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Jenni Pulos Net Worth, Husband Jonathan Nassos, Baby, Wiki-bio.

Image of Jenni Pulos Net Worth, Husband, Baby, Wiki-bio.

Jenni Pulos is a Greek-American actress who has perfected the art of cross-platform multitasking. Not only does she play minor roles on television but is also huge on the big screen.

Moreover, she is also a comedienne, rapper, author, executive producer, and reality star. We could continue, but you get the idea. Nonetheless, the actress’ greatest feat in life was birthing more than one baby past the age of 40 with hopes of expanding her family further.

Want to know more about Jenni Pulos net worth and wiki-bio? You’re in luck; so let’s get started. Also, wait until you meet her husband Jonathan Nassos.

Who is Jenni Pulos?

Jenni Pulos is a Jack of all trades and a master of all! She made her presence in 2007 on television known for her role on Bravo’s hit series, Flipping Out alongside her co-star Jeff Lewis.

As a result, the show delivered a spin-off called Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis in 2012. Some of her previous minor roles include movies like Hairshirt, But I’m a Cheerleader, The Bachelor and Dog Gone Love.

Jenni Pulos also appeared on an episode of Charmed and Monk playing Sascha Gordon among other shows. However, the Flipping Out star’s career as an actress at some point got threatened by her job at Jeff Design.

She and Jeff had been friends for decades-long but seemed to disagree on the 11 seasons of Flipping Out.

Image of Jenni Pulos from American TV seires, Flipping Out
Jenni Pulos from American TV series, Flipping Out

As a result, she left the show to pursue acting still puts on the forefront with other projects. Overall, the actress has dubbed an Emmy Award Nominee for Outstanding and Unstructured Reality Program category.

Her latest film to date is Manhattan Minutiae, where she played the role of Tasha.

Jenni Pulos Net Worth, Sources of income.

Her career as an actress is all too good and distinct. However, she has a vast reach of uncultured talents that also pool in on Jenni Pulos net worth. For example, the reality star not only starred on Flipping Out but was also its executive producer.

Image of Actress, Jenni Pulos net worth is $2.5 million
Actress, Jenni Pulos net worth is $2.5 million

Similarly, she authored a novel titled, Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way (2014). Last, but not the least, the actress is a fluent rapper and has one studio album titled, Old School Kids Beats (2009). Similarly, she also has a few collaborations with artists like Lil Jon called Magical Girl.

As her result, Jenni Pulos fame landed her invites on critically acclaimed talk shows like The Nate Berks Show and Dennis Miller’s radio show. Likewise, she also won an Apollo Music Award.

Jenni Pulos Net Worth is $2.5 Million.

Jenni Pulos married life with her ex-husband. Reasons for the divorce.

Unlike her successful career, Jenni Pulos love life isn’t as glamorous as you’d think. She was married to her first husband, Chris Elwood long before they got mixed up with Flipping Out

. After a few years, Jeff Lewis started the show and recruited the couple to star in it. However, Elwood grew complacent on the job and became blacklisted by his employer.

Despite numerous efforts and several warnings, he still kept up with his charades. As a result, Jeff Lewis fired him in front of everyone, including his then-wife, Jenny.

The humiliation caused a more significant rift to the marital problems they already had as a couple and ultimately leading up to a divorce in 2008.

Jenni Pulos is Married to Husband Jonathan Nassos.

Three years later, after Jenni Pulos and ex-husband Chris Elwood’s divorce, Elwood moved on and married a woman named Rachel Silver. The pair currently have two kids together.

On the other hand, it took Pulos a little longer to get over her first failed marriage.

Four years later, she met, fell in love and married her current husband, Jonathan Nassos, an orthopedic surgeon. Their wedding took place in Chicago on Memorial Day Weekend in 2012.

Since then, the pair have been inseparable and currently alternate living premises between New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles or wherever their work takes them.

Image of Jenni Pulos with her husband Jonathan Nassos
Jenni Pulos with her husband Jonathan Nassos

Short Bio on Jonathan Nassos, Career, Early Life, Family, Education

Even though Jonathan has appeared on television next to his wife, he hardly talks about himself. Instead, his work speaks for him. We all know him as a doctor. However, that wasn’t the case in the beginning.

Initially, Jenni Pulos husband Jonathan Nassos studied Arts, and Economics at the University of Illinois. By 1999, he graduated with a clear-cut Distinction. That same year he decided to pursue Medicine at the Loyola University under the faculty of Stritch School of Medicine.

Upon graduation in 2003, he served as an intern at the University’s Department of Surgery and Resurrection Medical Center. At the same time, Dr Nassos pursued an M.D. in orthopedic surgery during his residency at the same University.

Lastly, Jenni Pulos husband Jonathan landed an Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship program at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in LA. As we speak, he has his facilities in Sherman Oaks and Pomona in Los Angeles.

Jenni Pulos Baby.

Jenni Pulos Husband Dr. Jonathan Nassos is the father of their two daughters, Alianna Marika Nassos and Georgia Grace Nassos born in June 2013 and 2017 respectively. The latter came miraculously after an IVF pregnancy and a couple of miscarriages.

Image of Jenni Pulos with her daughter Alianna Marika Nassos and Georgia Grace Nassos
Jenni Pulos with her daughter Alianna Marika Nassos and Georgia Grace Nassos

Things weren’t looking good for Jenni, who defeated the complications and endured the doses of progesterone and antibiotics. Even after all that, the couple still has hopes of having a third child.

Jenni Pulos wiki-bio, age, parents.

Full name Jenni Pulos
Age 50 years old
Date of Birth January 3rd, 1973
Place of Birth Portland, Oregon
Profession Actress, Entrepreneur, writer
Net worth $2.5 Million
Husband Jonathan Nassos
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Jenni Pulos aged 50, was born on January 3rd, 1973 in Portland, Oregon to her unknown Greek parents. She later grew up playing tennis throughout her high school years and even continued while at college.

Jenni Pulos found her way to the University of California, where she initially chose sports. However, after much deliberation, Jenni finally switched courses to take Theater Film, which began her journey in Hollywood.

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