple of millions of dollars rich.

However, Jeremiah Brent’s net worth is $6 million, but he must be far much more than that — for instance, their remodeled house sold for a whopping $11.35 million.

Image of Interior Designer, Jeremiah Brent net worth is $1 million

Interior Designer, Jeremiah Brent net worth is $6 million

Jeremiah Brent family.

Jeremiah has highly concealed all the information about his family apart from his spouse and children. Nothing is known about Jeremiah’s parents or siblings. Perhaps they don’t put up well with him because of his sexuality.

However, he does not hide anything about his marriage to Nate Berkus, and their dating life which culminated to marriage. Before the two met, Nate had another lover Fernando Bengoechea who died in a tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004.

Jeremiah Brent’s married life with Nate Berkus husband.

Owing to the fact that Jeremiah is openly gay, he met his husband Nate Berkus, and after dating for eight and a half months, the duo decided to settle down. They got engaged in April 2013 and later got married in Manhattan on May 4, 2014.

Unlike most celebs who hide their sexual orientation, he chose to be open, and he seems not to be moved by what people say or the stigma on gays by society.

Nate is also in the same field as his wife, and they have been doing quite well. Their wedding ceremony was officiated by Sheri Salata, and their ceremony was done in a Jewish-Buddhist way.

Image of Jeremiah Brent with his husband Nate Berkus

Jeremiah Brent with his husband, Nate Berkus

Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus is planning to get a baby boy through a surrogate mother. He opted for a boy because he wondered how he could handle a baby girl. Nevertheless, they have a daughter Poppy Brent-Berkus (March 23, 2015, who is 8) and a son Michael Brent-Berkus (March 26, 2018, who is 5).

Both of these children were born by different egg donors and surrogate mothers. They raise their children together, and they have embraced the LGBTQ community. To top it all, they try to harmonize it even on their show.

Jeremiah Brent wiki-bio, age, facts.

Jeremiah Brent attended Modesto High School from where he graduated in 2002. When schooling there, he was popularly known as Jeremy Brent Johnson. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 when he was 19 years.

Life hit hard on him because he was homeless, and sometimes he lived in his friends’ coaches and sometimes in his Jeep. Jeremiah is openly gay, and he first got a place to stay was at Covenant House: which was a shelter for homeless teens. Currently, he is 38 years old. Before the year ends, he’ll turn 39.

Formerly his name was Jeremy Brent Clevenger Johnson but he later legally changed his name to Jeremiah Brent on August 25, 2014.

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